Church’s Chicken….You’re Fired.

Oh, food, how I love you…..let me count thy ways.

Anyone else there with me? Food is sooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think many people who follow me on social media are always surprised when they learn how much I like foods that aren’t exactly healthy… know, donuts, tacos, pizza, basically anything with sugar. As an online health and wellness coach, most people think we live on kale and celery stalks, and trust me, that’s not the case. We just appreciate balance in our daily lifestyles, and sometimes that means eating something that isn’t a healthy choice.

Last week this unhealthy choice came into my life in the form of fried chicken.

Fried chicken isn’t something I crave often; however, back in January when I started my 80 Day journey following a timed nutrition program, it was the one food I started to miss the most. I have no clue why. I wrapped that program up and for some reason never got the chicken that I had thought about so often during those three months.

On Tuesday Kyle had decided he was going to stop by a local Church’s Chicken and pick up their 2 piece special…..something he did often because he enjoyed their chicken. I told him to pick me one up as well. In typical Tuesday fashion, I went into the studio and taught my kickboxers a few classes, then returned home, excited to partake in the chicken.

The 2 for $2 Tuesday special includes a leg and a breast, and Kyle always sticks it in our toaster oven for a few to give it some extra crispiness. I crushed the leg first (i have always been a drumstick person), then bit into the chicken breast. Immediately I felt like something didn’t taste right, but I took another bite to make sure. It tasted like the chicken wasn’t cooked thoroughly. To be certain, I peeled back the layer of fried skin to look at the meat, and that’s when I saw it: what I thought was a chicken brain.


The Church’s that served me this is located at 1391 Wooster, Akron, Ohio.

I started to freak out, and Kyle, still enjoying his chicken, thought I was being dramatic. Finally I shoved the box in his face so he could see up close what I was talking about. He was as appalled as I was and immediately whipped out his cell phone to start to figure out what the heck was in my chicken. After some googling (which included him measuring the special addition to my chicken), and me contacting a few of my veterinarian friends, it was confirmed that it wasn’t a brain (though it sure looked like one), but was instead a chicken lung that had not properly been removed.
I was sick all night from the chicken, not because of my disgust of the lung being in it (though don’t let that fool you, I am still thoroughly disgusted now….which is why I had to share with you all), but because the chicken wasn’t properly cooked. Lucky for me I ended up being extremely sick for a full day after and struggled to get through my daily activities.

The following morning I contacted Church’s corporate office to report the incident. Hooking your customers up with salmonella or food poisoning is never okay, and the lung being in the chicken breast was completely unacceptable. I spoke to a gentleman who barely even apologized for the bad experience, only giving me a reference number and assuring me someone would contact me regarding this incident. UPDATE: It is over a week later and still NO ONE has contacted me. I also went through the website, submitting photos of the chicken, and have not had anyone from the Church’s where the chicken was purchased contact me. Unacceptable. It’s bad enough to serve less than desirable food; it’s even worse to not deliver quality customer service after the fact.


Another up close look at the nastiness of Church’s.

I am urging all of you to stay far away from Church’s Chicken. I know fried chicken is so great and many of us love it, but this is not the chain to get it from. In fact, thanks to the disgusting experience I think it is safe to say I will never be eating fried chicken again. Thanks, Church’s.

For those local to me, the Church’s Chicken you SHOULD NOT GO TO is the one located on 1391 Wooster, Akron, Ohio.

Please let your friends know, especially those who frequent this establishment. If you are going to go to Church’s, I highly recommend you dissecting your chicken before eating it to avoid eating a surprise part of a chicken’s body.

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