Get Kate-tastic.

Lately my social media has been BLLLOOOWWWIINNNGGGG UP with people asking me about all the things that make my life Kate-tastic….the products I love, the stores I frequent, the people I support….and I love that! I truly love sharing my opinions on the things/places/people that are a part of my daily life, and I’m letting you know right now that I’m going to start sharing wayyyyy more about them from now on!

I know it is easy to look at a lot of my blog or Instagram posts and think that all I’m about is health and fitness, but there is so much more to me than weights, protein shakes, and fun headbands. Most new readers know I retired at the age of 34 from a career in education to fully operate my own fitness empire, so obviously fitness is a huge part of my life. However, most don’t know that my blog actually started years ago as a way to share the things I love with the people who I loved the most (at that time, only my family read my blog). While my family still reads my blog (Hi, Mom), my following has grown to over a thousand visits a day, and I want to make sure I am sharing things that all of you can find valuable, which includes going back to some of the material y’all loved in the beginning when my blog was a little baby blog.

One of my greatest loves is entrepreneurship, and I truly admire anyone who has  goal and goes all in to make it happen. I am very lucky to have many entrepreneurs in my life who I not only call my friends, but that I support because of the amazing products and services they offer. Supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses is my jam, and I encourage you to support your local pals, too!

Be on the lookout for posts coming your way on the things I love….they’ll be categorized as “Make Your Life Kate-tastic!”

Because, after all, you’re bringing a little of my life into your life, so that makes you Kate-tastic by association, right?


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