I am obsessed with the South….southern accents, southern hospitality, southern brewed sweet tea (it is really an obsession I can’t kick)…the south is just a lovely place.  It also doesn’t hurt that there are beaches in the south, and we all know how I love the sand in my toes.

There is one thing in the south that absolutely gets under my skin and drives me certifiably bonkers.


I can't handle this picture...it makes me laugh so much. Thanks, google.

I can’t handle this picture…it makes me laugh so much. Thanks, google.

I do not know what it is about this woman, but she makes my blood boil when I see her. I feel like she makes up her accent as she goes about her day (ever notice how certain words are never the same twice?), I don’t like her love affair with butter, and I don’t like how she rips people off at her restaurant. Before we go any further, YES, I did laugh when Paula got hit in the face with the ham….and I am aware that probably makes me a bad person.

Earlier this week my friend Michael came over to hang out, which is always a guaranteed fun time. However, this visit he has a special surprise up his sleeve….a little thing called “Paula Deen riding things.” I know what you are thinking…..where is this going…..because that is what I thought when he asked me if I had seen this site or any of the images. Since I had not, I jumped on google, typed in “Paula Deen riding things”. Much to my surprise, a world of hilarity awaited me.

Some wonderful individuals took a picture of Paula and photoshopped the heck out of it. I love when those with mad photoshop skills maximize their talents. This is an example of that. Some of my favorites include:

I did come across one that angered me….a Paul Deen recreation of the Halloween costume I wore to work today!!!! What nerve!!!!!!

Here's Paula trying to be ET. She isn't even wearing the right outfit #epicfailPaula

Here’s Paula trying to be ET. She isn’t even wearing the right outfit #epicfailPaula


My creation. Obviously, mine is cooler.

My creation. Obviously, mine is cooler.

While I do dislike Paula with a passion, I recommend typing into google/yahoo “Paula Deen Riding Things” and have a laugh for yourself. You can also check out the actual site, Paula Deen Riding Things, by clicking here. It, too, is a blog where people can contribute new pictures of Paula Deen anytime. I think I’m going to put my photoshop skills to work and make an awesome one….the wheels are turning.

***No Butter was consumed during the creation of this blog post ***



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