Third Time’s a Charm….Ok, the First and Second were, too.

Do you know that feeling when you are about to embark on something really, really, really incredible??? It’s like a mixture of excitement, fear, trepidation, adrenaline, and happiness. I hope you know what that feels like because it is one of the greatest feelings ever. Can I? Will I? I just love those feelings all mashed into one.

I’ve had that feeling ever since I received a request from one of my clients last week asking me to join her on a very specific journey. The email said:

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.45.19 PM

In the year and a half I have been a coach I have not had anyone ever ask this of me. Most of what I do is coach and motivate through online support groups, but occasionally someone will prefer a different method, which I always welcome. Without hesitation I called this woman, told her I would do the program with her, and that I would support her the entire journey.

Let’s bring up some feelings again, because I had a pretty strong feeling hit me when I read this email and spoke to this woman on the phone. It was the same feeling I mentioned earlier and the same feeling I felt when I was in the same familiar place as this woman.

Those who don’t know me or don’t follow me on Facebook may not realize that a year and a half ago I was a totally different person. I was someone unhappy with many aspects of my life which led to a domino effect of alcohol abuse, fast food binging, and excuses that overcame my desire to exercise. I was 60 pounds heavier and could barely fit into the very extensive wardrobe I had collected over the years. One day a college friend reached out to me and asked me to join a challenge group. He told me about the special that month, a little program named T25, and how I would be getting this awesome shake called Shakeology to help me curb cravings and help me jump start healthier eating habits. I knew virtually nothing about either.

Like this woman, I had been scared to purchase it….to commit to myself that I would try to be healthier. I remember that feeling when I purchased it…..when the box showed up at my door….how I felt (and how much I cried when I took my before photos)… I felt during my first workout….and how I felt 60 days later when I stepped on the scale and realized I had dropped 47.5 lbs. Oh yeah, and three dress sizes.

My first experience with T25. I'd say it was a total success.

My first experience with T25. I’d say it was a total success.

That picture is so much more to me than just a before and after photo. That picture represents two of the most defining moments of my life: The moment I realized I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same and the moment when I finally was able to say I DID THIS. I will never forget the emotions I felt in either picture. As a coach, I want everyone I meet to feel those emotions. Beating your inner demons, excuses, and feelings of complacency…..guys, that is something that will change the course of your entire life. It did mine, and it has for so many people I know and have had the privilege to work with over time.

What is T25? Besides being the #1 program in my life for the rest of my life, it is a program created by my main man Shaun T that delivers crazy fun workouts in 25 minute a day segments. The first month you spend completing the Alpha program, the second month is Beta. If you are new to the workouts, don’t worry….there is a modifier, and there is absolutely NO SHAME in utilizing her. In fact, I spent the majority of the first month using her moves, which are not quite as intense, but still killer. Here is a look at the workouts:

To date, I have done this program twice start to finish and have lost a combined 60 pounds. I’m at a point now where I want to lean up in a few areas while building more muscle in others. Is this program still for me? Absolutely. This program is great for you regardless of where you are at in the game. I am pumped to see what my third round will bring me as far as success.

Monday my client and I officially began our T25 journey together, and I decided I would recap the 60 day journey throughout to share more about how it went and so my readers could learn more about it and how I do things.

Day 1 of Round 3!

Whenever anyone begins a group with me they know I expect one thing from them at some point in the game: a meal plan. Meal planning is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to getting healthier. Abs aren’t made in the gym, people. They are made in the damn kitchen. Don’t forget it!

Since my client is doing a one on one approach with me, some things are the same while some are obviously different. She sent me her meal plan Sunday night, and I sent her mine. Here’s a look at how mine is structured for the week. I am in the middle of a clean eating group, so I am following a clean eating meal plan a little different than my usual. I like to repeat a lot of things each week because it is easier and honestly, I like to eat the same thing. I eat to live, not live to eat. If something comes up where I don’t stick 100% to my meal plan I don’t beat myself up. As long as I am eating clean 80% of the time I am a happy camper.

May 18th

After our first workout, Cardio, my client and I messaged each other. She had struggled through the workout much like I had my first time. I found myself pushing myself harder than ever…..telling myself I could get my knees higher when I ran and deeper on my lunges. I pushed the heck out of myself. When I finished the 25 minutes I still felt like I earned my shower.

Now, halfway through Week 1, I can assure you I am just as sore as I was during round 1. I love it. The feeling….that nervous, exciting, adrenaline filled, trepidation lingering feeling…..yep, it’s still here. I welcome it now. After all, it helped me get from the girl on the left in the picture below to the girl on the right.

Stay tuned for updates on how our journey is going! I have no doubt that the third time will be an absolute charm for me….nor do I doubt it will be anything less for  my client during her first round.

I love hearing someone say “I did this.”

In 60 days someone will be saying it that questioned if they ever would.

And that, my friends, is why I love what I do.


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