It’s a Hard Knock Life.

Isn’t it at times though????

A lot of people I know (myself included) are going through a rough patch right now, and while we cannot avoid them in life, there are things that you can do to get through them easier. For me, exercise has always been my #1 go to because of the energy it gives me as well as the happiness and sense of accomplishment. Beyond that, writing has been something that has helped me tremendously, not just with my blog, but with my book and personal journal, too.

Recently I found a writing prompt to help when you are feeling down, and I wanted to share with you all in case you are quietly going through a harder season of life and could use an activity to lift your spirits.

56 Lists to Make When You Are Feeling Down

1. Your life goals.
2. Countries you would like to visit.
3. Stories you would like to write about.
4. Adventures you would like to live.
5. Dreams for the future.
6. Where you would like to live.
7. What you will be doing over the next few years.
8. Things you would like to get.
9. Skills you would like to learn.
10. Wish List.
11. Favorite songs.
12. Favorite jokes.
13. Favorite movies.
14. Favorite tv shows.
15. Favorite books.
16. Favorite places.
17. Favorite food.
18. Favorite restaurants.
19. Favorite places in your town.
20. Favorite quotes.
21. Favorite podcasts.
22. People you love.
23. People who love and adore you.
24. How you met your favorite people.
25. People you would like to meet.
26. What you would like to do with your friends.
27. What you would like to do with your family.
28. People you would like to reconnect with.
29. Things you would like to do with both your friends and family.
30. People who inspire you.
31. Every friends you ever made who made a positive impact on your life.
32. People you don’t know who positively influenced you.
33. Gift ideas for your favorite people.
34. Everything you love about your partner.
35. People who would love to get a piece of mail from you.
36. Date night ideas.
37. Favorite memories.
38. Your best qualities.
39. Bet days you’ve ever lived.
40. Compliments that make you feel amazing.
41. What you like most about yourself.
42. Your most precious possessions.
43. Bucket list of things you would like to do.
44. Things that make you happy.
45. Positive adjectives that describe you.
46. Your values.
47. Favorite ways to relax.
48. Fun things to do at home.
49. Things you are grateful for.
50. Things you are proud of.
51. The scariest things you’ve done.
52. Dreams that have come a reality.
53. Biggest accomplishments thus far in your life.
54. Ways to celebrate your wins.
55. All the things you are good at.
56. Things you are grateful for at this very moment.

Hope those help you <3.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 7.24.14 PM.png

Something that makes me happy: My puppy Macho Man Randy Savage. 



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