Go Katie, It’s Your Birthday!

Guys, I’m the big 3-7!!!!

I know most people wouldn’t be happy about getting older, but to be honest, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I actually think I am getting better with age! I shared this on my Instagram yesterday because I wanted to break the stigma that aging is bad! It’s crazy what eating right, exercise, sleep, water, and donuts can do for you, isn’t it?

Those who know me know that I typically celebrate my birthday all month long….I’m just one of those over the top people. This year I didn’t get quite as crazy by my standards…..but I did have a good time!

There were a few events I planned around my birthday that were musts for me. One of them: visit the largest rubber duck in the world! A few years back the duck made an appearance in Pittsburgh, and I unfortunately was unable to visit during that weekend. When I found out about the duck coming to Sandusky, I put it in my planner right away. That was a picture I had to have! Dreams came true the week before my birthday when I traveled to Sandusky and the Festival of the Sail and got to see the duck!

That same weekend I also traveled back to my mom’s for my birthday dinner. This has been a tradition for as long as I can remember where she makes us our requested birthday meal and cake. I have requested the same meal for probably a decade: steak, fresh green beans, these special potatoes my mom makes, and rainbow jello. The cake usually changes a bit, and this year I requested a multi tiered pink cake with different shades of pink (a little different from last year’s unicorn cake request). It was fantastic. Of course, these dinners are always hard for me because it’s obvious an important person in my life is no longer able to attend them, but I always believe he is there with me in spirit.

My actual birthday involved more cake…and donuts, of course, but it is ok…..I started with a killer workout! If you follow me on social media you know that I have been training with our super trainer Chris Downing at his gym every morning prepping for the release of his newest workout program. Being a part of this is such a killer opportunity…..I mean, this program hasn’t even been filmed yet! It’s so great being a part of something like this that I wasn’t even mad about getting up at 5:30am on my birthday to get in my birthday workout. My workout buddy even brought me a cute balloon, and we did lots of burpees. That’s my kind of workout! Those of you wanting this workout, it is set to release in November. I’ll have a VIP group going if you want in!


My friend Alicia aka cake extraordinaire made me a gorgeous donut shaped birthday cake that was absolutely delicious, and my pals at Brewnuts made me a custom order of mini glitter donuts. Could there be a donut more Kate-tastic? Seriously.  Calories don’t count on your birthday.

And because I am basically a child, I opted to spend my birthday at the zoo and eat grilled cheese sandwiches from my fave local grilled cheese spot, Melt Bar and Grilled. It was exactly what I wanted to do. I even managed to sneak in a little Cortado at a local coffee shop before returning home for a chill evening in my pajamas.

My birthday week wrapped up with one of my favorite races of all time: The Warrior Dash. I have done this race several times, and every time I love it even more than the last. For being such a girlie girl, I sure do love getting muddy and doing badass things. This year the obstacles were great (I’m thankful that the obstacle The Goliath was not on the circuit this year), and we had a big team supporting each other, which was a lot of fun. I already can’t wait until next year.

37 is going to be a great year for me for many reasons.

I know to some this is the age I should be calming down a bit, but I’m just getting started making big things happen in my life. Just wait and see.

Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday! You are the best!


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