RANT OF THE WEEK: Tiny Doors No More!

Something you all should know about me by now: I love things that aren’t “normal”. My definition of normal is what everyone thinks is “right” or standard. I’m a whimsical human being who loves all things whimsical and different. Things that are oversized or super tiny fall into this category because both aren’t your typical size, and that fascinates me.

Let’s talk about something else I love: gnomes. Gnomes as in the little mythical beings that exist in fairytales. Did anyone else watch David the Gnome on Nickelodeon back in the 80’s? I was obsessed!

Imagine my excitement when my friend Marcia and her boyfriend discovered a tiny gnome door at a park in Columbus. When she sent me this picture, I literally wanted to jump in my car and head to Schiller Park immediately!

Photo Courtesy of my gal Marcia Edwards and her love muffin.

Photo Courtesy of my gal Marcia Edwards and her love muffin.

The picture prompted me to complete some online searches to determine why this door existed, and I was pleased to find out its existence was partially sponsored by Keebler (Man, do I love an EL Fudge Cookie….no lie). The door was part of an initiative put on by both Keebler and City Eventions to promote creativity and imagination in the minds of children while also encouraging individuals to take advantage of their local parks. Of course I love that…this country is beyond obese, and I don’t understand why people would ever want to be unhealthy. There are so many amazing places that you could walk to and enjoy on a weekend….now you have the opportunity to see gnome doors as you exercise! That’s a win/win to me.

We had a hectic schedule, so it took about a month before Kyle and I could travel down to Columbus. We ended up heading down last weekend to visit our dear friends, Rick and Kelly, for Rick’s birthday celebration. I had shared with Kelly the tiny door story, and she, much like me, was anxious to go, so we made plans to grab breakfast and hit Schiller Park to find the door ourselves. I don’t think Kyle and Rick were super pumped to go scope out a gnome door, but they agreed to come with us on our hunt. Marcia was down in Columbus that weekend as well, so I called her as we were getting to the park so we could meet up at the door and take an obscene amount of pictures with us by it. Let’s be honest, your newsfeed would have probably hated gnomes had we been able to.

That’s when my gnome door dreams were shattered. Marcia told me that a local woman had informed her that the gnome door had been stolen earlier in the week and all that was left was the empty space in the tree where it had once been. I literally wanted to cry.

What is wrong with people? Honestly, I am well aware that people in this day and age lack respect and morals, but to steal a little door? C’Mon. I really really hope that whatever idiot took the door is tarred and feathered old school style, and when they are found, I’d like whomever is reading this to know I am available to help. Don’t mess with gnome doors, don’t mess with Keebler, don’t mess with an attempt to promote exercise and health, and don’t mess with Katie when she is on a mission to see something whimsical.

My hope is the door shows back up so I can drive back to see it. However, after consulting a map of all of the existing gnome doors in the country, I was delighted to see there was a gnome door nearby where I used to live in Pittsburgh. Looks like it’s time for me to cruise on over, see some pals, and try this gnome door hunt thing again.

If you are bored, do a little research on the Tiny Door Project. I also encourage you to like “Keebler” on Facebook….they have a whole album of Tiny Doors you can see! Just avoid their cookies……they aren’t calorie free (some of us learned the hard way).

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