Let’s Address the Mess!

This weekend was supposed to be filled with fun Sparkle Squad bonding, running, laughter, and chocolate….lots and lots of chocolate. However, a super nice sickness decided that would be on the agenda instead, so while my friends are in Columbus getting ready for The Hot Chocolate Run, I am at home guzzling hot tea and watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon on Bravo.

In an attempt to NOT feel like a total waste of space, I decided to tackle one item on my mile long To Do list. My T-shirt collection. Since I moved in with Kyle in July, I have tried rrreeeeaaaaalllllllllyyyyy hard to keep my clothes organized. I don’t think it is  a secret that I have a lot of clothes and shoes……especially t-shirts that I have accumulated from all of my running endeavors. When I moved in, I put about 80% of my stuff in storage, still I sometimes can get a little messy. My t-shirts has slowly been getting messier and messier and messier…..time to organize.

Here is how I organized my t-shirts so I could easily find them and save space. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. Seriously. I mean, look how easy this is:

Look at the difference!

Look at the difference!

Literally took me no time at all, and I had so much more room once I was done. 5 Quick Steps is all it takes!

Now get to folding!

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