RANT OF THE WEEK: Old Man Winter

I know what you guys are going to say….I live in Ohio so I shouldn’t be complaining about the cold, right?


Because I live in this state and have to deal with the ridiculousness known as winter ever year, I feel I am entitled to complain about it a little bit. Especially this week. Let’s get one thing clear: I don’t always hate the cold, snowy weather. I like it on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. I also like it on days when I can remain at home under a warm blanket or next to a fire. I even like snowboarding, tubing, sledding, and ice skating.

I'm ready for beaches and bikinis!

I’m ready for beaches and bikinis!

What it comes down to is…..I hate winter when it interferes with my life. This week it has done just that.


1. It drastically impacts my wardrobe. Do you know how difficult it is to look super cute when you go out and have to wear clunky boots? We all know I have kind of a shoe problem, but even though I have some cute boots, sometimes it is too slippery to wear even those. I do rock out my Uggs as much as possible, but sometimes they just don’t work with the outfit I have in mind #whitegirlproblems

2. The amount of times I cuss increases. This usually occurs when I am driving. Do people in this area forget what to do when it snows? Learn to drive…..or let’s get your driver’s license revoked. (Dude driving the Toyota this morning on 77, I am talking to you). Also, why do people park like absolute idiots?

Truth.  Gosh, I love some cards.com!

Gosh, I love some cards.com!

3. Running outside is difficult. I don’t necessarily mind running in cold weather or getting snow in my hair, but I do not like running in sub-par conditions where I could injure myself. This weather means ice in weird places and also trails that have not been cleaned off for runners. Some days I will brave the run, most days, I will opt for a treadmill.

4. Why are there animals left outside? If it is cold enough for my Shakeology shaker to freeze in my car overnight (happened last night….whoops), then your animal should not be outside. If you are too much of a jerk to bring your animal inside when it is cold, you should not have animals. You also shouldn’t have kneecaps, and I hope someone crushes yours.

5. Playing the Game happens a lot more frequently. If you have the pleasure of knowing me in real life, you have most likely heard me refer to “playing the game” more than once. When I say this phrase, it means I am refusing to stop and fill up my gas tank because I absolutely despise doing it. That empty fuel light will go on and I will push it and push it and push it until I am pretty positive I am running on fumes. The cold weather doesn’t help the cause…my poor little hands don’t like getting all chapped!!!! And speaking of hands….

6. I feel like I am constantly slathering my hands with lotion. Seriously. I should invest in stock with Bath and Body Works and Jergens because when winter rolls around, I know I am giving those companies a lot of money. My hands feel like elephant trunks, and quite frankly, I hate it.

What a great picture! stillnessmeetsme.tumblr.com

What a great picture!

7. Sometimes I fall victim to socks.  I CAN’T STAND SOCKS!!!!! Other than while running or working out, I don’t wear them. They annoy me and make my feet feel strange. However, on those super cold nights, sometimes I have to put a pair on. Ironically, I end up in a state of grumpiness within minutes. Coincidence? I think not.

Just say NO to socks!!! www.google.com

Just say NO to socks!!!

8. My shows are between seasons. Hello, Scandal! I can’t handle the suspense. These long breaks between seasons are just killing me softly.

9. I drink more hot chocolate than I should. I’m cold, and I like it a lot, what can I say. I especially like orange flavored hot chocolate…special thanks to Kyla for buying me a huge tin of it yesterday…..I will be ingesting that heavenly goodness like I am going to the chair.

10. Every day at work I tiptoe a fine line of getting third degree burns and staying warm. Yeah, that’s right. I have a heater under my desk that I practically sit on top of, and it runs all day long. Really, it is a lifesaver, but my life is in jeopardy every day due to me wanting to stay warm!

I could keep going, but it is too cold for me to keep going with this.

At least scarves are cute...

At least scarves are cute…

(The silver lining: winter allows me to wear fun scarves, crazy earmuffs, and act like a bad ass in my 4 wheel drive vehicle. )

Get out of my face, winter, I’m ready for warm weather and the chance to stare at some sunflowers and daisies!!!!

Is there anything more beautiful??????

Is there anything more beautiful??????


4 thoughts on “RANT OF THE WEEK: Old Man Winter

  1. Whitney B. says:

    So excited for summer!

  2. Jason says:

    That first picture looks like the holder for Aspens cornish hens at the Western School of Health and Business. If you remember that Katie then you will remember your favorite student.

    • Jason Glasser!!!! How the hell are you??? I am laughing so hard I’m practically peeing my pants!

      • Jason says:

        I am doing great your highness (should I capitalize that, not sure). I live in Virginia Beach, VA now. I lost touch with you when I got rid of Hotmail and you got married or something. Then one night I was Google-ING “girl with bra” on the internet – and I come to find my best friend from Fox Hill Drive KateTastic. It brought me back to the Cornish hen days and a nostalgic need for your esteemed friendship! I hope you are doing good! My email is attached to this if you wish to say hello – Your face is all over this page while I am typing – its so bright and happy when I scroll I think it causes me a mild seizure…So in closing blahbuddyboombahla.

        -Miss you Kate – you are the best!

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