Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.

And no good thing ever dies.


Ah, that line….quite easily one of my favorite quotes of all time from one of my favorite movies. Every time I am going through a difficult period or am put in a difficult situation, I think of it. I am pretty sure I said it about four thousand times this week.

I have never been more elated to say TGIF than I was today. This week has been, by far, one of the worst weeks of my life for a multitude of reasons. It started with an amazing race with friends in Columbus, and then everything slowly began to spiral out of control. While I am one who tends to shy away from sharing details attached to feelings or sad situations, I decided to describe my week in a series of quotes.


Amazing 5k in Columbus! Proud of myself and my friends!


Easier said than done.











Even though it’s not the weekend, yet, I feel this is fitting for tomorrow…..it is what I intend to do:


It started out with one of my best races of the year, and it ended with exciting news. All that stuff in the middle…..well, I’m just going to remember that there are no such things as regrets. After all, at one time those things were exactly what I wanted.

Happy to have let go of something that has been burning a hole in my heart for years and looking forward to what lies ahead. This head, these heels, and those standards…. I know just where they need to be.


Special thanks to pinterest for amazing pics, as usual.

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