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Bye, Felicia… I mean New Orleans.

I’m bbaaccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!

It’s been a crazy two weeks with lots of travel….I’ve barely had any time to hop on my blog and chat with you all! July is usually a little nutty since it’s my birthday month, and you all know that I love to celebrate all month long. This year was no exception, but it did include back to back trips to New Orleans and Chicago, plus the addition of a new puppy to my crew… about crazy! I’ll share more about the Chicago trip in a later blog and probably a lot of puppy spam, too, but I wanted to give you guys a recap of Nola!

When it was announced at Summit last year that the 2017 Coach Summit would be in New Orleans, I wasn’t sure how I felt. New Orleans wasn’t one of the cities on my radar when it came to places I wanted to visit, but I was interested to see what the city would be like with 25,000 of my closest coaching pals. It ended up being an interesting and eye-opening  experience, and I wanted to share a little about my time in Louisiana.

                              Lessons from Beachbody’s biggest event of the year

1. Cockroaches are freaking gross. 
Friends…….I am from Ohio, and fortunately for me, the most annoying insect I’ve had to deal with is the wretched stink bug, an insect that only graces us with its presence a few months out of the year. I haven’t had to deal with cockroaches THANK HEAVENS.

My team and I rented out a large house on the outskirts of the city, which was awesome, except for the first night when we returned from dinner and realized we hadn’t left the outside light on. As we approached the door, I saw something move across the pavement that could’ve been a small dog and immediately asked what it was….deep down I was scared it was a toad. I was quickly educated on the fact that it was a cockroach. Shrieks followed, as did some additional shrieks after we found one later on inside the house. I’m thankful one of the girls in the house was from the South and not afraid of the cockroaches, unlike the rest of us.

I’ll take my cold ass winters any day over cockroach city… can keep those, Dirty South.

2. I’m basically Oprah.
I am such a nerd… thing I love about Summit: the keynote speakers. Last year we got to hear from Gary Vaynerchuk, someone I admire greatly, and this year we had Darren Hardy and Brendon Burchard. Talk about setting off my inner geek flag! Darren Hardy wrote The Compound Effect, a book I read several times each year, and Brendon is someone I basically stalk on Youtube and social media. He is a high performance business coach and author with some big time clients,  one being Oprah Winfrey. Since Brendon taught us some of the things he teaches Oprah, we are pretty much the same now, right?

In all seriousness, I was on Cloud 9 getting to listen to these guys, especially Brendon. I really love that our company encourages GROWTH as human beings. We should all be doing it anyway, but be honest….are you really spending a little time each day reading/listening/watching something that expands your mind? If you arent, start! NOW!

3. Beignets are made of angel wings and rainbows.
I knew going into the trip that I was going to eat EVERYTHING that Nola was known for: beignets, chicken and waffles, po boys….and I was okay with that. Once I actually got to the city and realized I didn’t like it and most likely wouldn’t go back, I wanted to make sure I capitalized in the food category. I’m a foodie, what can I say? Being healthy is about living a life of balance, and even though maybe I was more 20/80 than 80/20, I came home feeling like I truly did enjoy the city from a food perspective.

Everyone told me to go to Cafe du Monde, and we finally did our last night there. Since most of the coaches had already left, we got in and out without a wait, which was awesome. The beignets were tasty, and the cafe au lait was out of this world. I’d like to find a way to get these treats without going to Nola again…maybe we can get this place to open one in Ohio? #goals. We also had beignets at an awesome random place that I couldn’t even tell you the name because they were so good my mind was blown.

I do love my sweets, and macaroons are one of my favorites (a close second behind doughnuts). We visited a place in the French Quarter called Sucre which was Ah-ma-zing! If you visit the city, please go there! We tried several of the sweets that were there besides the macaroons….so worth every calorie.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.11.57 PM

My girl Meghan and I with some of our desserts!

Speaking of calories…….a fellow coach, Dan, brought me the mother of all doughnuts from Round Rock Donuts in Texas……how cool was that? I was actually planning a trip to Texas to visit this place because it was at the top of my doughnut bucket list. MY GOSH WAS IT GOOD! I did share a few bites with some of the girls in our house, but I pretty much crushed it. Again, worth every calorie and the million burpees I need to do to burn it off. It also produced one of the greatest pictures ever taken of me and my success partner, Nichole. Dan, thanks for being my doughnut hero.

Some people may ridicule me for my love of food (including the bad ones like those I indulged in while in New Orleans), and that’s okay. I bust my ass every day with grueling workouts and will never feel bad about the food choices I make. I truly believe all things are good in moderation.

4. Uber drivers can be shady AF.
Prior to this trip I had no experience with Uber, so I wasn’t sure what it would be like knowing that I would using it for the majority of my transportation while in New Orleans. It was…..different.

We had many drivers who were incredible….but we had some that were just….not ok. One guy picked us up the morning of the Shaun T 6am workout high as a kite, and I’m pretty sure we all had a contact buzz from him.  Another day we were awaiting a female driver named Lupe, only to have a male driver show up that was a completely different age and race claiming to be Lupe……um, ok dude. It was strange. Needless to say I was happy to get back to my own city where I could drive my own car…because I really don’t want anything to do with Uber again unless I have zero options.

5. You can do anything you put your mind to. 
Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to get to introduce Beachbody’s newest super trainer, Chris Downing, when his program debuted to the entire Beachbody community. I was so honored to have the opportunity and am so thankful he became a part of my life. Since then, I have gotten to know him and his family , have organized events at his gym, and can honestly tell you that this guy has a heart of gold. What you see is the real deal, and the emotion he shares with you as he is motivating you during his workouts….it’s as real as it gets.

When his program officially launched at Summit, it was such a neat moment to see. His emotion….his happiness….and the impact you saw him have on everyone around him….it was beyond infectious. Chris was brought onto stage during the opening ceremony and immediately got choked up. You could see how much that moment meant to him, and it’s the kind of genuine love for helping others that you want to see in someone who has the opportunity to inspire millions.   I was a proud, proud friend.

I have to say this….yes, Chris’ Shift Shop program is killer, but even if you don’t like working out and never try it, his story is beyond proof that you can change the course of your life if you believe in yourself. Check him out on Youtube…listen to him speak…..embrace his motto of “Love. Empower. Inspire.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.49.40 PM

6. You CAN refill your cup at anytime. 
A saying that I hear over and over again is “You can’t pour from an empty cup”, meaning you can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself first. Over the past year and a half after losing my father, I have had to remind myself of this more times than I care to admit.

As I mentioned earlier, our company is one that wants you to grow as a person, and it is one thing I have been skimping on. Prior to my loss, I would spend at least 20 minutes a day reading something regarding business development or leadership, but then my reading turned to books on loss and coping. After awhile I stopped reading pretty much altogether.

As I sat there at Summit I realized how important it was to get back into my daily routine of reading. I realized I missed that extra time I would take for myself each day, and I realized that I, as a leader and person, was suffering because I wasn’t taking care of my own mind and working on those areas where I struggle. Since returning from Nola, I’ve been back on my reading game and feel so much better.

Guys, if you are struggling with something, find a book and read about it. There are books, podcasts, Youtube videos, you name it……find a resource on the topic you need to develop within yourself and start incorporating that into your day. Fill your cup up. You deserve it.

7. Likeminded people make you better. 
Just as personal development is important as growing as a person, so are the people you surround yourself with. Know that saying “Iron sharpens Iron?” I feel like I am constantly being sharpened, and that is because of the incredible women I surround myself with, especially those in this community. Many of those women I only get to see a couple of times a year, so when we get together, my brain is going a million miles a minute. They make me want to do better, push myself harder, and establish even bigger goals for myself. If your friends don’t make you want to do the same, find people that will.

8. My team is such an eclectic group of women, and they are proof that anyone can rock this business.
I feel like I am the kind of person that can fit into many categories if someone is trying to describe me, and I like that. I always knew that I’d want my team to be as eclectic as I am…..being like everyone else is boring, and having people around you who are so similar yet so different makes everyone better.

This year we rented a big house so we could all stay together and it further solidified why I love this coaching opportunity so much. The ladies who accompanied me this year are some of the top leaders on my team, and every one of them is so different than the next. I feel so lucky they chose me as their leader and can’t wait until the day comes when ALL of the amazing coaches on my team and in my downline can join us!

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 11.44.23 PM
9. Bourbon Street, you’re just gross.
Ok, I only went because everyone said I HAD to since it is an iconic part of New Orleans. Guys……it was so gross, and it’s not because I don’t drink. I honestly can still smell the puke smell that the street reeked of. I HATED IT! Part of me thought I would enjoy seeing some of the bars on the street….I’m a huge BAR RESCUE fan and knew about the ones that had been on the show. Nope….not even into that. Seriously wanted to take about twenty showers after we left.

Overall, I really didn’t like this city. I thought it was dirty, smelled awful, not tourist friendly (surprisingly), and disappointing. I’m glad I can check it off of the list of places I’ve been, but I have zero desire to go back. Fortunately, next year we take over Indianapolis, which is such an awesome place!

I love these events, and I won’t ever stop talking about them! Despite the nastiness of the city, I loved being with my team, reuniting with my friends, learning from the best, working out with Shaun T, and getting to experience new things. It’s still crazy to me that this is my job.

Running a business is cool. Traveling the world with friends is cool. Making a difference is cool.

Thanks Beachbody, for helping me find my cool.

Want to find your cool? Fill this out and we’ll chat!


RBF…I rock them.

I’m not just talking about the Resting Bitch Face I have mastered….I’m talking about my Resting Beach Face, too!

And I rocked that during the last week in Punta Cana!

My trip to Punta Cana was one I desperately needed….and my excitement over the past few weeks was off the charts! I couldn’t wait to get to The Hard Rock and meet up with all of my people!!!!

In case you aren’t connected to me on Instagram (@sparklefitnessbabe) or on my main Facebook page (Sparkle Fitness Babe), I earned an all expenses paid trip to Punta Cana for rocking the heck out of my business last year. These trips are something we coaches absolutely love….Beachbody spoils us like crazy and really goes all out to make sure we are treated like royalty. Last year they chartered The Oasis of the Seas for 3000+ of us, and this year they took over The Hard Rock!

My trip to PC started very early Saturday morning…..3am to be exact, after only a few hours of sleep.  We all know I am very much a night owl, so forcing myself to go to bed super early and wake up at the time I normally go to bed….that was a challenge. Everyone kept telling me to sleep on the plane, but contrary to belief, I really hate naps. With contacts, I always wake up with such a headache and red eyes….it’s easier to just avoid that.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 5.44.11 PM
After a quick layover in Newark (one where I had to spend $7 on a damn pen because I lost mine), I was off to Punta Cana, arriving a little after 1pm. I knew traveling to another country, especially by myself, would be interesting, and I was right. The Punta Cana airport was a little different…lots of flash mobs were going on, and it was hot as hell. I was happy to find my friend Nicole and her husband Stephen as I waited for my bags because I was nervous to find my pre-arranged transportation by myself. We found out that my success partner and roomie, Nichole, and her coach Corey were coming into a completely different terminal, meaning I wouldn’t meet up with them until we got to the hotel. One thing that was for certain…I wish some of the Spanish I had learned over 5 years of classes had stuck with me.

We took our shuttle to the hotel and met up with Nichole and Corey right away….however, we were about to have a fun little afternoon figuring out where we were staying. Since we flew in a day earlier than the trip was scheduled to start, we thought we would be able to stay with Nicole and Stephen until our room was ready Sunday morning. Wrong. Since it was an all inclusive, we couldn’t get past the main lobby, which was a little bit of an issue. The hotel also had told us they were at maximum occupancy and we couldn’t book for the night; this led us to booking a room on Orbitz, as rooms were available.

Oh, if only it was that easy. The reservation with Orbitz was incredibly misleading, and the $400 reservation was only good for ME. After some back and forth, we finally got a room, and it ended up being only a mere $1000 (insert eye roll). I was worried our whole trip would be one cluster after another.

Fortunately our evening was great. We hit up one of the many restaurants on the resort…Mexican because tacooossssss……and I even got to take some photos with a monkey!

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 5.59.53 PM.jpg

This little babe is 15 years old!

The next morning we were supposed to have a beach photo shoot, which I was really pumped about. However, one of the girls backed out at the last minute, which was extremely disappointing, as we ended up canceling the shoot. I told myself that I would not let the selfishness of others ruin the rest of my trip and made it my choice from that moment on to spend time with amazing people who I genuinely was happy to be around. After all, photo shoots can always be rescheduled.

Lucky for us, the rest of the trip was incredible. I mean, look at this view! I love the beach, but I really loved this one because I was able to hide out under the tiki huts (I don’t like getting tan even though I love the sun) as my friends were able to bask in the sun.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.07.08 PM
This trip allowed me to hang with some of my faves, like Autumn Calabrese (creator of 21 Day Fix), Danielle Natoni (Live instructors and Max 30 lovers, you recognize her), and Tania Baron, aka The Machine, who I relied on for my first 5 weeks of T25. I also was able to celebrate my local friend from the 330 and Beachbody’s newest super trainer, Chris Downing, as he debuted his Shift Shop workout. The workout was killer….make sure I have you on my Shift Shop VIP list so I can keep you updated on all the details!

Each day there were workouts with the trainers, a Shakeology bar, and the opportunity for fun excursions. My crew and I spent time at the spa (honestly, the best spa experience I’ve ever been to) and decided to skip the excursions since we didn’t want to have to go off the resort and spend time waiting around when we could be relaxing at the beach/pool. We all wanted to relax and spend time with each other, and as much as I wanted to swim with some dolphins, I was totally okay with hanging with my crew.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.18.42 PM

Guys, the community that Beachbody has brought into my life….I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for them. These ladies challenge me, support me, laugh with me, and believe in me, and I can only hope I do the same for them. There are so many misconceptions out there about women…like how all we do is tear each other down and compete with each other. I’m thankful that our community of coaches truly has the mentality that there is enough success for everyone out there. Girl compete. Women empower.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.29.08 PM

My Success Partner Nichole and I before Opening Ceremonies

The Hard Rock was an amazing resort…I recommend it to anyone going to Punta Cana. So many pools….so many restaurants…and the people there were all so friendly. I took complete advantage of all of the food options and also enjoyed a doughnut a day (so many delicious doughnuts there for me to try). I did gain 5 pounds over the course of the trip, but I’m okay with that. Vacations are about fun splurges, right?

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.42.31 PM

I love you, doughnut!

Next year Beachbody is sending us to Riviera Maya….I’m already looking forward to it! I’d love for you to be with me on the trip! If you want to learn more about coaching, shoot me a message at I love what I do, and I want to share opportunities like this with everyone.

Here’s a look at the rest of my trip!

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People make the difference.

I know you’ve heard that before, and it’s completely true…especially when it comes to fitness.


If you have been struggling with reaching your health goals, I recommend finding a fitness tribe to help you out. It doesn’t matter if you are rocking a Beachbody program or a Richard Simmons DVD or just enjoy jogging around the block. It’s easier to stick to goals when you have a tribe to back you up!

When I think back to my own fitness journey….the one I started nearly four years ago and the one I am still on today… fitness tribe is the #1 reason why I have been successful.

       Here are five reasons why I love my fitness tribe and why you need to find one:

1. Accountability.

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, there are going to be days you just aren’t going to want to workout….there are days where you want to eat a dozen donuts in one sitting and wash it down with a gallon of Sweet Tea from Chick Fil A. When you are paired up with others with similar goals and doing things like sending sweaty selfies via snapchat or sharing your weekly meal plans, you have more motivation to stick to those healthy activities. There are days where I will log into my challenge group and see that all 30 of my challengers have posted their workout for the day but I still haven’t….do I want to be the only one who didn’t log their workout for the day? Hell No! The accountability pushes me to get past my excuses. 

2. Breaks you out of your comfort zone.

I had so many reservations about joining a fitness support group online in the beginning…..when you are getting started it can be a little scary! I was so embarrassed I had gotten to such a low point with my health and didn’t want to be the loser in the group, plus I didn’t know ANYONE in the group…..not one person! I used that as an excuse for a little bit, and then I realized that good comes at the end of comfort zones… I jumped in. Fitness tribes make you get past the uncomfortable excuses so you get results. Sometimes we need that….I needed that….and I still do.

3. Resources.

None of us have all of the answers with what will help, and in the beginning it can be challenging when words like “meal plans” and “measurements” and “portions” are being thrown around. I love being connected with people who share their recipes, meal plans, and tips because it helps me come up with new ideas that I can apply to my own routine. So many of the recipes I love and use on a weekly basis have come to me through my fellow fitness tribe members….they are way better than Pinterest!

4. A Celebration Committee.

I love love love love LOVE when someone hits a goal and EVERYONE celebrates your success with you. I hate when I look around and see others cut down people who are achieving goals (trust me, it happens all the time) or when I see people giving up on their goals because they feel like a failure. In a fitness community, small victories are celebrated, as well as those monumental victories, too. Small victories add up to those big ones…..and it is nice to have people who are genuinely happy for your success! Plus, celebration and positive energy is contagious!

5. Hope.

There have been so many days when I wanted to give up. Last year as I struggled with the loss of my dad, I felt like there was no hope for me and that I was going to revert back to old ways. My fitness tribe didn’t give up on me then….they encouraged me and supported me and gave me the hope I needed to know I would be okay. Little things like that make such a difference. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us we CAN do something.

Your fitness tribe can be made up of whomever you want….family members, coworkers, neighbors……the important thing is you want people who have similar goals and will hold you accountable….and who aren’t afraid to dish out tough love if you need it.

If you don’t know who to turn to to help you on your journey, let me know. There’s always room in my tribe for you 🙂


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Things your Beachbody Coach Wants You to Know

When I began my journey with online fitness and wellness coaching a little over three years ago , I had no clue what I was doing. I did know I was starting something incredible…but I had so many questions that I kept to myself. With so many people reaching out inquiring about programs and solutions….especially with New Year’s and resolutions looming….I wanted to take a minute to share a few things that I, as your coach (or future coach) want you to know.

1. I want to help you….and will continue to help you….long past your initial purchase. My role as your coach is to help you for as long as you need it….whether that be for a month, a program, a year, or forever. My customers always have access to one on one support and all of my challenge groups, as my goal is to help you reach whatever goals you have set for yourself. I don’t mindread though(unfortunately)….so please don’t hesitate to tell me if you need more help!

2. I want to see those sweaty selfies and pictures of your food! I read somewhere recently that one of the top reasons why people are defriended on Facebook is because they post pictures of their food. Are you serious???!!!! I am proud of my clients when they share healthy changes they are making, and it makes me sad that some people are afraid they will be the butt of other people’s jokes when they share something healthy they are doing. Let me be real: I post my sweaty selfies because I need the accountability, and I know there are people who will shoot me a message if I don’t share something about a workout to make sure things are ok. When it comes to sharing what I am eating….I hope it encourages someone to try a new recipe or get past the idea that eating healthy is difficult or bland. When you share what you are eating for dinner, my wheels are turning and I am looking at a new addition for my next meal plan.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 8.17.47 PM.png

3. I get you free stuff! When you purchase a bundle from a coach, you get a special thank you gift….a FREE workout! Having the ability to be in my challenge groups allows you to win lots of fun prizes, and once you finish a program I help you get your free completion t-shirt! Free stuff is lovely. Don’t pretend like it isn’t. Purchasing from a coach is different from getting programs from a random site….here’s a little more about that……

4. I struggle with workouts and eating healthy, too. I think a lot of people are intimidated by working with a coach because they think they have to be perfect and never mess up a meal plan or skip a workout. WRONG! Guys, I mess up all the time! I practice a life of balance, so I eat clean 80% of the time, but sometimes I overindulge more than I want. Some mornings I don’t want to workout and press the snooze button. Some days my workouts straight up suck and I don’t give it my all. The joy of working with a coach is having accountability and someone who has solutions when these things come up. Fitness is a journey with ups and downs…we all have them….but it sure is nice to have someone in your corner when you are having a down day to help power you through it.

5. I will take you back regardless of how many times you break up with me. Life happens. You may not finish a program. You may disappear in a challenge group. You might ignore my emails checking in on your progress for a month straight. It’s ok….when you are ready to get back on track, I will take you back, no worries.I just want to help you reach whatever goal you have!

6. Yes, I really do love Shakeology. Giving this product a chance was the best thing I ever did for my health. I realized very early on that it played a HUGE part in the weight loss success I had and it is the saving grace every night when my chocolate cravings fire up.  If you are starting a program and not seeing the results you want, your nutrition needs to be looked at, and, as your coach, I am most definitely going to recommend this bad boy. Don’t compare this item to another shake…there isn’t one out there that can compare. Comparing this shake to those is like comparing the rides at DisneyWorld to the horsey ride in the food court at the mall. I don’t just talk the talk with the products Beachbody offers; I genuinely love them and value what they do for my health and longevity.

7. No, I don’t love every program Beachbody has, and I will be honest with you when it comes to them. I’m not some robot….and I am very opinionated. I’ve tried pretty much every single program we have to offer because I think it is important to know first hand what is great or not so great about a program, and I want to be able to answer any question a client has. I’ve fallen in love with many and hated some as well. My goal is to help connect you to the right program, so I will always share with you what recommendations I think would be best based on what your goals are and what you like.

8. I love what I do, and I truly want everyone to find something they love like this. I’d love everyone to be a coach, but I know it isn’t for everyone. I’m sad when people write off what I do, but I have learned that if someone feels that way they don’t really know me and what makes me tick. I live for helping others and sharing my sparkle with everyone I meet. I want to make the lives of everyone I know better in whatever way I can. It look me 32 years to find this opportunity. If you haven’t found something that lights a fire in your soul yet, maybe you are overlooking it. I’d love for you to see what I see in coaching.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 8.17.37 PM.png

Enjoying the view from our balcony on last year’s All Expenses Paid Cruise to the Bahamas and Jamaica.

My team and I are hosting an online open house that is sharing a behind the scenes look at coaching this Sunday, the 27th. We will be answering lots more questions and sharing more of our hearts with you about why we love this business. Join us! You have nothing to lose and can see if it is something you want to learn more about! Fill out this quick form so I know to add you, and connect with me on Facebook by searching for The Sparkle Fitness Babe!

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