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RAVE OF THE WEEK: I’m contagious!

Yeah, that’s right. I am contagious. I hope that I give you what I have…I mean, really, I want to spread it to everyone! The more people I can infect, the better! Before you get your panties in a bunch and think I am talking about something gross and incurable, maybe I should clarify.

A few months back I told you all about my hopes and goals for 2013 . They range from increasing my shoe collection to getting healthier and many things in between. Above all, the one thing I wanted to make sure I accomplish is my goal of completing random acts of kindness to others. Yes, it is nice to run a race or make a new recipe, but it is really a wonderful thing to do nice and not expect a single thing in return.

This week was National Random Act of Kindness Week, and I was really excited about it. How had I never heard of this before? I’ll be honest…I actually felt really bad that I hadn’t been nicer in the past, and I was curious if others would follow my lead if I told them about it. Am I the only person that feels like they have dropped the ball with kindness?

Monday I crept into work early…I wanted to start the week off with a kind act and not get busted. I decided to tape an envelope on the vending machine in the student lounge. Inside, I put money for a snack and drink. While I got busted by a co-worker, no students saw me, although I did end up getting to see the lucky person who found it. Inside I had placed a note that said, ” Be kind to others”, and I hope that they paid it forward.


Have a Snack on Me!

Tuesday morning I woke up to an icy car. Mornings like that remind me why I should never buy a car without a remote starter again. I was ahead of schedule that morning, so after I defrosted and scraped my car, I scraped the ice off two of my neighbors’ cars. I’m not sure who they belong to, but I know I would like to wake up to my car not needing cleaned off, so I hoped that helped their morning start off in a positive light. I also stopped by the mall, went into The Limited (my absolute favorite store) and gave a woman at the check out counter a coupon for $50 off any purchase of $150. I think she thought it was weird that I approached her, but she was really happy when she realized I was only being nice and didn’t want anything from her. She couldn’t stop thanking me.

Wednesday I decided to do something nice for my mailman. She is a really nice lady who never complains and always makes sure I get my magazines on time. On top of that, every time I see her, she gives me a compliment that makes me feel great. So I made her a little treat bag, filled it with all kinds of fabulous candies, and left it in my mailbox with a note that said “Thanks for always being so sweet! Have a great day.”  She gave me a big hug when I saw her today and told me how it made her day.

Thursday was Valentine’s Day, which is my least favorite holiday. However, I decided this Valentine’s Day I would get on board with the hoopla, wear fancy red rose shoes, and make some Valentine’s treats for my co-workers. Since I love pink and I know they love chocolate, I made pink chocolate chip cookies and brought them in cute heart shaped donuts.

That's the cutest cookie dough I've ever seen!

That’s the cutest cookie dough I’ve ever seen!

In addition, I wanted to do something nice for my dear friend, Deanna, who is very active in a wonderful organization called C.A.R.E. (Citizens for Addiction Recovery and Education). C.A.R.E. hosted a “Lady and the Tramp Dinner Dance” tonight to raise funds and awareness. Since I was unable to attend, I decided to make a basket for the raffle. If you know me, you know I love making baskets. I’d make them for every benefit out there if I could! The hardest part of making a basket? Deciding what the theme should be! I decided to make Deanna a “Tea for Two” Basket, and I am so tickled at how it turned out! Deanna, I hope you raised a ton of money! I am so proud of you for your dedication to such an amazing cause!

Its contents: A teapot, two big matching teacups, an assortments of teas, and two different scone mix (You can't have tea without scones!)

Its contents: A teapot, two big matching teacups, an assortments of teas, and two different scone mixes (You can’t have tea without scones!)

When I started to spread the word about National Random Act of Kindness Week, I did get a few snickers and “whatevers”, but it shocked me how many of my friends decided to get on board and do nice things for others as well! I wanted to do nice things for others because it makes me feel good to help others, and I love when people are happy. Knowing that my actions are inspiring others to do their own kind acts? Incredible. I can’t even tell you how good that makes me feel inside. Just because the week is officially over does not mean I am going to cease the acts of kindness. Realistically, the things I did were very inexpensive or free, so you don’t have to spend a lot to make someone smile.I have no intent on giving up anything that gives me this good a high ever.

I hope I infected you.

Rants, Raves, and Whitterbug!

It’s been a super crazy week for me, and that is an understatement. It occurred to me earlier today that I haven’t shared anything on my blog since the weekend. I always have a lot to say, just not always the time to say it. (Yes, I have been whelmed, if you are wondering). Instead of posting multiple entries for all of the things I usually wrap a week up with, I decided to combine them into this post. So what if this blog post ends up being a little all over the place….it’s my blog, and I can do what I want. Besides, I am a little all over myself, so I guess this is fitting.


I can’t help it…there are two big ones I have this week.

Rant #1: Illness. Why do bad things have to happen to good people? All week long I have been struggling with the issues going on with my grandmother. I’m learning that dealing with an illness head on is very difficult, especially when there is nothing I can do to help the person suffering. It’s only human nature to want to do everything you can for someone in need. Not being able to is a very helpless struggle, that is for sure. My eyes are tired from all of the tears, otherwise I’d go in more detail. Please just keep my Grandma Rosie in your prayers.

Rant #2: People in the Healthcare field that hate people! As I type this, I am getting fired up just thinking about it. Now, this rant is something I complain about often…it seems like so many people hate their jobs and hate people in general, then take it out on their clients/customers. I found a prime example of this earlier in the week while visiting my Grandma in the hospital. One of her nurses took the term grumptastic to a new level. I understand we all have bad days at work, but it was apparent this woman was miserable by nature. She was whiny and extremely rude, which in turn angered me. There my grandmother is, 90 years old…very shaken up and afraid…and the person who is supposed to take care of her and comfort her is being an absolute bitch. Forgive me, nurse, but I thought you were paid to take good care of my loved one? As I said on Facebook, this woman needs to get a job in a factory or at home where she is responsible for dealing with the manufacturing of plastic pieces only. I’m hoping I don’t see her again, but if I do, I can promise you I won’t go so quietly should the same treatment happen. Moral of the story: If you like people, work with them. If you don’t, get a new freakin job! This goes for nurses, teachers, McDonald’s drive-thru people who can’t make coffee right, and individuals who sell shoes.



School is Done! Well, at least for two days. I successfully completed my finals for school!!!! Woohoo! I am really proud of myself and am really happy to have a few days off. I must say, going back to school when you work full time is really hard. When I went back to school to get my Masters Degree, I was fresh off my undergraduate degrees and still focused on balancing work/school. I have such a new appreciation for people (especially single parents) who go to school full time while working. Thank heavens the school madness ends in August…it will be here soon!



Another difficult thing I have learned over the past year is how difficult it is living far away from your family when something rough happens. I tend to become very nomadic, practically living out of my car driving to and from one place to the other. I hate not being with them in a time of need. I am so fortunate to have friends near me who pick me up and have my back when my family can’t. Friends really are the family you choose.

My friend, Whitney, is one of my absolute closest friends and one of the most amazing women I know. I still remember the first time we hung out…at the ghetto fab Wal-Mart in Fairlawn. What a great first date!!!! I met Whit through her husband, Ryan, who had just started working with me. Once Ryan and I realized we both found farts to be extremely humorous, we knew we would be great friends. As our company Christmas party approached, Ryan offered to let me get ready at his house since I was still living in Youngstown and had no where to really go in between work and the party. However, this timeframe interfered with the Halo filled boys weekend Ryan had been having with his friend, Josh aka Luigi. Instead of me watching two grown men aggressively shoot realistic cartoon figures, Ryan told me to give his wife (whom I had met once for about two seconds) a call and meet her, so I did. Whit was doing some shopping at Wal-Mart, so I met her there. The rest is history. We’ve been best buds ever since, and whether it be Black Friday Shopping, a wine night, running, or a trip to NYC, we always have a blast.

Me and Whit...One of our finest moment!

Me and Whit…One of our finest moments!

I think one of the greatest things about my closest girlfriends is that fact that they are not all just beautiful women on the outside, but they are unbelievably beautiful on the inside. Whit is no different. She always finds a way to pick me up when I’m having a down day. Today is a perfect example. I went into work bright and early and started the countdown to 5pm immediately….I could not wait to get home to my couch to actually relax..and then I was pleasantly surprised! Whit had stopped by on her way to work to give me a much needed hug and a cheer me up present! While I love the presents (our favorite guilty pleasures: wine, truffles, candy, trashy magazines…and a super fun blow up hippo), it was the hug I was most thankful for and the hug I needed the most. I think we all underestimate the power of the hug…it is one of the greatest things we can give another being. I am so thankful for Whit, not just on days like this, but every day!

Bottom Line: I am not sure what I did right in this world to have the friends I have, but I do know I couldn’t make it without them.

RAVE OF THE WEEK: Mags and Munchies!

Despite a “whelming” week, I did find a few silver linings in it! Fortunately for me they came in the form of two of my favorite things: magazines and jalapenos.

I read a lot…magazine, books, pointless internet fobber, cereal boxes. Call me a nerd, that’s ok. Earlier in the fall on a trip to NYC, Whit introduced me to a local magazine named Akron Life that discusses all of the happenings in the Akron area. I liked it reminded me of one of my favorite places in the whole world: Pittsburgh. When I lived there I was obsessed with the culture of the city…there was always something going on, something new and exciting, and tons of publications to let me know about all of it.

Upon our return from NYC, I found a Groupon for a subscription for Akron Life..SCORE! I received my first issue last month, loved it of course, but was even more excited when I got my issue this month. Why? My friend (and the greatest hairdresser on the planet) Lisa is on the cover and is featured in the “Single in the City” article!


Look how fabulous she looks!

While I am excited Lisa got the cover, I was extremely disturbed by a little snippet I read while I thumbed through the magazine. For those who subscribe, please consult page 10. As someone who absolutely hated the “50 Shades of Grey” series, I find this hilarious and can’t help but share it with you. The books are terrible, people, there is no need to freak out.

Really??????? I probably know this person.

Really??????? I probably know this person.

After I read the article, I decided I need to fall off the health wagon and indulge in a little gift my pal Xtina gave me to try. I feel the need to state that earlier in the week, Xtina, asked the vending machine guy at the school to bring her an entire case of these delights for her brother. I did question why a case was needed, but after eating the bag she gave me, it all makes sense. I present you with the greatest bag of chips ever created in the history of life:

Greatest. Invention. Ever.

Greatest. Invention. Ever.

God Bless you, Jalapeno. I am so glad you found your way into my life.

Rave of the Week: Ebay Wins!

Ebay and I officially started our relationship a few months ago. We met awhile back thanks to my parents, but I never really gave it a chance. I’m not really sure what prompted the new interest in eBay, but the bottom line is we are in a relationship that I am making work (at least for the time being).

I have to admit..I had many reservations about eBay. Used things gross me out, and even if people say they are new, I am scared they are not. I won’t even go to yard sales (Gross). When I first signed up for eBay, I didn’t even know what was going on. Really I just figured it would be a good place to sell some of the weird or unused items I had at home that I didn’t know what to do with, and that proved to be a really smart idea…I sold a ton of stuff! Yesssssssssssssss! I didn’t look to buy anything. I mean, what would be on eBay that I could possibly want???

Dumbest statement ever. I’m pretty specific with the things that I love, and it is no secret that some of my favorite things aren’t cheap. Still, I love a good deal, and I don’t think anyone should pay full price for anything ever. So I finally started creeping around for some of the things I love, just to see what was on there………how troublesome. After four hours of searching and “watching” items, I decided to make a bid on an item I saw that I absolutely wanted. The item was very close to ending and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. Immediately after placing my bid, I noticed I had some competition….some jackass that placed a bid about two seconds after me. What nerve…..I was still excited about the big step I took placing a bid.  Is this how eBay works? I didn’t know eBay was so cutthroat!

Now, we all know I am an athlete. I am extremely competitive, and I really really really hate to lose. At that point, I didn’t care if I was bidding on a pencil, I was not losing this item. So I did what any eBayer would do…I waited until the clock notified me that there were seven seconds remaining, and I placed a bid. Oh, hello, first eBay win. Nice to meet you. Not only did I win the item, but I won by less than fifty cents! I guess I will have to play dirty if I want to win items from now on.

I’m glad I gave eBay a chance, but I can easily see this relationship sinking sooner than later. Based on my observations, he wants to take all of my money with a high probability of disappointing… even the chance of me losing out to someone else. Ugh! I love competition, but I don’t know if I like how this is going. I guess we will wait to see……

Until I lose on something I really want and hate you, eBay, my last minute win is my rave of the week! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

RAVE OF THE WEEK: Mom Knows Best!

My mom is such an wonderful woman. I doubt there is anyone out there that can say a bad thing about her (and if they did, I would Chuck Norris roundhouse their skull). As I have gotten older I have realized how lucky I am to have someone like her in my life. Not only is she my mother, but she is my best friend, my confidant, my therapist, my handyman, my cheerleader…the list goes on and on. I doubt anyone else can hold all of those roles for as long as she has without some complaint. Yes, my mother deserves a medal.

Living over an hour away from my parents isn’t always easy for me. I miss being able to run with my dad whenever I want (even if he is like Benjamin Buttons with his running speed).  I miss being able to see my hometown friends. I miss not being at home every weekend for Sunday dinner with my 90 year old Grandma. Above all, I miss the non threatening atmosphere that my parents’ house provides. I know I can walk in there at any time and be welcomed regardless of the reason. I also know I can walk in there and receive an honest assessment of my current hairstyle, makeup trend, or outfit (thanks, dad). So when my mother lets me know she is going to come up for an overnight visit, I am instantly happy….it’s like a little part of home takes over my apartment for the brief time she is here.

This week I straight up sucked. I felt like a dark cloud was over my head most of the week. I started the week off feeling like garbage and being upset about some things that were out of my control. I let some homework assignments and technical issues overwhelm me to the point where I am pretty sure I suffered a nervous breakdown. I did not get nearly enough sleep, so I wasn’t an absolute delight for my coworkers. Still, the week ended okay. I went to my first meeting as a member of the Summit Athletic Running Club and made some new friends, one of which accompanied me on a fantastic run through Sand Run Park on Saturday. I made the commitment to join my friend Whitney in Nashville for a half marathon in April and a Polar Bear Plunge in February. I got the most Kate-tastic camera strap for my camera. My friend, Andy, made some positive progress and will hopefully be waking up and leaving Intensive Care soon. And my mother let me know she was coming up for a slumber party!

We are always low key when my Mom comes up…. dinner…some shopping..usually a home improvement project or two…some wine..pajamas on before 8pm…shameless reality tv shows…First Watch for breakfast in the morning. It is always the best. My mom knows how to cheer me up and give me advice when I need it…although this weekend I feel like I needed a little too much advice. Visits with Mom always rejuvenate my soul and my mind. Thanks, Mom, for making my week….you are the absolute best!

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention what else cheered me up this weekend…the purchase of a new pair of Kate-tastic shoes. It was love at first sight, and my feet were really happy with the new addition. See for yourself:

Hello, lovers!

Hello, lovers!


Rave of the Week: Good Freakin People!

I am not a slacker, but I kind of feel like I have been this week with my blog. It has been a busy week with Christmas and all of the travel back and forth. Still, that is no excuse for me ignoring my trusty laptop. Definitely not katetastic of me. Oops….

I know I rant a lot…usually about the ridiculously stupid actions of people around me, but there are moments where I must rant and rave about things that don’t fall in that category. This week I have so much I want to rave about, but for the sake of this blog, I will keep it to just one rave.

Those who know me know I am a bit cynnical. I wouldn’t say that it is a bad trait, I think it has more to do with being cautious and apprehensive about others. I also wouldn’t say that I seek out the bad in others, but I definitely notice it and don’t forget about it when it surfaces. I want to believe that people will do the right thing because it’s the right thing, but we all know that there are many people out there that are selfish or ignorant.

This past week has been not only emotional for me, but it has been very eye-opening. Yes, it was wonderful to be with my family and loved ones for Christmas, but I felt like a black cloud was over me the entire holiday. I was worried about my dear friend, Andy, who was badly injured in an accident last Friday and who I mentioned in an earlier post. I wanted him to wake up from the coma he was in so he could spend the holiday with his family. I wanted to hear his funny little laugh. I wanted him to wake up and text me something ridiculous. I just wanted him to be okay….forget the gifts. I know I speak for many of my friends when I say all we wanted this holiday was for our Buehl to be himself again. So a few of us decided to do what we do best: plan a party for Andy to help fund his medical bills.

While we are in the very early stages of planning the benefit, which we will hold in February, we do know one thing: People are awesome. And not just awesome, FREAKIN AWESOME! Within moments of me posting a status about the benefit on Facebook, I was flooded with text messages and emails from people anxious to help with the planning or wanting to donate to the raffle and cause. Andy is someone who has a beautiful spirit that everyone loves immediately upon meeting him, so I knew that many people would want to help him. I was astounded by the fact that many of the people contacting me were people who had no idea who Andy was…they just wanted to help because he was someone in need. Someone they didn’t know anything about..but that didn’t matter. Someone needed help and out of the goodness of their heart, they wanted to help a stranger. Amazing, amazing, amazing. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of how good people can be, and I wish I could reach out and hug each and every one of you.

Thank you so much for being such wonderful souls….and thank you for the continued prayers for Andy. He is fighting the good fight, and though progress is slow, we all know he will be back with us soon.

To you, awesome people, I give you an enthusiastic thumbs up and standing ovation.