Rock the Reset: Day 12 and 13

I’m pretty pleased with myself today….I successfully said NO to pierogis!!!!

Seriously, friends….I really like pierogis, and I haven’t one in forever! It took everything in my body to say No, but I did it!!! Victory!!!!

With just a week left, I have promised myself that I won’t mess up once, and I’ve stuck to that promise so far. I mean…it’s the homestretch!!!!!

Like I said earlier in the week, I’ve been doing the same meals each day to help stay on track (I love repetition). Lots of fruit in the morning, a big salad for lunch, and veggies and a sweet potato for dinner. I like that the foods I’m eating are things I usually eat, so that makes it easier.

Yesterday I didn’t feel too well….a little sinus headache (shoutout to Ohio for weird weather shifts), so I didn’t eat lunch and just had my shake earlier. Lots of sleep and watching Prison Break seemed to help…I’m feeling better today.  I was also able to get everything all planned out for my upcoming Fit-ish Challenge group!

I’m getting ready to work on my meal for the final week….I’m not sure what all I cut out this week, but we shall see!

Hope you have a great Saturday!

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