RAVE OF THE WEEK: Lots ‘O Sunshine!

Since I absolutely had to rant about the creeptastic Easter bunnies flooding my news feed, I felt it was only appropriate to follow that up with a rave…or in this case, some raves. It’s been a pretty awesome week for me, and since I am one who likes to celebrate the little things in life, I can’t hold back and only recognize a few. Really, in this day and age when there is an influx of negativity and sad, depressing things happening around us, you really do need to focus on all of the small wonderful things that happen daily. Some may say I celebrate the little things too much, but I don’t care….every moment is beautiful and should be celebrated as such.


Preaching to the choir.  (Thanks, wideopenspaces.squarespaces.com for agreeing!)

Preaching to the choir.
(Thanks, wideopenspaces.squarespaces.com for agreeing!)


1. Shine bright like a diamond! This past week was pretty awesome for my team, The Sparkle Squad, and for me as their leader. I officially advanced my rank to Diamond, which means I now fall in the top 4.3% of leaders in the Beachbody community. Out of 145,000 coaches, I think that is pretty freakin’ awesome. It also means I am one step closer to achieving the personal financial goals I have set. To say I am over the moon is an understatement, and knowing that after such a long time I have finally found my calling is just such a cool feeling. I am so excited for the future of the Sparkle Squad and feel so fortunate to have these people on my team. Sidebar: Since my business is growing, I am currently taking applications for new health and wellness coaches. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be in awesome shape or have a degree in nutrition to coach…you just must have the desire to help others! If you want to talk about these opportunities, you can click here!


2. Color Blaze! It is no secret that I adore my family and any time I get to spend with them. Add my family to a running event….and I am stoked. This past weekend my mom, Aunt Sheila, cousin Jen, and cousin Taylor ran the Color Blaze 5k in Canfield. While it was unorganized and a muddy mess, it was super fun putting on a tutu and participating in a healthy event with my family. Now if only I could get my dad to agree to something where color is flung at you….

What a beautiful day for a 5k!

What a beautiful day for a 5k!

3. I had a hot date with a hot stud. And by hot stud, I mean a little man almost two months old! I always enjoy getting to spend time with my BFF, Whitney, but I am finding our coffee dates and visits are even more exciting now that little baby J is in the picture. He is such a cute little nugget, and I just love any time where I can stare at his cubby little cheeks and super tiny fingers.

4. I said Yes to the Dress! Not mine though…..my other BFF, Kelly, is getting married July 4th, and I had to go pick up my bridesmaid dress this week. Since there was a little bit of a mix up initially when ordering, I had never seen the dress or tried it on, so I was worried it may be a hot mess when I finally got a chance to pick it up. I was extremely happy that it fit perfectly and was super comfortable. I can’t wait to be a part of such a fabulous day for someone who I have been friends with since we were practically in diapers!

5. I got to run outside in the sun! With two marathons fast approaching, I have been trying to get in as much running as I possibly can. I’m well aware that I am going to do terrible when it comes to my standards since that little sickness I had to deal with for a month and a half kept me on the sidelines, but I am still going to give it hell. When the sun exposed itself on Wednesday I took the opportunity to get in a quick run with one of my fellow Phylers, Steve. Ahhhhhh….just knowing that pretty soon it will be warm and optimal running conditions every day excites me. Plus, the sun being out gives me a reason to wear one of my favorite accessories: oversized sunglasses.

Big sunglasses are definitely my trademark.

Big sunglasses are definitely my trademark.

6. Short work week.  I was extremely happy when I realized that we had off Good Friday. First of all, I needed the break and a day to catch up on sleep…but it also meant I got to spend an entire extra day with my other half. We got to work out together, go to lunch together, cook dinner together, and just be goofballs. The best part? We get to it all over again the next two days. I think he is probably pretty happy he doesn’t have to do anything involving me in a tutu this weekend.



7. Farrah went in for a checkup. For those of you who don’t know, my Xterra is affectionately known as Farrah…and as much as I love her, I hate spending money on her. She really is a pain. Last year I put in over $700 on new shoes for her, so I feel that is sufficient for awhile. However, the check engine light kept coming on, finally forcing us to take her in for a checkup. Fortunately, Farrah got a clean bill of health and I spent $0. Thanks, girl.

8. BVB Practice officially started! I’ve mentioned it multiple times in my blog and on Facebook, but being a part of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Blondes Vs. Brunettes game is such a cool experience. This week officially kicked off our practice season, and I was very happy to be back on the field. Our big game is May 31st, so if you don’t have any plans, come and see us! You can also visit our site http://www.bvbakron.org for more information about game day, sponsorship opportunities, player biographies, etc. The best part of this event? Everything goes toward the Alzheimer’s Association, which is my charity of choice.

Even if it something as small as visiting your favorite hole in the wall restaurant, appreciate the small joys you are lucky enough to encounter this weekend! Have a wonderful Easter, all…and I hope a non-creepy Easter bunny brings you lots of chocolates and Peeps!

London Pickleworks….one of our favorites!

London Pickleworks….one of our favorites!




One thought on “RAVE OF THE WEEK: Lots ‘O Sunshine!

  1. Whitney B. says:

    J loves his Aunt Katie!! And I’m so excited for race season – going to be a great summer!

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