Start Your Journey

Most people don’t realize that they can get a free Team Beachbody account to help them on their fitness journey. It’s super easy to get and very helpful, so I encourage everyone to get one!

What are some of the benefits?

This online gym allows you to create a workout schedule which will populate in your personal calendar and show you your workouts for the day. So many people find excuses with fitting in a workout, and this helps eliminate that excuse. I always tell my clients that your workouts are scheduled meetings with yourself. Don’t cancel! Here is a tool to prevent that! Plus, completing workouts can help you win cash each and every day!! Yes, Cash!



There are tools in place where you can log your weight and measurement progress. Progress is key to reaching your goals! You can also share your progress and workouts with your friends on Facebook and other social forums so they can support you!



In addition to having me as your free coach (yep, you get me as a coach with your free account), you have access to an entire online community for support and tips to help you along the way. There are chat rooms and other individuals looking for fitness and accountability partners that you can take full advantage of!



There are weekly newsletters that share nutritional and fitness tips!


To sign up to get your own free Team Beachbody account, Click Here!



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