Rock the Reset: Day 10 and 11

Over the halfway mark!

Everyone said this week was an emotional week while doing the Reset, but I haven’t had that issue yet….I definitely thought last week was harder. 

One thing I’ll never do….complain about the 3 Day Refresh again. I honestly feel like when I complete the rest of this Reset I’ll be able to conquer anything. 

Physically I’m not seeing a huge change yet, but internally I feel really good. I haven’t had any issues with cramping, bloat, or digestion. My coffee withdrawals are gone, but I am definitely looking forward to a big cup when this is over. 

One change I have noticed: how I view food. I’m looking at it much differently and no longer as a reward. So many days I’d have a killer workout and be like “I deserve this treat because I did so great today” etc. I’m not feeling like that anymore…. definitely hoping that will stick. 

Still loving my fruit breakfast….especially because I’ve been sharing Jackfruit with some of my pals. Everyone who has tried it has loved it! I could live off of sweet potatoes, so I’ve been loving them big time with dinner. 

You know what else I love? How well I’m sleeping at night. I know these changes in my diet have something to do with that. 

Another day down…. thanks for helping me get through this, friends! 

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