Yeah, you read that right….and the bunny I am referring to is that lovely little white haired gentleman set to visit lots of chocolate craving kiddos this weekend.

I’m using the term “lovely” loosely.

As always, I feel I need to include a preliminary statement or two for those of you who get nervous when I rant. Yes, you exist, and yes, I know who you are. ***Disclaimer*** this post has nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs associated with Easter, but strictly focuses on looks. In this case, the looks of the Easter bunny.

I vote to make Easter Pugs the new mascot of the holiday.

I vote to make Easter Pugs the new mascot of the holiday.

In my pretty little head, the Easter bunny should be a cute, welcoming fella. When I think back to all of my years going to see him at the mall, I can’t recall a single time that I was scared or felt the bunny was creepy. In retrospect, I am wondering if I was just blinded by the chocolate eggs and looked past his looks. After all, the purpose of the Easter bunny is to be fluffy and friendly and bring candy to kids. Of course he would be cute, right?


Confession time: The past two weeks I have been terrified to log into Facebook, and the reason for that is solely the thing pretending to be an Easter bunny. Please tell me you know what I am talking about. No? Here’s a little gem to shed some light on this topic….

Thanks, pinterest, for this adorable family photo full of memories.

Thanks, pinterest, for this adorable family photo full of memories.


I’m not sure what happened in our society that prompted the change in the Easter bunny’s looks, but it is obvious something did. It may come as a surprise to some of you that know me, but I am a big fan of tradition, especially with timeless items like the Easter bunny. I know over the last few decades many things have been modernized….the Easter bunny should never be one of them! Other things the Easter bunny should never be compared to: a creep, a child predator, or a character from the movie Sinister….all ways I described the bunny the past two weeks as I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed.

In the event that you did not see any screaming children on a scary bunny’s lap, please visit one of my favorite sites, Buzzfeed, to catch 19 Vintage East Bunny Photos. I think some people I know got to visit with some Easter bunnies that were just as terrifying…..

You can view the article by clicking here!!!!

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