2014: The Year I Will.

One thing can be certain so far in the New Year: I haven’t been writing much……

Fourteen days into 2014, and this is my first blog entry of the new year. It’s not that I haven’t sat down to write. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say. I knew the first entry of the year was when I would share what my goals were for the upcoming year, and to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted them to be. I always have goals…I have them each and every day. Sometimes they are something small like completing the five things on my to do list. Other times they are more involved, like my Big 31 was last year. 2013 was a year I focused on improving myself as a person…..and while I always strive to be a little better than I was yesterday, I wanted 2014 to be different. After all, I’m looking at life a little differently these days.


I was one of those scribblers.

Those who know me best can tell you am ridiculous…all over the place…artsy…creative….and someone who thinks outside of the box. I love art and have always had a strong interest in all things related to art. I’ve painted, done pottery, watercolors, pencil drawings….you name it, and I have given it a try. I idolize Andy Warhol. My obsession with art started at a very young age, and like many other small children, I loved to color. The picture above made me laugh when I found it because it is exactly me. I was one of those kids who scribbled and colored violently with reckless abandon. In fact, if you see my dad, make sure you ask him to do an impersonation of me coloring back in the day. Just thinking about my weird childlike ways makes me smile….but it also got me thinking about my life. Somewhere between that quiet little girl and the person I am today I lost the importance of coloring outside the lines with the same reckless abandon I did as a child.

Sometimes it is important to scribble outside the lines in real life.

Sometimes it is important to break the rules and face something that terrifies the pants off of you.

Thus, I determined what I would be doing in 2014: Conquering some fears and crossing some things off of my bucket list with the same reckless abandonment I had as a child.

My 2014 Bucket List

1. Get a tattoo. My friend Michael, my tattoo accomplice, will be going with me in February to get some ink. I’m excited, nervous, and scared…but it is time to just do it. I finally decided on a design in December, and now I am finally ready to follow through. I am kind of a big baby though, so this will be interesting. Someone should do an over/under on how many times I cry.

2. Run a full marathon. Last year I made the decision that I was going to do this in 2014. My biggest motivation for wanting to run a full: I wasn’t sure if I could. I never had a desire to run a full marathon…mostly because part of me didn’t think I could do it. I’m not sure what got into me, but something just happened,and I signed up for the full Pittsburgh Marathon. I chose Pittsburgh specifically because it was where I did my first half marathon and a city that will always mean a lot to me, and if there was one place where I wanted to destroy a full marathon, Pittsburgh was  it. I am extremely excited that on May 4th I will be running this full with one of my best friends, Jodi. We ran our first half marathons together; it is only fitting we run our first full marathons. I’m terrified I will pee my pants when running (you runners know what I’m talking about), but you better believe we will have cool outfits.

The medal that started it all: Pittsburgh Half 2011

The medal that started it all: Pittsburgh Half 2011

3. Carve my initials in a tree. I’ve always wanted to do this, but never have. I guess I was worried about harming nature or destroying the actual tree, even though it won’t actually do either. I’m going to find a beautiful tree somewhere, carve my initials into it, and remain a part of that tree for all time. There’s something exciting about making a permanent mark on something, even if it is only a tree, but there’s something scary about me handling a knife to carve them!

4. Be a part of a flash mob. Yes, I’m being serious. I have always wanted to be a part of one, so I figured this year would be the perfect time to do such a thing. Don’t worry. I’m going to want all of you to be a part of it, too. You know I love ridiculousness and most things that usually embarrass others, but I am a little worried it won’t be well received….or that no one will participate.

5. Successfully walk through the Rainforest at the Cleveland Zoo. I am pretty sure everyone and their mother knows that I have an intense fear of frogs/toads. Because of this, I’ve never been able to walk through this exhibit and look at all the critters. 2014 is the year I am staring this fear in the face, and I sincerely hope I can do this without passing out/hyperventilating/crying, etc. Kyle has already agreed to go with me and help me get through it, and if my 6’6 man of steel can’t protect me from the little frogs, then I really am doomed. Everything about this terrifies me….I have goosebumps just thinking about it!

6. Ride a horse. I hate horses, always have. This stems back to when I was younger and had to go to a local horse ranch with my church youth group. One of the other girls was thrown off a horse and broke her leg, and I have been scared of them ever since. I also am not of a fan of their huge nostrils (seriously, they are freakin ginormous…….). Sooooooooo……..let’s ride a horse in 2014.

7. Cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner. I love to cook and bake, that is pretty obvious, but I have always been afraid of making the entire spread for this holiday. While it most likely won’t happen on the actual holiday (I like my family traditions), I will make it sometime in the Fall….and will need to invite a ton of people over to help me consume it. Maybe I’ll even get crazy and make a turducken. Cooking such a huge amount of food items entirely by myself will be overwhelming, and I am scared that everything won’t turn out to be delicious.

8. Chin Ups. I WANT TO DO NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT FIVE CHIN UPS. Yes, this may be silly to most, but I have very little upper body strength. While I have many fitness goals for 2014, a big one for me is strength. I will make this happen, and I will make sure I capture it on video when it does, but I am scared I won’t be able to do it. I’ve tried for quite some time to master a chin up, and still no go.  Once I handle the chin ups, I am going to nail this move below.

I love Jillian Michaels!

I love Jillian Michaels!

9. Drive a stick shift. Many people have attempted to teach me how to do this over the years. Many have failed. However, I would like to learn for me….just in case I ever get in a pinch and have to drive a stick shift….or if I want to buy my dream car: an old school convertible bug! Feel free to volunteer to teach me…but beware, you need patience. And a lot of time. And me possibly ruining your car, which I am terrified of doing.

Oh gosh this car excites me!!!!!

Oh gosh this car excites me!!!!!

10. Make sushi!!! I am obsessed with sushi and could literally eat it every single day. I’ve wanted to try to make it for awhile, but I just haven’t this year I will make it…I will eat it all….and I will freaking love it. I don’t doubt that I can do it, but I am worried it will take me so long to create it that I will give myself salmonella once I can finally enjoy it.

11. Log 1,000 miles. Last year I had a number of races I wanted to complete, this year it’s all about miles. This equates to about 20 miles a week, which I totally can do. Am I fearful of this part of my bucket list? Not really…just a little worried about waiting until the last minute to wrap things up like I did with my 31 races in 2013.Bring it, miles. And speaking of running and miles…..

12. Finish ahead of my dad in our annual Star Trax 5k showdown in August. Running against my dad is, by far, my favorite race of the year. How cool is it to run against the person who actually motivates and inspires you to run????!!!!!! I love the competition, the challenge, the fact that it’s a night race, and that the race itself ends inside a stadium where I used to hurdle, long jump and sprint back in high school. I’ve never been able to beat my dad….he is super fast and has smoked me every year. August will be here soon, Papa….I’m chasing you down this year! Sure, I am afraid of losing again, but really, when you get to run a race with someone so important to you, doesn’t that automatically make you a winner?????

This man is why I run! So proud of the fact that I get to run with him…..even if I lose.

This man is why I run! So proud of the fact that I get to run with him…..even if I lose.

I’m excited for these challenges, but it’s obvious….something about each and every item on this bucket list terrifies me a little bit. I guess if they didn’t they would just be a part of my real bucket list…the one that includes lots of fun and zany things that I want to accomplish over the course of my entire lifetime, not just this year. I’m looking forward to proving to myself that I am one tough cookie who can take on any challenge that comes in my way…..and doing some fun stuff along the way. Oh, 2014……you will be the year of Katie.

An item from my super long not so scary Bucket List…. Going to Paris and placing a lock on  Lover's Lock Bridge! Thanks, Pinterest for this beautiful photo.

An item from my super long not so scary Bucket List…. Going to Paris and placing a lock on Lover’s Lock Bridge!
Thanks, Pinterest for this beautiful photo.

3 thoughts on “2014: The Year I Will.

  1. Whitney B. says:

    Let’s finally have our sushi-making date!

  2. kubbman23 says:

    #12–won’t happen

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