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Well, hello there!

Katie, where you been, girl???? -My blog followers

I’m here, I’m here, guys! I just have barely been on the blog!

Truth me told, I have so much happening right now that my little blog has kind of been on the back burner for awhile. Most of the time I previously spent writing for it became dedicated to my soon to be published book, and since there are only so many hours in the day, I had to determine where my time was best spent! I need more hours in the day!

So about my book….so many of you who have been following me on social media have been asking about it and have been added to my email list for updates. I am so anxious and excited for the book to FINALLY be published and appreciate all of the love and patience with the anticipation of its arrival on the book scene! I really hope you love it as much as I do.

I started writing this book just under two years ago and truly had hoped that it would be out much sooner, but things don’t always go as planned. Those who know me know I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and there were points in my writing journey that I had to step away because I was worried the wrong emotion would come through. When Kyle and I decided to divorce I knew I needed to step away from the book for a bit to ensure none of that entered into my writing, and it was important for me to have that separation. That was a long break, but I truly think it made the book better in the long haul. I always knew the direction I wanted this book to go in and have put so much of my heart and soul into it that I wanted to make sure it was the masterpiece I envisioned!

I’m still tweaking one small part of the book, and my photo shoot for the cover art will be happening within the next month or so, then it is GO TIME! And guess what……I also am working out the details with a local radio station wanting me to launch my podcast with them.

So yeah….on top of running my fitness company, coaching at Orange Theory and 9Round, and my book/podcast ventures, I’ve been a little crazy……in a good way.

Be on the lookout for more scoop coming soon, and, as always, thank you for your continued support!




WTF, Katie?

That’s exactly what I said this to myself when I realized I have been slacking so badly and haven’t posted any of the blogs I had planned and prepared for September. WTF!

If we are being 100% honest here….I feel like the entire month of September went by in the blink of an eye. It was just one of those months where I felt behind with everything… house, my to do list, my business, my LIFE! We all have months like that I suppose.

A big reason why September was a little crazier had to do with my business. I know, I know…I just said I felt behind with it, but I don’t know if I could’ve gotten ahead of the curve if I tried. My team and I are pushing for some huge business goals (eek….so close to hitting them) which means I am being pulled in more directions than usual as we get into crunch time. I’m not complaining though….this is what I live for, and I love what I do so much that I didn’t even notice how much work I was putting in with Sparkle Fitness. I can’t wait to see how our year ends up.

I have had some other things shaking besides business stuff….from my favorite charity to travel, I’ve been a busy bee.

Thanks to that skank Hurricane Florence, my family had to cancel our trip to Myrtle Beach a few days before we were scheduled to leave. Initially I was upset because I love Myrtle, but I was pleased when my mom decided we would all just head to Hocking Hills and rent a big cabin for the week. To me, the most important thing was getting to spend time with both my mother and brother at the same time because we rarely get to anymore, and this allowed us to do so.

We had so much fun relaxing, cooking out, hot tubbing, making candles, and hiking at the various caves in the area. I’m not someone who typically loves spending that much time in nature, but I actually loved it. Sometimes it is nice to slow down a little.

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When we got back from Hocking Hills, I FINALLY was able to visit an art exhibit I had been trying to get into all summer long, the Yayoi Kasuma Infinity Mirrors exhibit at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

This exhibit was a nightmare to get tickets to. Every Monday at 9am a limited amount of tickets for the exhibit were made available for purchase. One they were sold out, you had to wait until the following Monday to try again. I tried for weeks and weeks! The final week of Kasuma’s exhibit being on display I was successful! I woke up 2 1/2 hrs early to get in the ticket queue and snagged two tickets….so stressful!

The exhibit itself was unbelievably amazing, and it was so worth it. This was the largest grouping of Kasuma’s work ever showcased together at one time, and it won’t be together again until she either turns 100 years old or she passes away. I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience her unique brain and artwork in person. My favorite of Kasuma’s work: her “All the Eternal Love I have for the Pumpkins” piece. We weren’t allowed to take our phones into that room and had to have a chaperone, but I assure you, it was fantastic. Her exhibit is making just a few stops before returning to Kasuma’s home in Tokyo, so if you have the opportunity to get tickets to this, DROP EVERYTHING AND GO.

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The fall means it is time to support one of my favorite charities, The Alzheimer’s Association, and its annual Memory Walk took place the final weekend of the month. This was the a year of firsts for my family. For starters, my mother, who had managed the raffle for nearly the past decade and rocked the socks off of it, had made the decision to strictly walk this year and no longer assist with that aspect of the walk. I was always so proud of her for how hard she worked with fundraising and leading that auction, but it meant she wasn’t able to walk with our team. I was very proud to be able to walk with her for the first time in a long time, especially since this was the first year our family was walking in memory of my Grandma, as Bubu passed away just days after last year’s walk. I brought Luigi with me for support, and we represented our team along with my mom, her best friend Bobbie, and two of my besties, Kelly and Krista (plus baby Whitney).

Of course, a HUGE part of the month was spent on the development of my book. My goal is to have it published by the end of the year, so I am working tirelessly to make that happen.  I can’t wait to get it published and to share more about it with you!

I promise, you’ll be hearing from me much more!

When I dip you dip we dip…..

Now you’re singing it, right?

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a little musical snack for you…..

I get a lot of questions about my nails and decided it was finally time to share a little about them and maybe even get some of you on the dip train with me.

I’m not going to go super in detail with my nail history, but let’s just say it went a little something like this:

-Years of acrylics (because I loved that airbrushed design life, yo)
-Rocked the natural look
-Went to gel nails
-Back to natural
-Threw in some of that Jamberry stuff
-Back to gel
-Back to natural

Gel nails were always marketed as such a great way to do your nails, and I wasn’t one to disagree. I loved the look, but for me, they would tend to chip at the most inopportune times and always during the most random activities. I hated seeing those chips! Still, I stuck with them because they were much better for me than acrylics.

Recently I switched nail salons at the recommendation of a friend (Shout out to Michele) and was eager to get back to my gel lifestyle. I had taken a brief nail hiatus because my old nail tech never had any availability, and I figured I’d just do my natural nail thing for a bit while I determined a new location and tech that was legit. Michele always had killer nail designs, so I set up an appointment with her girl.

As I waited for my nail tech to finish up her appointment and start my nails, I selected my color, which was the Katie usual: White with white glitter for one nail. When I gave Toni, my nail tech, the color ring she asked if I wanted to switch to powder dip since I had selected powder dip colors. I was clueless but was in love with the glitter, so I said sure.

Let me tell you….the powder dip method is the best thing that has ever happened to the nail business. My nails remain in tact with it for nearly four weeks….which includes me working out, flipping tires, and all kinds of typical Katie stuff that used to chip the gel nails. Other than the growth (which is inevitable, especially due to my Shakeology drinking), the nails looked as perfect going into the fourth week as they did on day one. SOLD.

The dip process is pretty simple. Your nails are buffed, a primer coat is applied as well as a base, then each finger is dipped into the selected color. It is sealed with top coat. No UV light is required. Boom. The look is amazing and long-lasting.

Cost wise this method is just about the same as a gel manicure (my salon is about a $2 difference, well worth it since it lasts so much longer). And how about removal…..let’s talk about that. Incredibly easy. All you do is just soak your nails in a bowl of acetone and the powder melts off. Seriously, it melts off.

Guys, this is the best. I can’t really say more about it than that. If you are an acrylic or gel gal, make the switch. You will be so happy you did.


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Raise your hand if your blood type is Coffee.

Can you see my hand raised all the way over here?????!!!!!!!!

Guys, it’s a pretty well known fact that I absolutely love love LOVE coffee, so when I say it is my blood type, I’m fairly certain that it’s the truth. I drink it as soon as I wake up…..I drink it throughout the day….and pretty much every barista in a five mile radius knows me by name and my order of choice. I’m not ashamed; coffee is my spirit animal and with it I am a magical sparkle-slinging girl boss.

Everywhere I go I try to scout out amazing local coffee shops or companies that are independently owned, have a fun story behind them, and aren’t your run of the mill corporate chain. In my world, it’s all about supporting small businesses. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts…..but if I have the choice of one of those two or a local company, I’m going with that local biz. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Awhile back I was trolling Instagram and checking out some different hashtags related to (you guessed it) coffee, when I stumbled across a business that had me at hello: Bones Coffee Company (Make sure you drop everything and follow their IG by clicking HERE!).
Another fun fact you may/may not know about me: I love skulls and skeletons, so when I saw the name and logo I just HAD to buy some of their coffee.

But then…..then I started to look through their website and the love at first sight feeling was solidified. They had a Chocolate Orange Coffee. CHOCOLATE ORANGE!  French Toast! Peanut Butter and Jelly….and so many more! Did these people jump into my brain and steal all my favorite things then go make a coordinating coffee???!!!! It sure seemed so.

Thus, a love affair was born.

Let me tell you all of the reasons why I love this coffee company:

1. The flavor selection is unparalleled. As someone who loves flavored coffee, I’ve never found an extensive flavor selection like the one that Bones offers. Besides the flavors available every day, they have amazing seasonal flavors, such as my personal fave Red Velvet (available around Valentine’s Day) and Carrot Cake (available for a few more days). Take some time and check out their website HERE. Isn’t the flavor selection insane???!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 8.48.34 PM.png

My current Bones collection.

2. You have the option to buy a sample pack. Even though I was incredibly excited after surfing their website, I was still a little worried the coffee may not be as good as I had hoped. Luckily, they have a five pack option where you can select 5 sample packs and try a variety of flavors that you can choose. The sample packs are a decent size, which truly gives you an opportunity to determine the flavors you like best before buying the full size coffee.

3. Fast shipping. You know how to really win me over? Killer customer service and shipping. I tend to lack patience when it comes to waiting for items I can’t wait to receive…I can’t help it! The day I ordered my sample pack I had an email a few hours later stating it shipped, and just a few days later I opened a mail box with a wonderful coffee aroma. Was that an isolated incident? Nope. Every order I have placed since then has been shipped and received within a few days, and everyone who has ordered thus far on my recommendation has commented how impressed they are with the speed of their orders arriving as well.

4. You can purchase ground or whole bean. It may be weird to some, but some days I prefer using whole bean coffee and grounding it myself. I also use whole coffee beans as a base for all of my makeup brushes (I love having my makeup room smell like coffee) so I love having a wonderful flavored aroma in the air.

5. Clever packaging. I LOVE a solid marketing strategy, but when there are some clever references or pop culture humor infused, I am SOLD. Check out my personal favorite…..does this skeleton look familiar?


Photo courtesy of

6. You can drink your coffee in style. I love a solid handmade mug, especially unique shapes. The minute I saw the gorgeous mugs on the Bones website, I had to have one, and it has quickly become my favorite mug. If you are more of a travel mug style person, they have those as well, plus apparel.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 5.10.38 PM

7. K-Cups! I was so excited when I saw Bones offered K-cups. I obviously make my own coffee at home, but when I go to my kickboxing studio I like to have coffee options on hand, so K-cups are the way to go for me. I always have them in my purse or gym bag.

8. They always have a fun deal or promotion going on. Had it not been for a recent promotion where every purchase received an additional random sample, I would’ve never fallen in love with Red Velvet or their Jamaican flavor. Recently I received a decal from them with a purchase and proudly rock it on my planner which goes with me everywhere.

9. New flavors happen often. Recently Bones released a Bluesberry Coffee that is beyond incredible….it smells just like a blueberry muffin. My hope is one of these days some type of doughnut inspired coffee is guys all know that the doughnut is my second love right behind coffee.

10. The Bones staff is amazing. I have loved getting to chat with those involved with Bones and was very excited about their willingness to let me learn more about their company and share the info with you. I admire their entrepreneurial spirit and how innovative they are in an industry where a lot of companies are afraid to push boundaries.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 5.48.59 PM

Cheers to this fab coffee company!

I asked the Bones crew to answer some questions I had…’s what they had to say:

How did Bones Coffee get started? We are a family owned and operated business with roots in the Pacific Northwest, where we were deeply submerged in an artisan coffee culture. When we relocated to Southwest Florida, we wanted to bring that culture with us and launched Bones Coffee Company with the goal of making delicious, freshly roasted artisan coffee accessible to everyone.

How did you come up with your name? We wanted to project the vibrance and edginess of our flavors on our packaging. When we were developing our first variety, High Voltage, we imagined a skeleton in a lab concocting the highly caffeinated brew. Our brand name really developed from that point and Bones, our beloved mascot, has been present on every label (in some form or another!) since.

What makes your coffee different from others on the market? We really wanted to bring our customers coffee that they couldn’t buy at the local grocery store, and we also wanted to ensure that each bag is of the highest quality – so we roast to order in small batches. I think another thing that really sets us apart is that we provide the coffee drinker a really unique experience from the aroma of the coffee when they open the box, to the distinct artwork on each label, to the robust flavor from a freshly brewed cup.

Where are you based? We’re owned and operated out of Cape Coral, Florida!

Are you only a retailer, or are you found in any coffee shops? Bones Coffee Co. is currently online only, but we just recently rolled out a wholesale program and our coffee is starting to show up in gyms, restaurants and other specialty shops.

What is your #1 selling coffee? Maple Bacon! It’s sweet and smoky – an irresistible flavor combination!

How often do you change flavors? We’re constantly trying to come up with new, innovated flavors that people haven’t tried yet with coffee. We aim to release a new one each month, but it really depends on when inspiration hits!

How do you determine what new flavors would be? We base our flavors off of things we love! Then we try and come up with a way to make it work with coffee. It’s a lot of trial and error and testing so that we bring only the best to our customers.
Do you sell anything else besides coffee and mugs? Yes! We’re always trying to expand our offerings due to high demand, but we currently carry tumblers, hand thrown mugs by Deneen Pottery, decals, hoodies and t-shirts!

Describe your coffee in three words: Ultimate. Coffee. Experience.

Thanks so much, Bones, for your amazing coffee and customer service! Now let’s do something fun together………

How about a GIVEAWAY so we can begin the quest for Bones Coffee World Domination…….
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Giveaway Time**

Who wants to win some free coffee???? By now you probably want to try Bones, and I want to hook you up!

I’ve partnered up with my pals at Bone to give you the chance to win a $50 gift card toward any coffee you want! That means you can choose peanut butter and jelly, bananas fosters, chocolate orange, sample packs….whatever flavor you just have to try!

The giveaway begins NOW, and the winner will be announced next Tuesday, April 10th.

To enter, head over to Instagram:

☕️ Follow me @sparklefitnessbabe
☕️Follow Bones Coffee @bonescoffeecompany
☕️Tag a friend who also loves coffee (one tag per comment; no limit to number of comments and tags)

All three steps much be completed for your entry into the giveaway to be valid! No purchase necessary.

I can’t wait for you to fall in love with this coffee like I have!



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Team #SelfLove

You know those people that make an impact on you the moment you connect with them? The ones that get you right in the feels and are so passionate you can’t help but be passionate, too?

That’s Kortney Olson, and that is exactly how you feel when you connect to her. I love her confidence, her drive, how real and raw she is on her social media, and the example she sets for others. She’s an overcomer, like me and like a lot of us, and she has used her past to catapult her into a place where she can motivate and inspire others.

The moment I learned about her mission for empowering women I wanted to support her, and I did….initially starting out by supporting her clothing line, GRRRL Clothing. Those who follow me on social media or attend my fitness classes know that my favorite leggings and shorts come from GRRRL…..have you ever seen a more Kate-tastic style of legging than these? They are incredible quality…look super badass….and they stay up when I squat, jump, run, lunge….you name it….my fellow big booty girls know this can be a real struggle. So if you ever see a pair of really bomb ass leggings and want to know where they are from, you should most likely check the GRRRL site first.

Back to the real point of this blog… girl Kortney, who I asked to help me out by writing a blog on a campaign she is currently running that has an incredible meaning and purpose. I’m so thankful for her to be a guest on this blog, and I’m excited for you to learn more about her and support her incredible cause!

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.53.48 PM.jpg

Make sure you follow Kortney @kortney_olson

{A Message from Kortney}

Hello All.

I’m so jacked up right now, I’m not even sure where to start this blog. There is so much to say, to share, and to explain, I feel like my heart and my eyes are going to explode out of my body. And no, don’t worry… I’ve been clean off of meth since 2007. Keh!?

The problem we’re going to run up against is that the average person will spend no more than 5 minutes to read a blog. I guarantee this will probably take you closer to 20. However, if you’re tired of the world sucking, and fear the future and where we are heading as a human race, I suggest you read the f**k on (you’re welcome grandma for the **).

Most of you reading this will know a fair bit about GRRRL Clothing, and where our vision and mission derived from, who I am as the MFCEO, and what our BIG picture is as a brand. But my HOPE is that all of you who know, will SHARE THIS SHIT from sea to shinning sea. Because we are at a crossroads as to wether or not we can sustain the growth level we have, and how soon we can start implementing the bigger projects we want to tackle and take head on.

So let me start out with some background:

My name is Kortney Olson, and I’m the (MF)CEO of GRRRL Clothing. I say “MF” because ’girls aren’t supposed to curse’. In fact, girls aren’t supposed to do a lot of things: Like sleep around as they please (by choice), lift heavy weights, have personal rights and freedom to their bodies, get an education, be in business, always be smiling, etc x100000.
I’d like to say I’m ”kind of a big deal”. I’ve been crowed as the ‘woman with the world’s deadliest thighs’ by THE Stan Lee (creator of Marvel comics), and have a wrap sheet of cool accomplishments. But this blog isn’t about me. I’m a recovered drug addict and alcoholic, so everything sometimes still tends to evolve around me, and being the center of attention because I’m still a self-seeking little shit due to my childhood.

BUT, as a person who grew up absolutely HATING her body (primarily her legs) to such a point that I used drugs and alcohol to change the way I felt about my body (which resulted in me being diagnosed with depression, an eating disorder, and a full blown drug addict/alcohol as well as having had experienced a rape by my boxing mentor at the age of 17), PLEASE BELIEVE I’M ON A MISSION TO CHANGE THE WORLD.
If you want the full story of my story, we’re about to release our professionally produced documentary called “GRRRL: Beauty is the Beast” as soon as the premiere is over during our live annual event in Las Vegas April 28th. (Standby for more info on this shortly)
To sum all of the backstory up, due to a certain chain of events (and they’re pretty interesting events that involve me being labeled an “ex fetish porn star” by the Australian media… leading me to my 1st “waking up moment” in life after realising how the media is owned by only 6 corporations world wide, and all syndicated… again- that’s a blog in and on its own), I was prompted by my higher power (God- whatever you want to call “it”), to create a program for teenage girls called “Kamp Konfidence”, where we taught the “5 habits, lessons and principles” that lead to the development of self love. The aim was to teach these girls all of basic things I wish I had been taught in school.
It was a 2 day/2 night wellness retreat, where the girls learned everything from self defense, nutrition, fitness, journaling(personal development), body acceptance, meditation and the effects of stress, to assertiveness training, self belief and how the mind works, to cyber safety.

Throughout the entire weekend, we slowly got the girls onboard in seeing how we are programmed by society to see each other competition and work against each other as females, hence why we are held back as a gender. After nearly 2.5 years, we had 62 girls who successfully graduated, and went from self harming, bullying, severe Low self esteem, to having new best friends, and shining.

Well, what happened after they got home? The tools started to fade, and old patterns started to reappear. Although we had life Long impact on these girls, we started to realise it was the mothers we need to be talking to. We also learned that we needed some kind of funding to grow the business, and some women that knew what the hell they were doing in that regard. Myself and my team were great at changing lives, but shit at building a business. I even tried my hand at network marketing though Isagenix, thinking this was how I was going to fund Kamp Konfidence. #EpicFail

It just so happened that one of my partners got pregnant, and we had to put the program down. Well, a girl’s gotta keep moving right? In the downtime, I embarked on creating a weekend retreat for women that was similar to Kamp Konfidence, called “UnKonditional Self Love for Mum”. It started out by offering a $47 half day workshop to mothers called “The 7 Steps To Nurishing Your Mother/Daughter Relationship”. I worked on this business for 5 months, then decided that yet, once again, I was only going to be reaching 8-10 females every other weekend in little old Gold Coast Australia, and asked my higher power to guide me into what was “next”.

A few months later, GRRRL Clothing was born.

It’s been amazing. We are a clothing line created off of a WHY, not created to sell cool shit. By this point you probably know who we are, and what we do. If not, take one look at our website and you’ll see. No photoshop or airbrushing, all body types/colors (although we’re working on expanding the color part… again, another blog in and on its own) and we do NOT use traditional sizing. Dope right? We have women:
-leaving abusive relationships
-wearing shorts for the first time in 20 years
-finding alternative ways out of suicide (we have a closed group on facebook that has worked magic, legit wizardry shit)
-etc x100000

Now, 2.5 years into trading, we’re growing so rapidly because EVERYONE GET’S WHAT WE’RE DOING! They’re (you’re) onboard with this notion that if the female energy isn’t lifted up, we’re doomed as a human race.

So to get over this next hurdle of growth, we’ve launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (crowdfunding works by you buying stuff from us, called “perks” and that money goes towards our growth without having to give up a % of our company to venture capitalists who only care about numbers). Plus, network marketing was clearly too hard, so lets instead choose to launch a GLOBAL CLOTHING LINE WITH ZERO CAPITAL AND AT THE SAME TIME SPEND OUR ENTIRE MARKETING BUDGET SPONSORING HOLLY HOLM A FEW WEEKS BEFORE SHE BEAT RHONDA ROUSSEY IN THE BIGGEST UPSET IN UFC HISTORY…. but hey, sometimes The Universe has “a plan”…
Not only that, lets launch an ONLINE BRAND WITH NO TRADITIONAL SIZES, and THEN shortly after our first year of trading, organise and launch our first annual event in a country we’re not even based in! (GL17) Which I’ll let you know nearly bankrupted us. BUT, so many women had their lives changed, we decided, WHY OF COURSE LETS DO THAT SHIT AGAIN! (GL18)


Now, let me explain what this campaign is all about.

So, GL18 is our second annual event in Las Vegas. Think of it as a Kamp Konfidence, but for grown women (and 11 years and older). An all female empowerment event where we blow the lid off of everything. You can view the agenda here:

So not only are we trying to run a global clothing line with 4 distribution centers, (which should have a staff of about 20-30 people as is) but now we’re putting on our second annual life changing event, rolling out a documentary, then doing a road show (a mini ‘grrrl live’ aka GL18…. GL= grrrl live, 18 = the year it’s going down) in September and October in the region that helps us raise the most amount of money to back our brand.
Because as you may have gathered by now, this brand isn’t about selling clothing line. The clothing is just the flag we fly so we can identify one another, because when you see another grrrl in the street, you KNOW that that’s your Sister. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!

So as far as the campaign goes, you’ll see all sorts of different stuff.

If you’re a person who doesn’t wear ‘women’s active wear’, that’s totally cool.
You can buy a trucker hat, buy a fridge magnet of me choking out donald trump (love or hate him, the magnet is f**king funny), spend $20 to bring our road show to your town during the month of September and October of this year (free empowerment event for females, where I’ll also make myself available to the public for younger girls to become grrrls and for my fan boys who want me to sign their tits), sponsor a female to attend GL18 and change a life forever, be the naming right sponsor for the entire event, come train with me in Abu Dhabi (and Trish Cadden… amazing legend) and spend a week with me all to yourself for 6 hours a day, OR you can buy the “self love success academy” online, which is straight out of Kamp Konfidence. The next blog I write will be specifically what the SLSA is: the what, where, how and why around how it works.
If you ARE a person that wears ‘women active wear’, you can run with all of the above, as well as get some of the raddest, highest quality leggings at a cheap AF price! And not only that, the leggings come with a choice of a digital program from MY MASS LEG or ARM building program which is normally $99 a level! Because in the new world, we’re encouraging women to GO FOR GAINS. TAKE UP SPACE. OCCUPY SPACE. NO LONGER WILL WE SHUT UP, SHRINK, OR BACK DOWN!

I’m not talking about burn your bra, and fuck the world- I’m talking about real equality where we listen to understand, not listen to be right. We learn tools and skills to be respected, revered members of society. A world where our bodies are safe, on the streets, in the media, and at home.

So…. with that being said, start doing some research, and understand that we are leading the front lines of a revolution of women and girls waking up everywhere to realise that our worth is not equated to the exterior of our bodies. That we can do, be, say, and act however we damn well please. That we are not each other’s competition. And that a brand new world lies in front of us. We want to co-create, collaborate with other female Brand’s who are down to ride, and help build this massive platform in which we call the #grrrlarmy for those who’ve taken the pledge to understand what it is we’re aiming to achieve.

Beyond clothing, we have some goals that are pretty next level, and will be a blog in and on its own, yet once again.

Thank you for reading, and please share the F**K out of this.


Can you feel the passion this woman has for her mission? I’m so proud of her and to be a part of the GRRRL Army. I’ve already supported The Self Rebellion Project, which has FIVE days left before the campaign closes. The cause is amazing, the swag is dope, and you can check it out by clicking HERE! Bet you can’t guess what items I got!!!!!!

I had a few additional questions for Kortney….questions I thought would help you better understand the importance of her mission of women empowerment and The Self Love Rebellion Project. Here’s what she had to say:

KK: If you could describe GRRRL in only one word, what would it be?

KK:What is the one thing you are most proud of accomplishing since starting GRRRL?

KK: What female(s) do you look up to and admire the most and why?

KK:How can someone get involved with your campaign?

KK:If a young woman is reading this that needs to feel empowered is reading this, what is your message to her?

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.34.11 PM

I take the pledge. You should, too. 

Kortney, thanks for being a guest writer on my blog! I am so excited for your campaign, for GRRRL, and for all the women out there who are gaining strength and confidence through your work! I’m so proud to support you!

And because it has to be said… case you missed the mention, Kortney has one talent that is INSANE. She can crush a watermelon with her thighs. Don’t believe me? Watch this video:

All I’m saying is…..when Schwarzenegger is taking a selfie of your watermelon talents, you know you are next level Bad Ass.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 10.13.56 PM

Photos courtesy of Kortney Olson

Here’s to a successful finish to The Self Love Rebellion!

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Do you believe in magic?

I do!

I have always had a secret love for magic…and I’m pretty sure that my brother is to blame for it. I remember one year he received a variety of magic tricks as a gift, and even though they were very simple tricks for his age, they were still interesting. Then came the David Copperfield specials on television….then David Blaine, and my interest in magic continued. I love anything that challenges your mind and makes you say “How did they do that?”

However, as I got older, I felt like the magic scene had dwindled down a bit. I caught a Criss Angel show in Vegas on one of my trips, but other than that and a few random magic acts at various kids’ birthday parties, I didn’t see much around my area.

One day I saw one of my friends posting on his social media pages that he was doing magic. I remember thinking…”I never would’ve pegged Jason as a magician.” Jason and I had gone to high schools in the same part of Northeast Ohio, then we ended up going to the same college for undergrad. I remembered him being a college athlete at Thiel, but nothing involving magic rung a bell.

As time passed I saw Jason getting busier and busier with magic. Eventually I noticed he had gotten married and his wife, Stacy, was getting involved in the magician life, as well. I saw photos and videos of their various shows and of them performing strolling magic throughout the area, and it was obvious that they were a top magical act, not just around where we were from, but the whole country.


Jason and Stacy on their wedding day

The Alans now do magic full time and can be found anywhere from private events to corporate functions to my favorite brunch spot, Town Hall, where they not only perform magic but make incredible balloon animals for the restaurant guests. If you are looking for a great date night idea, they recently signed on to be one of the acts performing at The Metropolitan on the 9 and have a variety of dates you can choose from.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 8.09.09 PM

Balloon creations Stacy made for us while at Town Hall for brunch. 

I recently chatted with The Alans because I had questions that I wanted to know, and no, none were related to how they perform the tricks they do.

How long have you been practicing magic?

Stacy: I’ve been practicing magic, mainly mentalism for around 5 years. I always loved watching magic growing up but didn’t begin learning how to perform until I met Jason.

Jason: Magic has been a part of my life since I was 13.

Do you specialize in any certain area?

Stacy: I specialize in mentalism which focuses on psychology and effects involving the mind. Some people may call it psychological illusions. I’m not a medium or psychic but rather use observation skills, psychology and body language to pick up on information from people and things.

Jason: I specialize in standup comedy/magic and close-up sleight of hand. Originally, I focused on a magic philosophy made famous by David Blaine and his mentor Paul Harris titled “Astonishment”. The idea was to strip away all of the stereotypical sides of magic (rabbits, corny jokes, glitter) and perform something with the least amount of words that was truly unexplainable.

When I began performing for larger crowds I found a passion in stand-up comedy and storytelling. I started attending open mics honing my comedy chops which complimented my sleight of hand.

What was the A-Ha moment that made you want to get into magic?

Stacy: For me it was when I first met Jason and watched him perform with such passion and could truly see that he loved what he did. I wanted to be part of that. I started off assisting and helping him set up and tear down. This was okay at first, but I realized I wanted to contribute more. I loved the idea of us being in business and traveling together. The other big push for me was early on in our marriage when I was working as a full-time therapist. Jason was performing in the Bahamas and I was at home in Akron getting stuck in my driveway full of snow. I knew then that I really wanted to have more freedom with my work to go places with him.

Jason: While visiting family in California I watched a street performer at Venice beach and I was instantly hooked. Around this time David Blaine was becoming big and I would watch and study his specials. I performed for friends and family then turned professional when I was 22. A few years later I was hired to work on a cruise ship in the Bahamas on and off for 2 years.

What differentiates you from other magicians?

Stacy: The biggest thing for me is being a female who has a lead role in our show. Most people only think of women as assistants in the magic world. We also stand out being a duo act…..again being a husband and wife act who don’t fit the typical magician and assistant mold.

Jason: I think the amount of hours I’ve spent performing in restaurants and bars has allowed me to be fully in the moment and aware of my environment. Why does this set me apart from other magicians… Performing sleight of hand is like patting your head while rubbing your stomach as you ride a unicycle on the edge of a cliff. The difference being.. nobody can know you are doing all of those things at once.
When a magician first learns a “trick” they are focused on the sleight of hand and not on how to make a human connection. I hope and think that years of working in the trenches has allowed me to pay attention to the person in front of me, to notice what mood they are in and to know which way to steer the current effect I’m performing.

What kind of events do you do?

Our main area of focus is corporate events. We travel nationally bringing our show and strolling magic to sales meetings, conferences, trade shows and corporate holiday parties. Our newest venture is our very own theater show in downtown Cleveland. We just got the news that our show has been picked up for the entire 2018 season at the Alex Theater which is on the second floor of the Metropolitan at the 9 hotel. In years past the bulk of our performances have been for private events… with the Alex Theater we have a monthly show that’s open to the public. It’s really exciting for us; we wrote a brand-new show just for this unique venue.

The Alans Stage

What is your favorite thing about magic?

Stacy: My favorite thing is the reactions. I love creating real moments with people that hopefully will stick with them for a while.

Jason: My favorite thing about magic… with the current volatile climate we live in it’s hard to find something that still makes us think…. Magic does that. For over 2 years we have performed at TownHall in Ohio City (Cleveland)… the most successful restaurant in Northeastern Ohio. Each week we interact with thousands of people visiting, living or passing through the city. Each week I approach people who are left wing, right wing, American or Foreign, White or black and when I start performing, none of that matters. For a minimum of 60 seconds we are just two people sharing something truly unique.

Just a week ago, during a performance in my hometown of Salem, Ohio I pulled a 6 year old girl onstage who didn’t speak English. After 10 minutes of being onstage with me she went from a shy scared little girl to the star of the show. Watching someone smile through something so simple and nonjudgmental is worth doing what we do.

Are you self taught or did you complete formal training?

Stacy: Jason taught me a lot of what I know; he also supplied me with a library of magic and mentalism books to read and study.

Jason: I’ve had hundreds of mentors over my career. From people who directly taught me to those who have passed single lines of inspiration to me.

In 2008 I traveled to Las Vegas and learned under an amazing performer by the name of Steve Daily. Steve was on Criss Angels original television show Mind Freak and currently performs on the Las Vegas Strip.

What can a guest expect from one of your shows?

Guests can expect to be directly involved. Our show is highly interactive. We are not a typical big illusion magic show. We use objects and thoughts from the audience to create unexplainable moments. Our real hope is that people come into our show not really knowing what to expect or thinking they know what magic is and we take them in a whole new direction. We want people leaving knowing that they loved it but not sure how to explain what they just experienced.

The Alans

Have you always practiced magic together or when did you become a duo?

Stacy: I’ve only ever performed with Jason, however I will be doing my first solo show for a client in April.

Jason: When we first met we had a deal.. Stacy would never perform with me. During this time I was working on a cruise line in The Bahamas and to travel with me.. she had to be onstage. During this time she would walk onstage and hand me props as an assistant. I noticed her passion for being onstage and began teaching her sleight of hand. We quickly realized it wasn’t for her.

With her background in Psychology we saw an opportunity for her to take center stage. I pointed her in the right direction and she began training as a mentalist. Around this time she spoke at the Youngstown Ohio TedX talk on breaking boundaries about woman in magic and how she is perceived.

Currently we both learn new tricks and try to fool each other.

Can I just say I have some seriously talented friends???!!!! These guys are the real deal, and I know they are just getting started with their career in magic. You need to fit one of their shows into your calendar and fall in love with magic all over again!

If you want to learn more about The Alans or book them for an upcoming event, please visit their website by clicking HERE!

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Get Kate-tastic.

Lately my social media has been BLLLOOOWWWIINNNGGGG UP with people asking me about all the things that make my life Kate-tastic….the products I love, the stores I frequent, the people I support….and I love that! I truly love sharing my opinions on the things/places/people that are a part of my daily life, and I’m letting you know right now that I’m going to start sharing wayyyyy more about them from now on!

I know it is easy to look at a lot of my blog or Instagram posts and think that all I’m about is health and fitness, but there is so much more to me than weights, protein shakes, and fun headbands. Most new readers know I retired at the age of 34 from a career in education to fully operate my own fitness empire, so obviously fitness is a huge part of my life. However, most don’t know that my blog actually started years ago as a way to share the things I love with the people who I loved the most (at that time, only my family read my blog). While my family still reads my blog (Hi, Mom), my following has grown to over a thousand visits a day, and I want to make sure I am sharing things that all of you can find valuable, which includes going back to some of the material y’all loved in the beginning when my blog was a little baby blog.

One of my greatest loves is entrepreneurship, and I truly admire anyone who has  goal and goes all in to make it happen. I am very lucky to have many entrepreneurs in my life who I not only call my friends, but that I support because of the amazing products and services they offer. Supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses is my jam, and I encourage you to support your local pals, too!

Be on the lookout for posts coming your way on the things I love….they’ll be categorized as “Make Your Life Kate-tastic!”

Because, after all, you’re bringing a little of my life into your life, so that makes you Kate-tastic by association, right?