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Rave of the Week: 5 days Away from the Grind!

Work or This??? I choose this.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 4.29.32 PM

As with anyone, there are weeks in my life that are sub-par. Lately, thanks to all of the impending changes in my life, I feel like I have been skating through the weeks with a serious chip on my shoulder and  have been wearing out the grumpy cat frown like nobody’s business. Not this past week though! As I sat down to blog about something that was a rave in my world over the past 7 days, it was obvious that would impossible. After all, I had a five star week and can’t leave anything out!


1. Much needed time with my original running partner and BFF, Jodi. We have been trying to coordinate a girls weekend together for several months, but due to our ridiculously crazy busy schedules, it has been quite difficult. When Jodi suggested I come up for the 4th of July, I was excited instantly! I get to spend one of my favorite holidays with one of my favorite people? Sign me up! Not only did this mean that I would get to visit the Port Clinton/Lakeside area(neighbors to Put in Bay), but it meant I got to spend a few days relaxing with one of the most important people in my life. During our visit we ran an awesome 5K together where we got attacked by a variety of squirt guns, ate fabulous ice cream, encountered beards that smelled of sandwiches and sweet junk, and celebrated the 4th with a family picnic and late night fireworks on the boat. I couldn’t have asked for a better (or more relaxing) 4th of July. Fortunately, there are many weekends coming up where more Jodi/Katie adventures will occur…including a Zombie Mud Run. I can’t wait!

On the lake for an awesome firework display!

On the lake for an awesome firework display!

2. Quality Family Time. It is no secret that since Simongate, which started to unravel this time last year, I have had a very difficult time going to my parents. I used to visit every week or every other week, but rarely did I go any longer without a trip to Leetonia. However, I’ve had a difficult time going back because of some of the anger and resentment that I still harbor. I’ve really been trying to get past this, but it hasn’t been easy, and I’m not sure if I ever really will be able to. Ignoring these feelings, I went straight from Jodi’s at the Bay to my sleepy old hometown for some quiet family time, and it was great! I spent several hours with my Gram talking boys, politics, and soap operas before having an entertaining dinner/shopping trip with my parents. As always, my mom and I had time to enjoy a bottle of wine while watching a chick flick. It was relaxing and peaceful. Special thanks to Desmond for making me laugh nonstop with his crazy blue tulip headpiece.

Poor Guy...but I can't stop laughing.

Poor Guy…but I can’t stop laughing.

3. Whitney and I are in this month’s “Akron Life” Magazine! I was really excited that our picture from Nashville was included in this month’s issue. Hello, celebrities. Seems like just yesterday we were running through the city in garbage bags during a torrential downpour.

Autographs are available for a small fee.

Autographs are available for a small fee.

4. Baby, Baby, Baby! No, I’m not singing Justin Beiber lyrics, I am talking about my little munchkin love, Wesley, the son of my dear friend, Krista. While I was home I was able to be a baby hog at Krista’s pig roast…how could you not with a baby this cute? Even though I loved spending time with the baby, it was great spending time with Krista and her sister Jayla. Also, I greatly enjoyed the pig shaped cookies…and I wish I had stolen a few dozen.

Baby Wesley : -)

Baby Wesley : -)

5. The Middle East. I do love me some Middle East, for many, many reasons, and lately I have been learning a lot more about the culture. While I am far from being fluent in the Arabic language, I am happy to now be fluent in the language of the hookah. This past weekend I finally got to try out a hookah for the first time, and I absolutely loved it!

6. My brother bought his first pair of running shoes!!!! I was so excited at this piece of news, I cannot even begin to tell you. As with many people in my life, my brother wasn’t one to jump on the same running bandwagon I had jumped on years ago. While I absolutely love running and talking about it with my dad, my mother and brother never really saw the same enjoyment out of it. However, my mother will be doing her second 5k with me in August (a Color Me Rad run, at that!), and with my brother just starting to embark on running, I am hoping he will participate in the Hot Chocolate Run with me in Columbus in November. Regardless, I am so proud of him and excited for him to find the joy i running that I have.

Even though I have to return to work tomorrow (YUCK), I am happy to say that my few days away from those drama llamas helped me to gain some clarity and rejuvenation that was much needed, and with an exciting few weeks coming up, there is no doubt that I will be on this happiness high for awhile!

I hope you all have a relaxing and happy Sunday!

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 4.24.26 PM


Happy Father’s Day to all of you fathers/baby daddies/whatever you choose to call yourself! A special Happy Father’s Day shout out to my dad and my Grandpa!


I know it is hard to believe, but when I was a teenager, I was a little bit of a handful. I wasn’t a troublemaker, but I sure was a smart mouth.Because of this, my dad and I were at each other’s throats constantly. My poor mother and brother…they got to witness our fights and snippy remarks up close and personal. Im not exactly sure why I went on this crazy rampage as a teenager. I think it may have had to do with me attempting to find my own voice and backbone . Part of me thinks it had to do with me just going through the typical rebellious stage. Regardless, we fought. We fought a lot, sometimes going lengthy periods of time without talking to each other. There was a point in my teen years where I thought my father and I would never ever get along.

As the years have passed, I am happy to state this no longer is the case. We still have our little battles, but as mature adults, we get over them quickly and don’t have the same issues as we once did. I attribute this to one big realization: I am exactly like my father. If you know both of us, you know this is the case….my mom constantly says that I am my father in a dress. Well, a taller version without a mustache.

A few things you should know about my father and I:

1. We are STUBBORN. Please note that we don’t really follow directions. If we are injured and told not to work out, we will still do it.

2. We are hilarious. At least, we think we are. Because of this, we are wickedly dangerous when we are together. There have been times when my mother has attempted to separate us at the table during holidays..apparently we cause too much trouble. This has to do with the fact that we have a very strange, witty and sarcastic sense of humor. Many of the little things that make us laugh are things others won’t find to be humorous, but we don’t care.

3. We are two of the worst singers on the planet. Seriously, we could shatter glass. This does not stop us from singing and scaring my mom as often as possible.

4. We cuss like truckers. I’m not sure how this came to be, as I can assure you I did get soap in my mouth on occasion as a child. There is no doubt this angers my mother.

5. We constantly attempt to take disturbing photos, especially when someone is sleeping. No one is safe.

6. We are super competitive. I can thank my dad for my desire to win and compete, especially when it comes to running. I started running because of my dad, and I am so glad that I did (you may remember my blog entry about it..if not, you can read about it here. )

Running in the Akron Marathon together

Running in the Akron Marathon together

7. We like to get the last word. Not the best quality, but it is a known fact that we like to do this. Not a good thing when we get into an argument together.

8. We like to criticize others’ driving. My mom can attest to this being true, as she is usually the one who gets the brunt of it. Sorry, Mom.

9. We are possessive over our food and have been known to put post its on our items in the fridge.

10. We both love Dunkin Donuts to the point where we should have an IV of it hooked up to us at all times.

One of my favorites of my two favorite men: nap time a few year ago

One of my favorite photos of my two favorite men: nap time a few years ago

My dad is my absolute hero, and not a day goes by that I don’t recognize how lucky I am to have such an amazing man as my father. Not only does he motivate me and inspire me, but he loves me unconditionally and allows me to be me. You say I’m just like my father? I can’t think of a better compliment.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa! I love you!

RAVE OF THE WEEK: Team Brunette

There is nothing I hate more than an awesome weekend coming to an end. Really, I don’t understand why work weeks can’t be two days and weekends be five. I think a lot of people would be much happier and the world would be a better place. This will most definitely be on my platform if I ever decide to run for president.

This weekend was supercalifragulisticexpalidocious for many reasons. Such fabulosity will make going into work tomorrow even more difficult than it normally is. Oh well. Only a few more days until the weekend………thank heavens.

As many of you who are loyal readers of my blog or a friend of mine on Facebook may know, this weekend was extremely important to me for one big reason: the Blondes Vs Brunettes Football game that benefited the Alzheimer’s Association. We have been talking about this event for what seems like forever, so when game day arrived, I was absolutely stoked. The night before the game I fell back into my old high school/college athlete self….getting my “uniform” all ready to go and so excited I could barely sleep. #33 got to make an appearance again, and so did my trademark knee high socks.

(Sidebar: For those of you fortunate enough to befriend me later in life, thus missing my younger athletic days, it is imperative for me to inform you of my love for the #33. I have been wearing it every since Scottie Pippen dominated the court with the Chicago Bulls and will always wear it. Same with the socks. I’m not sure why I started wearing them back in seventh grade, but all I know is that I haven’t stopped wearing them since. I’m not talking about plain jane white socks. I’m talking striped, tie dye, polka dot….anything loud and obnoxious.)

The Blondes Vs Brunettes game ended up being an absolute blast. It was my first time inside the Stile Fieldhouse at the University of Akron, and I must say, I was impressed. Maybe I should start fearing the Roo…….Nah. Tomcats don’t fear a jumping critter with a pouch.

So back to the game….I was really happy about the support I received, not just on game day, but ever since I have announced that I would be a member of Team Brunette. Not only did I hit my fundraising goal, but I smashed it, and to everyone who donated to the cause, I am so thankful. This game wasn’t about dressing up in my old school number and fun socks and playing football, but about bringing awareness to a cause that has crippled so many people.  It is a wonderful thing that so many others who may not have a direct link to Alzheimer’s support me in my quest to do this.

As always, my mother made the trip to cheer me on. I can’t think of any sporting event that I have ever participated in when she hasn’t been on the sidelines. I can think of several where she probably wishes she hadn’t been there….every rainy track meet in high school for example. Mom, you deserve a medal for enduring all of the elements to watch your favorite daughter complete! Fortunately, this football game was inside, so she didn’t have to worry about rain or nastiness. Also coming with my mother to watch was my blonde BFF, Kelly. It was awesome that she got to come watch, but a little strange since 98% of the athletic events I have participated in have been with her on my team. We have been friends since preschool, and she has always had my back….surprising because she didn’t in this class photo:

Yep, that's me spread eagle in the front. Kelly is right next to me, dressed in matching colors and sitting appropriately. Thanks for not sharing your manners!

Yep, that’s me spread eagle in the front. Kelly is right next to me, dressed in matching colors and sitting appropriately. Thanks for not sharing your manners!


Also coming to cheer me on was my brunette BFF, Whitney, who always is so supportive of anything that I do, which means the world to me. My high school pal Jason came to cheer on Team Brunette as well…not only has he known me forever, but he is a Crossfit trainer to two of my Brunette teammates.


While the Alzheimer’s Association was the real winner (prior to the game I had heard we had raised over $8000), in the end, the Brunettes were victorious 18-12….as if any one had any doubt that we would win! I was so proud to be a part of this inaugural event and cannot wait to do it again next year.

Team  Brunette with our trophy!

Team Brunette with our trophy!


Of course, as fun as this event was, a huge part of me wished that there wasn’t a reason to play. This disease is just terrible, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about how it has impacted my family. I miss my grandmother so much for so many reasons. It is hard for me to imagine playing in a sporting event where my Grandma Bubu hasn’t been present. Even in college, as she was fighting the early stages of Alzheimer’s, she and my grandfather still managed to travel to every single one of my games. She wasn’t just my grandmother, but the team’s grandmother, as she would bake lots of her amazing treats for our whole team every game. Tomorrow, June 3rd, is her birthday, and I would like nothing more than to celebrate with her. Since it is her birthday, I decided to share this rare gem of a photo. Those who know our family knows we call her “Bubu”, but that isn’t her name of course….her name is Louella. The nickname “Bubu” came to be at the time of this photo, as I wasn’t able to say Grandma Louella (hey, I was just a little kid), and she had a broken foot, or, as I called it, a boo boo. The nickname stuck.

Happy Birthday, Bubu!

Happy Birthday, Bubu!

Again, thank you to everyone who supports my family and I with all of our various Alzheimer’s Association functions. Whether it be the Gala, a football game, or the Memory Walk, we appreciate it so much and know that those suffering from the disease do as well.



RAVE OF THE WEEK: You’re drunk, Pearl.

My inbox has been flooded lately with emails from people letting me know how much they enjoy my blog. As a writer, this makes me happy. When I started writing my blog, my intent was simple: I just wanted a creative outlet for my brain. If people liked it, that would be cool, but if no one other than my parents read it, that would be okay, too. Somehow I have collected a nice little army of Katetastic followers, and to all of you….thank you for appreciating my sometimes sarcastic, crazy, and all over the place sense of humor and writing style.

While I’m not really in the writing mood today (I blame a case of the sads and being sick), I did want to share one of my all time favorite Will Ferrell skits that makes me laugh every single time while also serving as one of my go to funnies when I need a pick me up.

RAVE OF THE WEEK: The Fire Inside

Before everyone starts thinking this post is going to take a perverted turn, let me make it clear, it is not that kind of blog…’s a Bob Seger song that I just happen to be listening to as I write this. Plus, I found it kind of fitting today.

If you know me, you know that this past weekend I took off to Nashville with my BFF Whitney, her husband, Ryan, and a slew of other AKRowdy pals to take on the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. I’ve been waiting for this moment since January, so when the moment came to put on my race day outfit and knock out the 13.1 mile course, I was ready. Nervous, but ready. My nerves intensified as we exited the hotel to find a lovely downpour going on outside. I’ve run in the rain a multitude of times, but never like this, so I was instantly sick to my stomach. I will freely admit that I worry about ridiculous things all the time, and of course, I started to panic. What if the rain knocks the contacts out of my eyes (yes, the raindrops were that intense)??? What if my phone stopped working, and I had no music to listen to along the run???? What if I saw a frog???? Fortunately, a kind gentleman gave us some large heavy duty trash bags at the hotel that would then double as my designer overcoat for the next 13.1 miles. I did try to make it stylish by ripping an asymmetrical hem, but the reality is that we looked ridiculous. I will never ever travel without this item again…it literally was my saving grace, and I know Whit agreed: There was no way we could’ve finished the race without them. It’s all about protection, people.

Look for these stylish numbers at Fashion Week #trendsetters

Look for these stylish numbers at Fashion Week #trendsetters

While I wish I could write about all of the beautiful things and places I got to see as I ran around Nashville, I cannot. Usually a race course allows me to scope out fun dive bars, cultural landmarks, and neat restaurants, but that was pretty impossible with the rain. This run was one that required a lot of guts and grit, and my inspiration, of course, came from my father. However, as I ran soaked to the bone, I not only witnessed what I found to be the most beautiful part of the trip, but another inspirational moment that I will never forget.

When I run, I get into a zone. I just want to get the damn thing over with. Don’t talk to me, don’t touch me…just let me run. As we approached Mile 8, I felt someone tap me on the back, so I turned around and muted my headphones. It was a woman runner letting us know that a blind runner was coming up behind us. A BLIND RUNNER??? Whit and I quickly ran off to the side to make way for this runner, and sure enough there she was. The woman who tapped me was running a few paces in front of her, and another woman was running next to the blind woman with their arms linked as a means of guidance. These two women were sacrificing their own times and experience for a blind woman to achieve her dream. I have goosebumps writing about it! Then I saw something even crazier as we hit the breakaway point where the marathoners and halfers split: this woman went with the marathoners. She was running the entire 26.2 race.

As I continued my pace, the sight of this woman stayed with me. I hear complaints from people all of the time as to why they can’t/won’t run. 97.4% of the time they are garbage excuses…people are just lazy looking for an out because they are scared to fail. The hardest part of any race is having the courage to show up to the starting line, not finishing the actual race. Here this woman was, someone with a legitimate disability who not only showed up, but was running at an awesome pace without excuses. I wasn’t embarrassed that she was faster than me and passed us…I was extremely proud. Every ounce of me hoped that I would watch her cross the finish, but I didn’t get to. I can’t imagine what that moment would have been like for her, but it makes me get a little teary eyed thinking about it. You know who I did get to watch finish just ahead of us? A bladerunner. No, not Oscar Pistorius, he is too busy getting ready for jail. An average person who had special Adidas shoes hooked onto his blades who was running. Also a very cool moment I won’t soon forget.

I know that I am emotionally charged, especially with running, but nothing inspires me more that someone who is overcoming obstacles. It gives me goosebumps, makes me cry, and gives me those warm fuzzies I think of when I get down on myself. It’s the fire inside. Above all, it is just another reminder of how lucky we are and how each one of us have the power to do absolutely anything we want to. The only thing stopping us is us.

Even though we had to fight Mother Nature the entire race, it was an amazing feeling to cross the finish line next to one of my best friends. We started together, we finished together, and I am so proud of us. It wasn’t easy, but we did it. Not only did I walk away with an inspirational moment I will never forget, but I proved to myself that nothing will stop me from reaching my goals. Not even you, Mother Nature (Nice try though, but seriously, you’re a bitch).

Remo, Amy, Kristin, Me, and Whit...rocking our well deserved medals!

Remo, Amy, Kristin, Me, and Whit…rocking our well deserved medals!

RAVE OF THE WEEK: Daddy Knows Best

Adrenaline. I love it. That rush of emotion that powers you through when you have nothing left….I really don’t think there is anything that compares to it. That feeling is one I get before every race, not just the big ones, but the 5ks, too.

A week away from the Nashville half marathon, my blood is pumping. I am freakin ready.

I know I write about running a lot. To people who don’t run, it probably is very boring to read. I can’t help the excitement I get when I talk about running. To me, it is the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. Running is a new journey that every day I get to embark on…it makes me feel good inside and out, and maybe that is why I am always trying to suck others into the running world. The reality is that as much as I would like everyone to get the runner’s high I get every single time I run, I can’t always convince others to do so. Making the decision to run is something you have to make for yourself.

I think about why I decided to start running a lot, and while there are multiple reasons why I wanted to run, it all comes back to my father. I remember a trip to New Haven, Connecticut that my family took when I was younger to watch my father run a marathon. I remember lots of things about that trip….making bets with my brother about Counting Crow lyrics…cruising around Yale and watching new students getting ready to move in….and most importantly, the feeling of pride and excitement I got as I watched my dad finish that race. I knew someday I wanted to have that feeling of accomplishment for myself.

To be honest, I thought running would be easy. I’ve always been active…I played three sports in high school…was a college athlete…and participated in numerous volleyball leagues and roller derby after college was over. It had to be easy.

No, no it wasn’t.

The first 5K I ever did was terrible and difficult. I was disappointed in my time and that I had to stop to walk a little. Then I learned the secret to running: the feeling when you cross the finish line. All of the pain and discomfort quickly disappeared when my time was clocked, and I was thankful that I wore my running sunglasses so no one else could see that I was crying with joy as I finished. My first year as a runner was full of moments like that, and literally every race I do, even to this day, I get teary eyed as I approach the finish. You can call me a baby, I won’t take offense to it. The reality is that I am a very passionate person. I’m proud of the emotion I feel when I run. If that makes me a baby, buy me some diapers, because I’m a huge one.

Yes, when I run I rock out to a fine medley of tunes, but I also think a lot. The one thing I think about every single race is an email my dad sent me before the last basketball game I ever played in high school. He sent it to me in April of 1999 as I prepared to play in my final All Star game.  To most people, they won’t know who the people he mentions are, but the message of it meant so much to me that I still have the email after all of these years. The words stick with me always.

Before queenkatiemae, there was skylark.

Before queenkatiemae, there was skylark.

A week away from the marathon in Nashville means that my nerves are a mess, yet I am so excited I could pee my pants. It also means that I am remembering how lucky I am to have the opportunity to run. Yes, I get to travel to a fun city with one of my best friends and experience something great together. More importantly, I’m remembering that regardless of how I do in the race, the bottom line is that I am doing it.

As I pack my bags for the trip next week, one thing is for sure. This email, and my dad’s words, will be in that bag and with me as I cross that finish.

Handing Off to my Dad in the Akron Marathon Relay

Handing Off to my Dad in the Akron Marathon Relay…A Great Moment in my Running Career

RAVE OF THE WEEK: All the Small Things

Yesterday’s attempt at spring cleaning my CD collection ended with me questioning a lot of things. Why do I own albums by Cam’Ron, Rah Digga, and Blaque? Did I actually purchase The American Pie Soundtrack with my own money? Joan Osborne has more than one song (apparently, since I own the whole album)? And why, oh why, do I have cases to three different Tom Petty albums, but not the CDs? At least no one has messed with anything with the name Seger on it. That would be absolutely disastrous.

Regardless of the garbage I found amongst my collection, I did find some great old gems that I forgot I owned ( Aaliyah, I’m talking to you, girrrlllllllll). I also found some of my old Blink 182 albums, which excited me and prompted me to hold a little concert in my apartment. You’re welcome, neighbors…that’s called payback for all those days you played your stupid clarinet at 8am on a Sunday morning.

As I listened to my favorite Blink song of all time, All the Small Things, I thought about all the small things that had brought me joy this week. True, sifting through my collection of music excited me and brought me many smiles as I recalled specific memories related to specific songs, but it didn’t come close to some of the other cherries on my sundae this week. Those awards go to:

1. Easter Dinner: Easter this year was different than years prior. Our family welcomed a few random people to celebrate with us because they didn’t have anywhere else to go, and it was quite nice. My brother was able to join us, which was great since I don’t get to see him often. I also welcomed back alcohol…Lent, you were a long season, but I didn’t slip up once. Yes, I am patting myself on the back.

My Grandma and I celebrating her 90th Easter!

My Grandma and I celebrating her 90th Easter!

2. NYC is back in my life. Well, in a small way. My Aunt Sheila brought me back my absolute favorite chocolate from one of my favorite places in NYC, The Chocolate Bar. This chocolate is so amazing it has the power to heal, and I am confident that it is made up of crushed up angel wings and cherubs. My favorite is the sea salted dark chocolate which you can order here, or you can check it out the next time you are in the city.

3. Adam will be seeing us soon. Yeah, that’s right, Mr. Levine…Whit and I got our tickets to come see you on August 26th, so you better be dressed just as you are in this fanpop photo:

You're welcome, Mom.

You’re welcome, Mom.

4. Team Brunette. Raising money for Alzheimer’s awareness usually entails events that don’t allow me to get physical. That’s about to change. I will be one of the members of Team Brunette in the inaugural Blondes Vs. Brunettes Let’s Tackle Alzheimer’s football game coming up June 1st in Akron. To say I am excited is an understatement. I love football, I love raising money for this cause, and I know if she could, my grandma Bubu would be there cheering me on (and making brownies for all of the players). If you are interested in attending, I have tickets that are $20 or you can go to my personal page and make a donation. It is a great cause, and I am honored to be a part of it for so many reasons.

5. I’m Insane.  Not really, but I did start up the Insanity workout program again, and I’m really excited about getting back into it. However, as happy as I am, part of me is quite sad. The last time I did Insanity my friend, Andy, and I did it at the same time. We were able to talk about our mutual hate of mummy kicks and our improvements together every day at work. Knowing that my dear friend is still fighting for his life after that horrible accident on December 21st makes me want to work extra hard, not just for me, but for him as well. For those of you following his progress on the CaringBridge site, you know he is making very positive strides. For those who aren’t, I ask that you keep him in your thoughts. We all want him to wake up and laugh with us so badly.

6. Katie Was Here Photography! My logo for my business is done, is absolutely beautiful, and exactly what I wanted! I am so very lucky to have a friend as gifted as Mandy Tucker aka Hummuside, who created the design for me. My web site is still a work in progress, but I am glad to finally share not only the name of my business, but the image that will be attached to my work. My goal was to create something that had the same affect as graffiti. To me, if I hold true to what I believe and envision as a photographer, my stamp on the images I shoot will be as apparent as a graffiti artist. Everyone would know it was me who took the shot due to my signature style. This logo fits that idea perfectly, and yes, those are my real lips.


Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful Monday! Let’s all do the rain dance in an attempt to deter any negative weather from ruining the Indians home opener tomorrow…. I hate when my hair gets wet.

RAVE OF THE WEEK: Comedy Show+ Katie = Pee in Pants

If there is one thing I love in this world, it is laughing.  Laughter is truly the best medicine, and I absolutely adore anyone with a dry, sarcastic (okay, maybe a little bit offensive) sense of humor. I’d love to do stand up comedy myself, and if it is a show, a book, or anything that has to do with it, I’m down. Imagine my delight when my friend, Kate, decided to include in her birthday celebration this past weekend a stop at the local comedy club, The Funny Stop. A night with some of my high school friends (turned Sandwitches), booze, dancing, and shenanigans…plus a comedy show? Sign me up! Let’s laugh so hard we pee our pants!

I didn’t do a lot of research on the comedy club or the comedian we would be seeing, as I knew the probability that I would love whoever it was would be high.  Did I?  You bet your sweet ass I did. Our rowdy group of 20+ got to see three local comedians first, all of whom were quite funny. The real treat was the main act, a gentleman by the name of Jake Johannson, who had been on The David Letterman Show over forty times and is said to be one of Letterman’s favorite comedians.

I don’t think a single person at that club could argue the fact that he was hilarious and amazing. No wonder Letterman loves him. Well, maybe the couple in the corner dry humping and making out like they were in seventh grade, because I doubt they caught any of the hilarities. Anyway, I’ve included a clip from youtube, but I strongly recommend anyone who likes to laugh to research him further. I literally laughed his entire act, as did our group, and maybe I peed my pants a little. Fortunately for us, the hilarities followed us out dancing afterward, however, that is another story in itself………..Ladies, remember, just touch it.

RAVE OF THE WEEK: Get yourself a Damn Coffee!

Let’s be honest: I am a child trapped in an adult’s body, and I really am okay with that.

Wish this outfit still fit me...

Wish this outfit still fit me…

Every day I go about my usual routine and something happens that makes me feel like a little kid. I have plenty of habits that line up right with those who are in grade school. For example, this morning I went to take a vitamin and instead of just taking it like a normal adult, I hid it in a vanilla pudding snack pack. Parents do this to trick their kids…I do this to trick myself.  While I may do many things that are probably ridiculous or juvenile to others, I can honestly say I do not care. I wish some of my childlike tendencies would rub off on some of the uptight people in my life who lack gumption or a desire to be themselves in a world of posers.

When I was little I would get excited over all kinds of little things…now, as an adult, I still do. The littlest things in life are really the best things, and there is nothing wrong with getting excited over them. Maybe if people didn’t have such huge expectations they wouldn’t be so miserable with their lives. This week, maybe little things happened that made me squeal with joy like a five year old.

My Little Joys of the Week

1. BFF time: My oldest BFF, Kelly, came to spend the night Wednesday because she had a training nearby. Sleepover on a school night? Don’t mind if we do. Even though we didn’t stay up as late as we did in high school, it was still a blast. Little moments like this make me so thankful she moved back to Ohio from Florida.

2. Irish Creme: From one BFF to another….Thursday morning I met Whitney at 7:15am at our usual Thursday morning meeting place, Dunkin Donuts. I love our Thursday morning coffee dates…it allows us to catch up on the week and start the day off on a positive note. This Thursday I nearly peed my pants with excitement when I saw the poster advertising Irish Creme coffee. Hello, extra large size…..I’ll be seeing you every morning until the end of time.

3. Andy Yawned, and I got to see it: Christine and I went to see our friend Andy today, and it was such a wonderful visit. Getting to see him yawn made me want to jump up and down with joy. For all of you following his CaringBridge Journal, you are aware of how he is doing, and for all of you who aren’t, I still ask that you pray for him and keep him in your thoughts. It has been three months since his accident, but I know any day now we will be laughing together as we once were.

4. I’m a rockstar: No, not musically…we all know I can’t sing to save my life. This week I finally took the plunge and had my wizard of a hairdresser get crazy on my hair, and I absolutely love the result. Bright red and edgy and different. I’m sure I will have haters (including my dad), but that’s okay with me. I mean, I do change my hair practically every month….change is good…taking risks is even better. This is one risk I am very happy I took.

Love it...even if it is a curly messy here...

Love it…even if it is a curly mess here…

5. The Great Gatsby Bargain: The first time I read “The Great Gatsby” I loved it…but that was back in seventh grade. Now that the movie is about to be released, I need to re-read it. Finding a beautiful paperback of it for $1.00…..Deal of the week! I’m so excited to remember why I loved it so much way back when.

To some people coffee, a yawn, a fancy new hairdo or a book may be boring and minuscule. Not to me. Every one of these things brought me more joy than anyone can imagine….they made me jump up and down with joy and my inner child do cartwheels. Heck, even the vitamin hidden in pudding made me smile.  I am convinced if everyone reverted back to the days when little things excited them, life would be better. Too many people I know focus their energy on big, lavish, and extravagant things…things that they think will make them happy because they think other people find them cool. That’s not happiness, my friends.

Those people need to go get an Irish Creme coffee.

RAVE OF THE WEEK: Sunny Photo Shoots

Sunshine, welcome back! I’ve missed you!

That’s how I felt when I woke up this morning and noticed my old friend outside. Happy? Very. Excited? Even more so! All week long I have been looking forward to the photo shoots I had planned for today, and I was fearful that some nasty weather would jeopardize it. It’s like a fun little guessing game living in Ohio during the winter months….you can’t plan for anything because it seems like Mother Nature always has other ideas. Fortunately for me, she was on my side today.

I love that things are finally starting to come together with my business. Yes, it is a slow process, but it is definitely exciting and giving me a sense of accomplishment that I have never felt before. I’m presently developing my logo and can’t wait to reveal it to everyone on my website very soon, and I am thankful for all of those who have been supportive of me and have helped me build my portfolio. Most importantly, I am thankful to finally find something I love doing and that I know others will love.

Anyway, back to today….

The first photo shoot of the day was with a super cute four legged pooch named Simon who belongs to one of my favorite people, Jamie. I must admit, I was a little nervous about being around another dog with that name. The only Simon I’ve ever known meant so much to me, and I think of him and miss him every day. Still, part of me was ready to take on the sadness and embrace this new Simon. What a bundle of energy! I absolutely loved photographing him, and I love that he and I both love cheese. Take a look at how handsome he is!

What a handsome devil!

What a handsome devil!

Simon was an absolute blast to photograph! Special thanks to Jamie and Brian for letting me spend some time with their four legged son! You all deserve a high five!

Simon loves high fives!

Simon loves high fives!

After I left Simon, I was off to photograph another dear friend’s animals. Not just a dog this time, but also a cat. We all know I am not a big fan of cats…I just don’t think they bring much to the table. However, this cat, Mia, is different than most. She is a little sassy and just does her own thing without possessing that sneaky quality that irritates me about most cats…plus, she has amazing whiskers! I spent time photographing not only Mia, but her black lab mix brother Jake. Here’s one of my favorites of Mia:


Beautiful..and 17 years old!

700 images later, I came home exhausted but with so many amazing shots and a great sense of satisfaction. It’s so hard to believe that after nearly a decade of wanting to pursue photography, I almost didn’t. Thank heavens I followed my instinct and decided to say “to hell with it” to all of the naysayers. It’s fun to be creative and to create memories for others. I’m already looking forward to the two photo shoots I have next weekend…one of a Rhodesian Ridgeback and another with a super cute little newborn!

Here’s hoping you all are having a wonderfully Kate-tastic weekend!