Let’s Pee Our Pants…..

……..with excitement!

Ahhhhhhhhh my favorite month!!!!!

If you are a loyal Katetastic reader, you know my birthday falls in the month of July, and I kind of have a little habit of celebrating for a month straight. I can’t help it….birthdays are so fun!

I’ve got to be honest though. My birthday is 10 days away, and I haven’t really even thought about the kind of cake I want this year or anything. I’ve been so freaking busy! In fact, I haven’t even really nailed down how I will be celebrating on my actual birthday or when I will have my traditional birthday dinner with my family. For me, this is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

This month officially begins an incredible summer/fall jam packed full of amazing amazing events that have me just bursting at the seams with excitement. It also means I am slammed when it comes to my busy-meter, hence why I haven’t as much time to write lately as I would like. Trust me, I have a big announcement coming soon that means lots more blog posts!

Here’a look at some of the exciting things that have been keeping me busy and that are on the horizon!

Engagement Photos

Kyle and I FINALLY got our engagement pics done. I say finally because we have had to reschedule them numerous times because of weather, Kyle being sick, then me being sick, and just plain ridiculousness. Our wedding photographer, Stacy Candow, is just straight up amazing and takes beautiful photos (Seriously, if you are in the Cleveland area and have something going on that requires more than just a selfie, I need to hook you up with Stacy). We aren’t sharing many of them publicly because we do love a little privacy, but here are two of my favorites:

Beachbody’s Coach Summit

I literally have been waiting for this all year long. Last year I won a free ticket to Summit for achieving an awesome goal in my business the first three months as a coach, however, I was unable to go because of a conflict in my schedule. I made sure that Kyle and I could go this year, and I was super stoked when I found out it would take place in Nashville as opposed to Las Vegas, where it had been housed the past couple of years.

Why is this event important? For starters, 25,000 of the nearly 320,000 coaches across the country and in Canada will be there. There will be trainings and presentations by some incredible keynote speakers, super swanky invite only parties (hint: I’ll be rocking my favorite dress designer yet again), workouts with celebrity trainers, and just lots of celebrating our teams and our success throughout the year. In short, lots of glitz, glam, and gams. Kyle and I will get to work out with Shaun T as well as Sagi Kalev, the beast himself. Due to my hard work throughout the year, I will get to have a little hangout session with Shaun T, and you guys all know how I feel about this dude. Most importantly, I will get to spend some quality time with some of my dearest Beachbody pals in a city that is such a blast AND this happens right before my Bday, so it’s an early celebration, too!

Our CEO, Carl, took this shot earlier today. A week from now I will be walking across that stage at LP Field in front of 25,000 coaches. Let's hope I don't trip.

Our CEO, Carl, took this shot earlier today. A week from now I will be walking across that stage at LP Field in front of 25,000 coaches. Let’s hope I don’t trip.

And Some More Shaun T

One of the biggest things coming up in the next few weeks for me is an amazing opportunity I have been given to travel to New York City to film for the T25 infomercial. That’s right….I get to hang a little more with the person who motivates me and in my mind, helped me change my entire life. The day we get home from Nashville I will unpack my bags from Summit and hurry up to pack for my flight the next day. I am nervous, excited, scared, empowered, and READY for this.

As a coach, I am so thankful I get to help my friends and family get to a healthy and happier place. Since the majority of my business is done online, I also have the ability to meet new friends through existing friends and help them get on track as well (thanks Facebook) This opportunity to appear on a commercial that millions of people will see will allow me to (hopefully) inspire complete strangers and give them the strength to make the change I did. All I have ever wanted to do with this opportunity is positively impact as many people as possible. This will be a great way to do so.

I hope Shaun doesn't yell at me at when grab my favorite breakfast: a NY bagel with lox.

Shawshank Hustle

July 25th will be a really fun day for me. Some of my running pals and I are cruising to the Mansfield Prison where we will partake in the first ever Shawshank Hustle. If you are my friend in real life, you know I love The Shawshank Redemption….this Hustle is actually a 4 mile run that includes checking out spots where the movie was filmed. I’ll be in heaven pretending I’m Andy Dufresne.

Yayayayayayaay! Morgan Freeman, narrate my run, dude!

Warhouse Gym

I’ve been chomping at the bit to get us into the Warhouse Gym in Leesport, PA for quite some time. This gym is the exclusive workout facility for Dana Linn Bailey, a former Miss Olympia and another individual I greatly look up to. Kyle and I will get to spend a day the beginning of August working out with her at Warhouse. Yes, between meeting Shaun T and DLB, the chances of me peeing my pants with excitement are preeetttttttyyyyyyyy high. I also love her clothing line, Flag nor Fail, so I may need to leave my wallet at home to avoid bankrupting myself.

Love this pic of DLB, courtesy of Pinterest.

Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party

I probably have the most amazing bridal party in the history of life. Seriously. While I know nothing other than the date, I know that Whitney, Kelly, and the gang will make sure it is a day I will never forget. I can’t wait to rock my bridal shower dress (it is made of scuba material) and the custom made tutu I have for the Bachelorette Party and celebrate with women I am so lucky to have in my life.

Some of my bride tribe!

A-T-L, Baby!

Because apparently I am on a mission to get to every single state this summer, I had to throw a little Georgia in the mix. Atlanta not only houses my favorite Real Housewife, Kim Zolciak-Bierman, but it houses someone very important to me, my success partner, Payton! My quick weekend trip to see her falls on her birthday weekend, and I foresee lots of fun, laughter, and Sephora/Ulta shopping trips in our future.

P.S. Payton hit an amazing milestone in her business today, so congratulate her!

My Induction into Leetonia’s Hall of Fame

The little thing most of the friends I have made as an adult DON’T know about me is that I am one fierce athlete. While I don’t play as often as I would like, I still will take on anyone who challenges me in a game of hoops. In September I will join the Hall of Fame at Leetonia, which makes me very proud. My high school basketball coach, Coach Kornbau, will be introducing me, and my family will be there to support me, which means the world. That reminds me…..I better get to writing my speech……and figuring out an outfit….

Here's a few little highlights of my senior year.

Da Wedding of the Century!!!!!

I can’t believe that Kyle and I have only 85 days remaining until we say “I Do” in front of our closest friends and family. When the wedding day actually comes, we will have been engaged for over 500 days. Everyone told me the time would fly, and they weren’t kidding! I absolutely cannot wait to marry this man…..and for him to finally see my pink wedding dress. Yes, I have been able to keep it hidden from him so he hasn’t seen it….shocker I know. One thing’s for sure: All the craziness will definitely make the relaxing and peaceful honeymoon we have planned even better.


This face right here….this is the face of someone who is loving every minute of life. I remember awhile back posting a quote about how important it is to be in love with every second of your life. I truly believe 2015 is the year I finally embraced that quote. I really hope you all do the same….life is too short to be anything but happy. Now go get your sparkle on!

Sparkle on, my people!


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