Flower Power!

When it comes to flowers, I have a major love/hate relationship with them. I love love love how beautiful they are and how they have the capability to brighten my mood…..but I hate the fact that I ALWAYS seem to kill them prematurely. That whole green thumb thing….yeah, I did not get it…….surprising since my grandmother used to run her own flower shop.

Flowers are the one part of decor that I absolutely have to have and am constantly buying them during the spring/summer. I can’t help it….I love what they can do to a room! When I finally got my home office set up there was one thing I knew for sure: I wanted pink flowers on an all white desk to make my happy as I worked each day. My original plan was to use my wedding bouquet, however….stupid me had placed them on their side not realizing what I was doing, causing one side to rot and look weird. Bye, bye flowers.

Chillier temperatures outside meant that the end of a beautiful flower adorned desk were coming…..at least for a few months. This also meant an empty gap on my desk, and my OCD self just could not have that.

Spending as much time on Facebook as I do definitely has its benefits. As my flowerless desk conundrum surfaced, I randomly saw a post by my friend Stephanie that instantly provided me a solution. She shared her brand new business venture, The Pretty Paper Petal, and a photo of two roses she made, which you can see below.


Photo courtesy of The Pretty Paper Petal

Immediately I messaged her about making a pink floral arrangement for my desk. I had no clue what the flowers were made of, but I knew that I had to have some. After some discussion I decided that three pale pink peonies would be absolutely perfect for the vision I had.


My beautiful peony delivery!

I was so pleased with the final product that I had to ask her some questions I was dying to know about this paper flower talent she had been gifted. Since some of you may have the same questions, I thought I would share our quick interview here!

How did you learn how to make such gorgeous flowers out of paper?

Stephanie: I consider myself a figure it out person. I started this project after being inspired by so many wonderful papercrafters on Instagram. Thinking to myself “Could I really create something as beautiful as them?” So I started watching youtube videos, printing out tutorials and ordering paper and just really dove head in! I would make the same bloom over and over again with different types of paper just trial and error with my technique. Once I felt like I had that particular bloom down I would move on to another type of flower and start again with the learning process.



The artist, Stephanie Morehead, in her shop.


How long does it take to make one flower?

Stephanie: Some flowers can be extremely labor intensive, I’ve made flowers that can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours! Each bloom can vary so much, from the amount of petals to cut and different sizes….to shaping the petals or painting the paper, then attaching, finishing the stem and even creating leaves. Thats why each bloom can look so unique and customized, the whole process is just so hands on and wonderfully personal.

What is your favorite flower to make?

Stephanie: There are so many flowers on my “OMG I have to try that list” but my favorite and most rewarding flower has been a ranunculus. They are so small, delicate and have layers upon layers of tiny petals. It takes over 100 hand cut, formed and placed petals per bloom. To me they are incredibly rewarding and realistic. Once I really figured out how to construct them I couldn’t stop smiling and taking pictures of the finished bloom.

What is your favorite thing about making these handcrafted flowers?

Stephanie: I love crafting, the sense of satisfaction that you created something beautiful, unique and special with your hands. It is also incredibly relaxing making each flower, the process of creating each petal is very enjoyable and almost serene!


The artist at work!

What is the best way for someone to order?

Stephanie: The best way to order, say hi or ask questions is through my etsy page, Custom handmade crepe paper flowers by The Pretty Paper Petal. I am constantly adding new single blooms and arrangements to my store front.

Do you do custom orders?

Stephanie: Absolutely! I consider every order to be a custom order. Variations is color, length, size, leaves, each bloom can be hand crafted to you specifications. For bouquets and arrangements the possibilities can be endless!


Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 9.26.02 PM.jpg

The beginning of a beautiful masterpiece.


How long does it take for a customer to get an order?

Stephanie: Each project can vary slightly in productions time, factors being size of the order or if custom paper colors need to be order. Generally custom orders can be delivered or shipped within 2-3 weeks, and ready to ship blooms within 1-2 days.

For customers who love flowers, why should they choose these?

Stephanie: To me they are so much more than fake flowers. Each is so unique and special looking, just like a real live flower but without the shelf life. I am excited for the day when I get married holding a hand made paper bouquet of beautiful, colorful lush blooms, and then on my ten year anniversary being able to see that same bouquet still in its full beauty.
But that’s what its all about, creating a forever moment with flowers. A perfectly styled desk arrangement, a valentines bouquet that will not end up in the trash, or a a recreation of your wedding bouquet to relive to magic of one day.

When it came to my beautiful peonies, I made them even more realistic by purchasing a product I found at Michael’s called QuickWater, a product that creates the illusion of water while hardening and holding your flowers at the same time (Be shoppertunistic….if you download the Michael’s app or visit their website, you can access a 40% off coupon so it is a little cheaper). You want to be very careful when mixing the QuickWater so it doesn’t bubble or look unnatural….and you definitely want to find a cute vase to display your arrangement! The vase I found was $1.99 at Michael’s and absolutely perfect! Here is a look at the final product in its new habitat!

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 1.53.57 PM.png

The finished product in its new environment!

I absolutely am obsessed with my flowers from The Pretty Paper Petal and look forward to having Stephanie craft a few more arrangements for me! And now I never have to feel bad about lacking the green thumb gene…..because my flowers will look all day errryyyyddddayyyy!

In addition to her etsy shop, you can find Stephanie online @theprettypaperpetal on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 1.53.50 PM.png

Thanks Stephanie for this beautiful addition to my office!

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