Rock the Reset: Day 4


I knew it was going to happen.

I had a little error with my meal plan today….and when I say error I mean….I cheated. 

Before I started the Reset, I told myself that I was going to be strong and stick to the plan….and I also told myself that if I messed up I would forgive myself and just be stronger the next day. 

So tonight, as I watch Scandal, I forgive myself…..because today I had a smidge of pizza.

When I say a smidge it was truly a smidge…about 1/4 of a regular piece. 

My day got kind of crazy, and I ended up missing my window for lunch and dinner….when I got to my house I was ravenous! I ended up grabbing the little piece of pizza in my fridge and shoving it down…and immediately regretted it. 

I could’ve kept going to town on the pizza, but I didn’t….I got myself together, was angry at myself for a quick second, then remembered that it was just one tiny mess up. You have to do that when you screw up. 

The rest of my meals went as plan, similar to the previous days. I enjoyed the Southwest Veggie Taco for dinner and had a beautiful fruit plate for breakfast….stuck to my supplements and Water as planned. 

Workout wise, today’s workout was Flow and a little more intense. I’m realizing my balance really stinks and am hoping that is the one thing that improves with this program. We shall see! 

I hit the grocery store today and loaded up on fruit for the next few days. My beloved eggs and toast are gone…so is the salmon and corn tortillas. Now it’s all about the fruits and veggies. I’m ready. 

I think. 

If today didn’t go as plan, remind yourself tomorrow will be better. We’ve got this! 

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