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Wonder Woman: Is it worth the hype?

I feel a little weird actually writing that out. Is it worth the hype??? In my world, eerrrryyyytthhhiinngggg Wonder Woman is worth it. I mean…I am freaking obsessed!

If you are a new subscriber to the blog, you may not understand my obsession with WW, but let me just make it known: it is a fierce one. I channel my inner Wonder Woman all the time….in photo shoots, in challenge groups, for strength…..I just love her….and I’ve been waiting for the release of the Wonder Woman movie for what seems like forever!


Because of a busy Thursday night, I couldn’t hit the midnight showing like I would’ve preferred, so I hit the theater for the Noon showing on opening day. Naturally I rocked one of my many WW shirts to the theater….one that had a cape attached. I had to make it known to everyone that I am WW Obsessed!

When it comes to things I love, I always get so excited when a movie is coming out that incorporates them. However……all too often I am let down, whether that be a build up I create in my own mind or just a really bad job by those making the movie. Beauty and the Beast is a recent example….it didn’t live up to the expectation in my mind, leaving me disappointed. I hoped this wouldn’t be the case with Wonder Woman.

Let’s talk about the actress who plays Wonder Woman for a second, Gal Gadot. Hello, Im obsessed. Often I don’t agree with casting choices for movies that have to do with a superhero, but this one….this one was perfect. I think Gal is a complete knockout, and not only did she fit the look of Wonder Woman, but she did a great job with the role.

And then there is Wonder Woman’s leading guy, Steve, played by Chris Pine. As soon as I realized Chris was in this movie, I groaned with disgust. I’ve NEVER been a Chris Pine fan (sorry, dude) even though I have tried. As a huge Trekkie, I was disappointed in his role in the Star Trek movies and for some reason he has always annoyed me when I’ve seen him in interviews. Plus, I don’t find him attractive whatsoever, so I didn’t think he was a solid male love interest choice for this movie.

Buuuuuuut……..I didn’t hate him in this movie, which is shocking. I could’ve lived without him wearing weird turtleneck sweaters, but I actually thought he did a good job with his role, and he even made me cry once (I won’t say when because I don’t want to spoil anything).

I wasn’t sure coming into the movie what the story line would be like other than Wonder Woman trying to save the world. While that was the basis, the rest of the storyline was interesting and had me engaged. I’m not going to tell you much about it…you need to see it for yourself!

A couple of additional points I have to mention:

SPECIAL EFFECTS: I was a huge fan of the special effects in this movie….I felt they were done so well and gave this movie such a modern feel.

HAIR: Whomever did the hair for this movie needs to win some serious awards, not just for Gal’s hairstyles (shoutout to those under braids and braided mohawks), but ALL the women in this movie.

ROBIN WRIGHT: Who knew that Robin Wright was so badass??? I’ve always been a fan…from Forrest Gump  to House of Cards…I just love her. Her role in WW completely caught me off guard and I loovvveeddd it!

My honest opinion: Wonder Woman not only met my expectations, but it exceeded them. Not a lot of cussing, barely any nudity (I wouldn’t even say what we saw of Chris Pine was bad), and no gore, which means this morning can be seen by a variety of age groups.

Go see it!!!!!

And tell them the real Wonder Woman sent ya 😉

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