Bucket Time, Baby!

Every December, as the current year comes to a close, I sit down and create a vision board for the upcoming year. The board is full of personal and business oriented goals that I am working to achieve, and I make a cute little graphic to go along with it so I can hang it in my office for viewing every day.

To me, goals are extremely important. It’s not just a business or financial thing; it’s about personal growth for me….about pushing past limits and challenging myself. Do I hit every item on my vision board? Sometimes…some years I fall wayyyyyy short.

Shortly after creating a vision board for 2017 I had a conversation with a friend about bucket lists. She asked if I had ever created one, and I told her that I hadn’t. To me, a vision board was different than a bucket list. The items that I have goaled for myself are things that in my mind I MUST achieve this year to get to where I want to be professionally. A bucket list is something that includes things I would love to do, but that aren’t at the forefront of my mind like my vision board items are.

After that discussion I decided I wanted to make a small bucket list for 2017 and fill it with some of the fun things I always say that I want to do but end up not doing. I like little things like this…you may remember a few years ago I tasked myself with completing 31 things in 13 different categories.

Here are my bucket list items for 2017:

1. Visit Falling Water

I have a mild infatuation with architecture and have been obsessed with this Frank Llyod Wright masterpiece for as long as I can remember. It’s a quick day trip for me, so why I haven’t gone there yet…I don’t know. This year though….I am going.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 12.30.46 PM.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Redbubble.com

2. Build my own Terrarium.

I have zero green thumb skills and zero interest in anything related to plants. However, I love succulents and how cute they look when assembled into a fun little glass container. Sure, I could buy an awesome one (like this one from Doodle Birdie), but wouldn’t it be fun to make my own so it is EXACTLY the way I want it? My office will be happy when I create this.


Doodle Bird Terrariums on Etsy.

3. Cook Thanksgiving dinner.

I love to cook and bake, but the thought of cooking a turkey has been one of those things that I didn’t think I would ever want to do…I’ll blame the turkey incident in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation for that one. Deep down I WANT to try to make one, so this year, it is happening. Mom, I’m probably going to want your supervision on this one.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 12.42.14 PM.jpg

Shoutout to The Huffington Post for this sweet turkey pic…hope mine looks this good!


4. Complete the Ultimate Reset.

I’ve wanted to complete this nutrition program since I started coaching over three years ago, but my fear of eating a plant based diet for three weeks has scared me off. Lately I have been doing a lot of research into nutrition , and I really want to complete this to reset my body. Double Whammy: I will be doing this with the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, which will be another hurdle for me….I love intense workouts and haven’t done well with low key workouts like yoga in the past. I can do hard things…..I keep repeating that to myself.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 8.57.52 PM.png

Image courtesy of Beachbody

5. Make Sfogliatelle!

My favorite Italian treat of all time. When I want one of these I go the lame route and visit a local Italian store to get an authentic one. Why? They are so difficult to make! I look at Sfogliatelle as a lobster tail’s little sister….they aren’t as big but taste similar. A few years ago I bought the stuff to make them and never followed through with the baking process. This year I am not only making these fabulous treats, but I will master them!

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 8.46.58 PM.png
6. Family Photo Shoot

We attempted to get pictures around Christmas with both dogs, but we ran into some photographer issues and schedules, so they didn’t end up happening. This year I want to make sure we get some awesome family photos with the two dogs….we haven’t had a family shot since our engagement photos, and only Bubba was in those!


7. Go Glassblowing.

No one ever wants to go with me when I bring up glassblowing! The Glass Bubble Project is a local shop where I can learn how to do this and make some fun creations, and damnit, I’m doing it this year even if I fly solo!

8. See the Rockettes at Christmas. 

New York City is my place….as in the one place I’ll never get sick of visiting, the one place I would love to live in, the one city that I think reflects the way I am as a person. I love the city at Christmas, yet I’ve somehow never seen The Rockettes. I was thisclose to going last minute this Christmas with my mom, aunt, and cousin, but we decided not to since we didn’t plan things out with enough time. I know I can talk them into it this year with some planning!

9. Run a race I’ve never done before.

I’ve run a lot of races during my life, but I tend to run the same ones every year. This year I want to run a 5k (or half or full)  that I have never done before. That shouldn’t be difficult to do…there are so many great races out there!


The Hall of Fame Half, April 2016

10. Beignets at Cafe DuMonde.

I can’t wait to finally try a legit beignet! This summer we will be heading to New Orleans for our Coach Summit and visiting the iconic Cafe DuMonde. I don’t care how many burpees I have to do…I need to try one of these….maybe two to be sure 😉


Photo courtesy of Onevanillabean.com.

I’m excited to cross these items off of my 2017 bucket list….and I encourage you to join me if you are local!

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