Holla Holla: My Obsession

***Disclaimer*** This is a total girlie girl post. Any male reading this probably won’t want to read any further.

I have many girlie obsessions, and I am upfront and honest about them. I like shoes, baking, 80’s music, tutus, glitter, unique pieces of jewelry, Mac lipstick, aprons, trashy television,scarves…..I can go on and on…..

However, something has catapulted to the top of my obsession list recently. My EOS lip balm.

One of the many

One of the many

It is a rare occasion where my lips are without lipstick. I can’t help it…I like when I look put together, it’s kind of my thing. When that moment comes when the lipstick comes off….that’s when the lip balm goes on.

I first purchased this amazing little lip treat awhile back, and I bought it strictly on its appearance. Since I was over the age of 16, I felt it was time to retire my trusty Bonne Bell and move onto something a tad more mature. While checking out Walgreens, I saw a colorful little egg calling my name….and you know me….something colorful and a fun shape…..I was sold. The only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been if it was covered in glitter.

Such cuteness in such a tiny little package!

Such cuteness in such a tiny little package!

Since that first purchase, I have taken my obsession to another level with EOS to another level (learn more about them by clicking here.) I presently own every flavor, and I rotate them based on my mood. My favorite is the Mint (so freaking great!). Yes, they look a little funny, but they are the best lip balms I have ever purchased…and I’ve tried pretty much anything.

And then…just when I thought my mind couldn’t be blown more….EOS made this:



I can assure you I do not own stock in EOS, I just really love their stuff, and I had to share with my lady followers who also love great things.

Your lips…and now your legs…will thank me.

You’re welcome.


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