Hail to the victory…..rolls

I like to think I’m known for a lot of things. Bright lipstick and big hair are definitely two of them, and I’m okay with that.

When it comes to my hair, there is one trend that I love love love and do often, and even though I love and adore it, I am always surprised when someone asks me “what’s wrong with your hair?” That, my friends, is my beloved victory roll.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 7.21.16 AM

I love the pin up culture, and while I sometimes dress in the way the beautiful pin ups do, the victory roll is a piece of the 1940’s that I choose to keep alive.

Do you know what victory rolls are and why they are called that? No? I’m about to educate you.

Back during World War 2 there was a major shortage of metal meaning women did not have access to bobby pins. Because of this women had to be creative with how they curled their hair, often using pipe cleaners and other random household items to create the curls they desired. For those off in war, this hairstyle proved to be helpful, as it held the hair off the face.

Some say they are called Victory rolls because of the “v” shape that is associate with the curls; others claim it is because women wanted a connection the the war effort, and repurposing and recycling helped them have a connection and bring a sense of victory within the household while their men fought in the war. I personally think they are called this because it is a fun, creative victory for the hair, but that’s just me.

I’m a huge fan of this hairstyle and love what it symbolizes. I also love how things once were and how unique a victory roll can make you. I do all different kinds of victory rolls (the Classic example below that I found on Pinterest is one of my favorites), but I will strongly state that these tend to take a lot of practice, so don’t give up if you don’t get it just right from the beginning.

Want to know how to rock out an awesome victory roll? Here’s a great resource to show you how!

Click here to watch a great tutorial!





One thought on “Hail to the victory…..rolls

  1. Whitney B. says:

    You are adorable! I wish I could pull these off like you do

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