Sleep? There’s a Nap for that.

Does anyone else ever think back to your younger days and wish you could go back in time and smack yourself?

{{{Raises hand}}}

Yeah, me too…..especially when it comes to taking naps.

For some reason that I will never understand, I always tried to get out of taking naps….not just as a young child, but as a junior higher, high schooler, and college punk. I had plenty of opportunities and just chose not to. Enter the working world, and I always thought back to those days and wished there was some way I could get back all of those naps I skipped out on.

Am I right, or am I right?

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 9.58.38 PM

My guess is a lot of you feel the same way. I’d also guess  a lot of you sometimes feel guilty about sneaking in naps….especially with a busy family life. Others associate it with being lazy. My hope is that this little blog will help you see that naps are actually GOOD FOR YOU!

So what are some benefits of napping?

1. Naps help fight food cravings. Many studies who that individuals who are tired have increased hunger and food cravings, especially in the afternoon. If you can sneak in a 10-15 minute nap, you can eliminate restore your willpower as well as lower the stress hormones your body associates with cravings. Find a way to get that quick cat nap in and avoid the vending machines and donuts.

2. Naps improve cognitive function.That’s right….they help you with retaining information and learning new things, as a certain amount of our learning capabilities are linked to sleep. An hour nap, which would contain rapid eye movement sleep (REM) and slow wave sleep, will boost mental performance for up to 24 hours and make you more alert.

3. Naps helps lower stress and anxiety levels. Having a night of poor sleep can increase these levels….so napping can reduce them! View them as a mini vacation that provides you with relaxation as well as rejuvenation! Lower stress and anxiety levels mean that your mood is better! We all like people in a good mood… least I’m pretty sure we all do!

4. Naps can help improve performance and prevent burnout. Power naps can help you get the boost of energy you need to get in a great workout, especially if you have been dragging all day long. They also will heighten your senses!

5. Naps are beneficial for heart health. Those who nap at last three times a week for 30 minutes have been associated with lower coronary mortality than those who didn’t.

For all of you who are happy to hear napping is actually good for you, here is a challenge to attempt. YOU CAN DO IT! Go get your carpet square and a carton of milk and prepare for some old school naps!

Happy napping, y’all!

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One thought on “Sleep? There’s a Nap for that.

  1. Cheryl Melkey says:

    Amen to that Love!!!

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