Like sands through the hour glass…..

My poor, poor little blog.

It’s true… have been neglected lately. I’m sorry.

Now, I’m not one that likes excuses, but I have had a A LOT going on. When I say a lot, I mean a freakin lot. I can’t believe that the summer is almost over. Usually I am really sad about this, but the truth is that I am so excited about everything that is to come that I can’t handle it! My busy lifestyle had forced me for awhile to prioritize how I spent my time, and sadly, blog, you didn’t make the cut. However, things have simmered back down and you are once again an integral part of my lifestyle. Welcome back.

So what has been keeping me so busy? Let’s do a quick recap of some of the greatest happenings of the summer so far!


For starters, I do have some pretty big news. In May I got engaged!!!! If you are my Facebook friend, this is old news, but it still feels like just yesterday that Kyle popped the question, and I love talking about it and thinking about it. We are planning an awesome destination wedding, and if I have learned anything about wedding planning, it is that a lot of people seem to have ideas of what you should and shouldn’t do. Fortunately for me I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, so doing things that others don’t view to be “normal” or “traditional” is A-OK with me.

Can't wait to marry this guy!

Can’t wait to marry this guy!



Not only have I been celebrating my engagement, but I was also lucky enough to celebrate a very special wedding on July 4th. My oldest friend…and when I say old I mean we have been friends since we were in preschool….got married to her longtime long, and I got to be a part of the fabulous wedding party. It was a beautiful event, fantastically unique, and a great night. When it comes to amazing moments in life, seeing your best friends happier than they have ever been is right up at the top. Congrats, Kell and Brandon!

What a beautiful bride!

What a beautiful bride!



This spring I was also fortunate enough to once again participate in the Blondes Vs. Brunettes charity football game to benefit Alzheimer’s and this year served as Captain of Team Brunette. It was a crazy game, and even though the Blondes managed to sneak by us with the win, we were still able to raise over $12,000 for Alzheimer’s . I’d say that’s a pretty big win. Not only was it a blast to participate in, but it was awesome having my friend and incredible photographer, Brian Keith of Rustic City Photography, there to photograph the event. He did an awesome job capturing the spirit and competitive attitudes of the players, and I am already looking forward to seeing his work next May when we have our re-match! Mark your calendars now…it’s going to be a great time!


Speaking of awesome photographers, I have to give mad props to my fabulous photographer friend Danette Anderson, owner and head photographer of Ensepia Photography. Danette has been taking some of the most stunning photographs of the leaders in the Beachbody community, and I was fortunate enough to have a photo shoot with her the end of May. Her images are flawless, and I am already excited for my next photo shoot with her in Tampa the end of October. Sidebar: Make sure you watch the Miss America pageant this year! Danette is the current Mrs. Virginia and will be competing for the big title! Here is a look at some of her magic!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thing that I have been devoting a ton of time to is my growing business. I can’t even begin to express how excited and and proud I am of my team, The Sparkle Squad. Day in and day out they are helping people meet their health and fitness goals, and that is such a good feeling knowing I am a part of that. All of the growth has created some pretty big and exciting opportunities for me, and it just blows my mind that a year ago I didn’t know a thing about this whole Beachbody business and here I am getting to the point where I have the option to do this full time.  Thanks so much for all of you who have supported me on this journey, and thanks to all of you who have joined my team! 2014 is the year of  Glamazon Fitness and The Sparkle Squad!


As always, running has been a part of my schedule as well. Last year I was running like a mad man, but this year I haven’t been nearly as much. Earlier in the year I had to drop down from the Pittsburgh full to the half due to being sick for almost two months, and that interfered greatly with my training. Still, I rocked out the Half in the Burgh and followed that up with a great run in Cleveland two weeks later. Now that the fall is approaching, so are a bunch of races that I am anxiously awaiting, including the Warrior Dash, Akron General Birthday Bash, and Akron Marathon. I should state that I did injure myself pretty badly in Pittsburgh, so train properly, folks!

Team Awesome in Pittsburgh....Gary, Me, Jodi, Wendy, and Hahn.

Team Awesome in Pittsburgh….Gary, Me, Jodi, Wendy, and Hahn.

Julie and I after the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon sporting our beautiful hardware.

Julie and I after the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon sporting our beautiful hardware.


Oh yeah, and then there were the birthday celebrations! You guys know how I roll. This year we took the birthday celebrations on the road and celebrated in two fabulous cities. My other BFF, Whitney and I celebrated our birthdays together as we do every year and went out in my old stomping ground in Pittsburgh. Ah, I love that city. The weekend of my actual birthday, Kyle and I went down to Columbus where I got to spend time with my brother and celebrate with our friends Rick and Kelly. Kelly has the same birthday as me, so it was double the celebration  and so much fun! Of course we had a family celebration back in Leetonia and a few other random celebrations, but overall it was an incredible birthday. I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I do.


Ahhh… many things going on! I forgot to mention I also threw another move in between all that chaos. Now that Kyle and I are living together, I am getting back into a routine and promise that my love for you, blog, will become apparent. I’ll make it up to, and to all my readers.

Have a Kate-tastic night!

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  1. Whitney B. says:

    Yay welcome back! Loved this post – so many exciting things going on!

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