Tell Your Man to Get You…..I Mean, MAKE YOU a dozen.

If there is one thing that always make me feel like home, it is my mother’s apple pie. She is an incredible baker, and her apple pie is out of this world.

Since she makes fabulous pie it is no surprise that I love it. Apple is one of my favorites (please note: one of. I can’t 100% commit because I have a few favorites, and that’s okay), so naturally, I use a lot of apple recipes when cooking for Kyle.

Last week I stumbled across a beautiful rose made out of apples while I was mindlessly trolling the internet and immediately decided I wanted to make them. I already had planned on making a pork dish of some sort this week, so I planned on adding the cute apple roses to that meal. After all, apples and pork are a beautiful couple together.

Look at this beauty!

Look at this beauty!

If you love apple pies, especially tiny bite sized ones, or if you just love making cute food items that people will swoon over, I suggest you make these. The prep time is minimal, and you can change things up if you aren’t a fan of the apricot preserves. They are so easy that you could easily make these with kids, and guys, you can 100% make these for your ladies, too!

Here is a quick video I made showing you how easy they are!

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