Many Thanks On This Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Greatest Pilgrim I ever met!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Greatest Pilgrim I ever met!

“What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?”

Kind of a crazy thought, isn’t it? I ran across this quote during one of my Pinterest marathons earlier in the week and literally have thought about it every night before I have gone to bed. We all know I don’t talk politics or religion on my blog….I feel those, like relationships, should not be discussed in a forum such as this. However, I found it too beautiful and too thought provoking to ignore and not share you.

Obviously the month of November and the Thanksgiving holiday gives us all a reminder of how much we are thankful for in our lives. While many things on Facebook annoy me this time of year, there is one thing that I love that may surprise you: getting to see my Facebook friends share what they are thankful for each day in November. I participated in this last year, however decided not to participate this year….I mean, I post a lot of status updates and pictures as it is. For that reason, I have decided to share  what I am most thankful for in my life.

30 Days in November = 30 Things I am Thankful For

1. My amazing, amazing family. I am so freaking lucky to have the family I do! My parents are incredible role models who always support me and allow me to be me. My brother is one of the coolest people I know ,and even though he is different from me in many ways, is the ying to my yang. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to spend my life and holidays with grandparents and passed down traditions. I have a slew of beautiful, funny, and ridiculous cousins who are fantastic friends. My extended family of aunts and uncles are just a diverse and dynamic bunch that always make me laugh. All in all, we are just the right amount of crazy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. My friends. Gosh, these people. Really, I should have included them in #1, as so many of them are like family. Being that I don’t live that close to my family anymore, my friends play an even bigger role in my life than ever before. They are there for the good days, the bad times, the celebrations, and the tears. Not a day goes by that I don’t have a huge laugh due to one or many of them….I’m talking gut wrenching bring you to tears laughter (Marenda, thank you for your Bridget the Midget text today…I’m still laughing). I am who I am because of these people, and I love the pants off of each and every one of them.

3. My health. I am so thankful I made the decision this year to really take care of myself. Eating right, exercise, sleep, cutting out stress….I didn’t realize how much I had neglected them in the past….but glad I have gotten rid of 42 pounds of it!

4. My careers. Yes, careers. I wear many different hats….I always have. I have a lot of interests, a lot of talents, and a lot of things I love to do, but they always come back to one main task: helping people. I love to help people. My time spent in higher education has afforded me the ability to help transform many students’ lives in a positive way. I still cry every graduation when I see them walk the stage. My time in the fitness industry allows me to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle and push themselves to new limits. There is no better feeling than knowing some little thing you did impacted another human being in a huge way. It truly is a gift I am thankful for.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 2.53.07 PM

5. Running. Some of you may say this is included in #3, but I disagree. Running is one of the single most important things I have ever done for myself. Anyone who reads this blog regularly, who knows me in the real world, or who is my friend on Facebook knows that running means a lot to me. Yes, it is exercise, but it is way more than that. Running is my connection to a really good place…a place where I can find peace, comfort, clarification and happiness in a simple action. It pushes me to be better. It makes me see situations or problems in a clearer manner. It helps me think before doing something irrational or ridiculous. Running is my therapy and my passion. I am thankful for the two legs I have and the ability to be able to do it every day, as I know so many people wish they could and can’t.

6. My puppy brothers. I love animals, and I love my dogs. They remind me unconditional love exists, and they bring me so much joy. I’m thankful for their sloppy kisses and existence in my life. They really do make my life better.

Kisses from Desmond.

Kisses from Desmond.

7. My iPhone. Without you, I would have no idea where I need to be when, who is doing what on Facebook, what running route I took, my horoscope, or what is happening on The Chive. I also wouldn’t be able to photoshop the Kool Aid Man into random photos quickly and efficiently. You truly are a remarkable invention.

8. My Spirit. Many people have tried to break me over the years and crush my spirit and childlike enthusiasm. I am thankful that regardless of the hand I am dealt, I always manage to beat it with a smile and a laugh….even if it sometimes takes a while.

9. A wonderful roof over my head, shoes on my feet, food in my cupboards, and a car to drive. I realize these are luxuries many people do not have. I feel very fortunate to have what I have in my life.

10. My heart. My heart, much like my spirit, has been tested and tested and tested over the course of my lifetime. I am thankful for those who tap-danced on it in football cleats.  I have a bigger heart now that is full of love, hope, and optimism. Thank you, haters.

11. Adam Levine. No explanation necessary.

Makes you want to do yoga, right? photo courtesy of

Makes you want to do yoga, right?
photo courtesy of

12. Medical Miracles. I am so thankful for the quality care my dear friend Andy is receiving in his new facility. As it approaches the year anniversary of his accident, I am reminded how far he has come, and none of this would be possible without an amazing medical team. I will be even more thankful when he is able to smile and laugh his crazy laugh again…he is one of those friends who has made me a better person, and I miss him terribly every day.

13. Mac So Chaud Lipstick. You are my signature lipstick shade and make me feel like a pin-up girl every day, and I am thankful for whoever made you.

14. The Alzheimers Association. This charity means so much to my family and I. I am so thankful for the money they raise to help fund awareness and find a cure, and I am thankful they allow me to be a part of such an awesome organization.

15. The invention of the DVR. How else would I watch Scandal since I got rid of cable?

16. Traditions. I think one of coolest things about the holidays and being a part of a family is the traditions that are passed down. Even if it is something simple, like an old school Easter Bread recipe, a tradition is attached to so many memories. I love having experiences that I know family members of mine also had.

17.  Pinterest. You’re a mindsucker, but I love you. You consume a huge chunk of my time every day, and the fact you have a mobile app doesn’t help the situation. My recipe box, friends, and crafting addiction all thank you.

So true! And a Pug, too!

So true! And a Pug, too!

18. Summit Athletic Running Club and the Steel City Running Club. Joining a running club has been an amazing investment, as well as a chance for me to make new friends in the running community. I love the events and monthly meetings! And yes, Steel City is my running club in Pittsburgh.

19. Dunkin Donuts. Really, my co-workers and anyone dealing with me before 10am thank you, but I do thank you for the deliciousness you bring to my world.

20. Mustaches. An item associated with much laughter in my life. Thank you to Wyatt Earp, Tom Selleck, and all the other mustached wonders for inspiring so many fun staches, as well as a Beard Team USA competition.

21. My Co-Workers. I am thankful that in my immediate office I get to work with great people who are just as ridiculous, twisted, and borderline inappropriate as I am. It makes going to work fun and never, ever dull.

Thankful my co-workers don't judge me when I get shake crazy!

Thankful my co-workers don’t judge me when I get shake crazy!

22. Michael Scott. I am thankful for Michael every time I drop a “That’s What She Said,” which realistically is about a hundred times a day.

23. December 26th. Also known as the day the Elf on the Shelf goes back to the North Pole. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

24. Grilled Cheese, Reality TV Shows, Ice Cream, Shoes, Sunflowers, Scarves, Country music, and Ridiculous tiny hats. All guilty pleasures of mine that instantly improve my mood. Where would I be without these things? I really don’t know.

One of my favorite scarves ever!

One of my favorite scarves ever!

25. My Hometown. Every time I see the exit sign on the highway, I become giddy. I love coming back to where my life started, and I love the simplicity of the town. I couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else.

Always happy to see this sign!

Always happy to see this sign!

26. E-Cards. I couldn’t make it a day without referencing one. I am thankful for the creation of these funny items, and I am thankful I also found a site where I can make my own. Hello, inappropriateness!

27. Nans. Bananas are a staple in my life, and clearly, I refer to them as nans. I am thankful for their versatility.

28. Twitter. Thankful for the ability to tweet random rants and create even more random hashtags.

29. My diverse and intense love affair with music. I’ve discussed this frequently on my blog, but I really am quite eclectic. Those who look at my playlists probably ponder whether or not I am drunk during their creation or if I have been eating paint chips. The answer is NO to either. (Below is my song of the moment that I rap/sing excessively.)

30. This blog. I freaking love this blog so much. It started as just a creative outlet for me and has turned in to so much more. I am thankful for all of my readers who love it as much as me. Thank you for reading 🙂

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday! Remember, we should all be thankful every single day, not just today, because we all are very lucky individuals.

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