Share Your Sparkle


I am so proud of what I do every day….as you can probably tell since I talk about it so much! Coaching is more than just a job for me.  It is a career that has provided me the opportunity to inspire and positively impact others, given me financial freedom, introduced me to some of the most amazing individuals, sent me on awesome trips, and provided me with the ability to do what I love most at my own pace.

Above all, this business has given me my life back. I came to it a defeated, overweight, depressed, lazy, drunk that needed to get back on track. Within two month I had lost 47.5 pounds thanks to a workout that I could do from home, a modified eating plan, eliminating alcohol, and the support of a community determined to help me success. Most importantly,  it helped me find my sparkle again. Thus, a team and vision was born.

My team, The Sparkle Squad, has one mission and one mission only: to leave a little sparkle wherever we go. I don’t care if that means helping you lose those pesky 30 pounds that you hate, creating a meal plan that helps you and your family save money and eat healthier, inspiring you to give it your all, making you laugh, or sharing a tip that may make your life easier.  I want everyone who comes in contact with me or one of my team members to leave a little happier than when they found us. After all, life is too short to be anything but happy. Our team is in the top 1% of all Beachbody teams (there are over 500,000+), is mentored by two Top Ten Elite coaches, and has a zest for life and helping others that is unparalled. What does that mean to you? That means a lot of sparkle is being spread and a lot of lives being changed for the better.

Are you the kind of person that:

-Loves to help others and share your passion for health?

-Genuinely cares about the welfare of people and being a positive influence?

-Likes discounts on healthy products and programs?

-Wants to make an extra income or work from home?

If so, we need to talk!

No, this isn’t a pyramid scheme or a scam nor is it a get rich quick scheme. It’s an opportunity that requires heart, passion, and dedication that can turn into whatever you want. I believe completely that if you invest yourself in this business 100% you can get to six figures or the millionaire’s club in a few years. I know that because I have friends that are there, and I am on my way, too.

I love knowing that I have the opportunity to introduce others to something they may have never considered as a career option. If you want to learn more the coaching opportunity or what I do, please click on the below link and complete the short questionnaire. I will be in touch with you so we can talk!

Click here to chat in more detail!

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