Time to get Beasty.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.53.09 PMSometimes I stereotype. I just can’t lie about that. In my mind I think things or people are a certain way, and I tend to make decisions off of these ideas I think to be true. I’m mature enough to admit it, but I can also say that I am slowly getting better with it. Ssssssllllllloooowwwwlllyyyyyy. To be honest, a big chunk of where I am stereotyping is in the fitness arena.

By now we all know that I work as a Beachbody coach and am very proud of the work that I do. I think it is awesome to help others get in amazing shape, and I love motivating them and inspiring them to do more. The crazy thing about this career that I fell into is that I started coaching FOR ME. I am the one that needed a health makeover. I am the one that needed my confidence back. I am the one that needed inspired. I didn’t think I would actually become an active business building coach with the opportunity to work from home. I didn’t think I could help others. In the beginning, I just needed all the help I could get to get my butt in gear and my life back on track.  Because of coaching, I did. That’s the thing about coaching: it’s a cyclical thing. You challengers may not know it, but you are helping me as much as I am helping you.

In the 15 months since I became a coach, I have lost about 60 pounds total. That is incredible! Beyond that I have learned I can do absolutely anything, which is something I am more proud of than losing those pesky pounds. I’ve also learned that when someone tells me I can’t do something, I am going to turn right back around and do it. Which leads me to how I recently stereotyped….and how I recently was proven wrong.

I lost that weight using a high intensity interval based program called T25. It was 25 minutes a day, focusing on a different workout each day. I loved it because I like variety and tend to get bored easily…plus it helped me lose 47.5 pounds the first 60 days I used it in a challenge group, so I knew it worked. After I finished up that program, I told myself I had to stick to similar programs to keep my interest engaged and stay away from slower paced programs.

And then someone told me I couldn’t handle The Beast.

Photo Courtesy of Beachbody.com

Photo Courtesy of Beachbody.com

The Beast, of course, is Sagi Kalev, the creator and trainer of Body Beast who also is a former Mr. Israel (kind of like our Mr. Olympia). The program he created blends old school weight training with what Sagi refers to as “Dynamic Set Training” and is focused on helping those who use it to pack on muscle, get beasty, and segway into body building. When I was told I couldn’t do it, I immediately thought the person stating this was right. It sounded like something only a Creatine-obsessed meathead would like, and I knew very few females who had tried it out. So I stereotyped and told myself I would not do a “Dude workout” and stick to my higher intensity stuff. Yet I still purchased the program and let it sit with my Dvds for months.

Last month I got to thinking about my goals, not only with my business but with my own health and fitness as well. I thought about how I wanted to do chin ups by the end of this year and how I wasn’t strong enough. I thought about how I wanted to rock climb, but I didn’t have the upper body strength to do it. I thought about how I want my arms to look amazing in my dream wedding dress when I walk down the aisle in October.

That’s when I decided I would take on The Beast the beginning of November.

I have always loved lifting weights and was excited to get into a regular regimented lifting routine. However, I was terrified that I would become a beasty looking woman, and I wasn’t interested in that. Before I got too involved in my own stereotypical thoughts, I did what I should’ve done in the first place: read “The Book of Beast”, the instructional manual that comes with the Dvds. I quickly learned there are two different versions of the program, Lean Beast and Huge Beast….of course I went with the Lean Beast program, and this made me feel better about the whole process. I adopted the meal plan, but decided against adding the extra protein and supplements as suggested for the time being. I was nervous about the food, nervous that a workout longer than 25 minutes a day would bore me, nervous I didn’t have all the weights a “beast” would need, and just nervous I wouldn’t finish the program. To me, quitting is not an option at this point. I don’t let my challengers quit on me so I cannot quit on them.

Yesterday I wrapped up my first week of Body Beast, and I cannot lie. This program is my new favorite. I never thought something or someone could dethrone Shaun T and T25 from the fitness pedestal in my brain, but Sagi has done it already. In one week I am seeing new muscles. I have muscles that are sore that I didn’t even know existed. And I have completed every single workout right alongside Sagi and his dudes without missing a beat. With T25 there were some workouts I liked more than others, but that isn’t the case with Beast. I have loved every single workout so far and look forward to them every night. There are modifiers, too, so if you don’t have a bench or all kinds of EZ bars and weights at home, you can still do the workouts. I do everything  in our living room with my stability ball and dumbbells, and they work perfectly.

The meal plan has been incredible for me so far. Other than a handful of Cheetos (whoops) and five Teddy Grahams (double whoops), I have stuck to my meal plan and am feeling good about it. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out the Beast Chili recipe I made… you can find it here. I made it last week and loved it so much that I made a double batch this week (only this time in a crock pot…easy and effortless).

I am over the moon excited that I stepped out of my comfort zone, ignored the preliminary stereotypical mindset I had, and decided to give The Beast (yes, he refers to himself as that) a try. The program is three months long, and I will post an update when I finish along with my before and after photos so you can see if I became beasty!

Sorry, Shaun T. This girl is on #teamsagi now.

One thought on “Time to get Beasty.

  1. Whitney B. says:

    So happy to hear you like it! I just started T25 again…so I’ll keep Shaun company for you 😉

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