Snow or Sunshine, Everyday I’m Sparklin’

Every January I ask myself the same thing: Why do I live in Ohio? I am not into the snow, cold, driving on icy roads, or wearing lots of layers. I like my flip flops, sunglasses, and beach time. I don’t understand myself sometimes.

Last week I hopped on a flight to spend the weekend in Tampa, and I seriously couldn’t have picked a better weekend to do it. When I left the airport, there was a negative 20 windchill and my car had inches of snow on it. I think the people at the airport thought I was crazy because I had changed out of my Uggs and into my flip flops before I entered the airport, but I didn’t care. I was ready to get to warmer temperatures!

Yes, the weather was definitely something I was looking forward to, but I wasn’t just heading to Tampa to hang with seagulls and sandcastles. This was a business oriented trip, and I have been pumped for it since October. It was Super Saturday Weekend!

Ok, so what is Super Saturday???? Let me enlighten you.

Every quarter beachbody coaches around the country gather for a big team rally. Since they take place typically on a Saturday and they are super informational AND super fun, they are called Super Saturday. I was stoked to attend this particular one in Florida because it was hosted by the 2013 top coach, Lindsay Matway, and there were a ton of top coaches present (myself included…woop woop Sparkle Squad!). In addition, our CEO, Carl Daikeler, and the 21 Day Fix’s trainer and creator, Autumn Calabrese, were flying in for the event. I was excited to see my friends and meet so many of the Florida based coaches that I had only ever interacted with on Facebook. I was stoked to talk to our CEO, and I couldn’t wait to meet and workout with Autumn. Oh yeah, and getting some sunshine definitely was exciting for me, too. The event was totally sold out and had a theme of “Shine”, so everyone was encouraged to wear something full of sparkle. Clearly, I was ecstatic about this idea. Me, wear something that sparkled???? That’s kind of my jam, if you missed it…..

My fabulous friend Shannon was my host for the weekend, and I loved getting to spend some quality time with her. One of the things I underestimated when I became a coach were the friendships I would develop due to the business, and Shannon is one of those friendships. While we are similar in so many ways, we are polar opposites in other ways, so getting to spend some time talking about business strategies and ideas was awesome. Shan took me to some cool dining spots where I got a tad adventurous with my meals (hello, seafood wrap with sriracha mayo and salmon eggs benedict), and I got to see the beautiful water before the big event!

I love you, palm tree.

I love you, palm tree.

Super Saturday itself was amazing. Like I mentioned, I got to meet people who I had been interacting with for months and months and was the recipient of many hugs. I think I shouted “YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA” about 500 times and scared a few who aren’t hip to my noises. Since there were over 1000 people attending, the event was held in the ballroom at a hotel in St. Pete, and it was crazzzzzzyyyyyyyyy. Not only did we get to learn about some of the hot new things happening within our company straight from our CEO’s mouth, we got to hear incredibly inspiring transformations from two women who had both been through difficult times and found their silver lining.

I am in love with what I do because of moments like that. Moments where I can see how being a part of this company has changed someone’s life for the better. I’m not just talking about the opportunity to coach and motivate others. I’m talking about the opportunity to actually see someone get healthier and happier. One of the transformation stories we got to hear was from a beautiful soul named Adriene who had lost 100 pounds thanks to drinking Shakeology daily, modifying her diet, and completing 5 rounds of the 21 day fix. When she got involved with Beachbody, she was in a dark place. Getting to see her talk on a stage in front of 1000 people (all who were crying when she was done talking) was awesome. Knowing she is healthier because a coach believed in her and helped her get out of that dark place and into a much happier one….that is priceless.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 10.32.58 PM

On the plane ride home, I thought about how much my life has changed because of this opportunity and this company. Sometimes I still can’t believe I get paid to do what I do and meet such fantastic people. I think back to the trepidation I experienced back in August of 2013 where I questioned if I should spend my White Russian money on a challenge pack so I could lose all the extra weight I had hanging out. I lost the weight, I gained confidence, and now have created a lifestyle for myself and family that is allowing us to be healthier, financially stable,  travel on free trips and able to do what we want. Above all, I have been fortunate enough to form friendships with individuals who have made me a better person. That’s what it all is about. PEOPLE. Helping them, supporting them, motivating them, loving them, befriending them, celebrating their victories, laughing with them, and challenging them.

Tampa was a great weekend that recharged my batteries and gave me the sunshine I needed to get back at it. As much as I loved my time in the warmer weather, I was anxious to get back to Kyle and the boys….even if it meant trading my flip flops for Uggs and a scarf.

Until next time, Florida…….


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