RAVE OF THE WEEK: Because, Hey! It’s Been Awhile!

Let’s just address the elephant in the room: 2014 is the year my blog has been neglected. It is what it is. Sorry, little blog. Sometimes things just happen.

My last blog entry was such a difficult thing for me to write about, and as much as I would like to think it hasn’t affected my writing, the truth is, it has. I have logged into my blog several times a week since Andy passed away, but never am able to write anything once I revisit my last blog post, which in this case was about him. I am very much a creature of habit with my writing, and the one thing I do when I log in is read what I last wrote, then I proceed to start a new entry. In this case, I still get very emotional about the loss of my friend, and that usually results in me shutting my computer and telling myself I will write later in the week.  Sometimes you have to just push on, even if it is tough. So this is me pushing on with my blog. After all, life has been quite Kateastic lately.

I have about a million and five things I need to blog about because it has been so long, but I have decided that after a lengthy hiatus, I am bringing back my Rave(s)of the Week. These entries always were my absolute favorites to write, and since this is my blog and I do what I want…..Raves are back. And I think they deserve the first of the million and five entries.

Let’s talk about some Raves, shall we? And since it’s been awhile, I’m sharing some of my favorite Raves of the last two months.

– I SAID YES! Ok, we all know I jubilantly said YES when Kyle proposed in May, but since my last blog, we’ve been busy. The date has been set, the venue, caterer, cake, wedding colors, and lighting company all secured. And I said Yes to the Dress! Naturally, I can’t be sharing those details on here because Im superstitious and don’t want Kyle to see the dress or know much about it until the day I walk down the aisle, but I will share that it is very unique and very Katetastic. I can’t wait to wear it, and the chances of me refusing to take it off ever are high.

Here's a shot of where our reception will be held! Photo courtesy of our amazing lighting company, Solus Lighting Ltd!

Here’s a shot of where our reception will be held! Photo courtesy of our amazing lighting company, Solus Lighting Ltd! Yes, that is a dinosaur you see.

SQUIRRELS, SQUIRRELS EVERYWHERE! I like animals, especially baby ones. However, I don’t like when they are hurt…or when I can’t keep them. Imagine my delight when Kyle called and told me not to be alarmed but he had rescued a baby squirrel from the dogs and placed in a box in the garage. Unfortunately, he found it next to a dead sibling (we imagine they fell from the nest in the tree). This then became an all out homework assignment on what to feed this little guy, what to do with it, etc. Fortunately, I have many animal loving friends in the veterinary field and was eventually directed to a Squirrel Rescue by our house. We were able to deliver the baby squirrel, named Alfred Corn (or A Corn for short) to a caregiver to be rehabbed back to good health. It was amazing to learn how many Squirrel rescues were nearby and all the special things needed to care for a squirrel. I’m happy we were able to save little A. Corn.


– DONUTS ROCKED THE HOUSE! Once again, my trusty Donut headpiece held up during my 5.5 leg of the Akron Marathon Relay in September. I write about this race every year, and I look forward to it every year….in fact I was strongly opposed to having our wedding in September next year because it could interfere with this race (fortunately this didn’t end up being a problem). I do so many individual races where the end result is based strictly on what I do and how I perform. This race is a team event, and while we are all so competitive, it is just an absolute blast to run with my friends through such an amazing course. This year we ended up 269 out of 849 teams! Yes, we ran three minutes slower than last year (I take the heat for that since I haven’t been running as much), but we still did awesome!

Holly, Me, Jason, Mandy, and Jodi

Holly, Me, Jason, Mandy, and Jodi

-I JOINED THE SARC BOARD OF DIRECTORS. I am so excited about this venture with SARC, short for Summit Athletic Running Club. The running club has opened up so many doors in my life and introduced me to so many wonderful opportunities and people. To be able to serve as one of the few members on its board is such an honor. Honestly, anyone who is considering running one race should join. We meet monthly, eat pizza (yes, pizza), and do so many cool things. You can visit out website, http://www.summitathletic.com, to learn more about the club or read our monthly newsletter (P.S. This month I wrote a fun article…check it out).


-HEADBANDS, HEADBANDS, HEADBANDS! I am an absolute headband freak…I love them and wear them daily. Fortunately for me, one of my dear friends, Sharon, has been my own private headband maker for the past year, so I always have new and exciting sparkly numbers to show off. I was super excited when Sharon finally opened up her headband shop to others this fall! If you are active, you know that some of these headband makers (i.e. Sweaty Bands, Boulder bands, etc) charge you an arm and a leg to have a cool headband. I purchased a few sweaty bands before for a race and they cost me $20 a piece. I was really happy when Sharon started making her own because they are so much better than those fancy ones, they can be personalized to my interests (Yes, she even made me an Adam Levine one), but they are such a reasonable price. If you are after some cool headgear and are on Facebook, find the group Blossom’s Originals and Sharon can hook you up, too. I’m all about supporting small businesses, especially when I can tell you first hand how great something is. So proud of you, Sharon!

Just a few of what Sharon has made me.

Just a few of what Sharon has made me.

-GO TEAM BUBU’S BUNCH! Last weekend was the annual Alzheimer’s Memory Walk, and as always, my family and I were there to represent our love for our beloved Bubu, my grandma who is battling the disease. This year brought a change of venue, but the same energy and support that I have grown to love. My mother once again led a successful Chinese Auction….and I, for once, won something. It was a beautiful day for such a great cause, and I am so thankful that so many people support out family every year.

Team Bubu's Bunch 2014

Team Bubu’s Bunch 2014


-THE SPARKLE SQUAD IS BRINGING IT! My business has continually been in the forefront of what I am doing, and it has just been blowing up. When I celebrated my year anniversary in August, I couldn’t believe how much has changed since I began this venture last year. We went from a team of one (me) to a team of nearly fifty individuals. I had no idea what coaching for Beachbody would bring into my life, but I am so thankful. This past week brought the rank advancement of one of my coaches, Britain, which is a big deal for our team. And with so many of my other coaches close to getting their business to that level only means more celebration to come. I am so proud of what my team does every single day and am so lucky I get to call this “work”. The best is yet to come for The Sparkle Squad!

Congrats to my team for their hard work and special thanks to my coach, Laura, for this cute announcement.

Congrats to my team for their hard work and special thanks to my coach, Laura, for this cute announcement.

I could keep going and going with my raves, but the day is beautiful, and I’m off to enjoy it! Fall is my favorite time of year, so that is a rave in itself!

Have a lovely Sunday, friends!

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