Shorties need not apply.

When people meet me, I usually hear one of two things:

1. Hello.

2. Wow, you’re tall.

Realistically, the second is just as common as the first, so it doesn’t even phase me anymore when I hear it. The reality is I AM tall….quite tall…and the fact that I choose to wear super tall heels probably doesn’t help either.

Aww, just a little nugget with bird legs.

Aww, just a little nugget with bird legs.

I wasn’t always tall. In fact, it wasn’t until the summer between my eighth grade and freshman year in high school that I actually hit a growth spurt. Thank heavens this happened. I definitely wouldn’t say I was a midget, but I was smaller than I should be and disproportionate to some extent. My parents called me “Birdlegs” because I did have long legs, I just wasn’t at the height I should’ve been in my opinion. I’m not sure if it was family DNA or the fact that I inhaled vegetables like it was my job, but regardless, the tall fairy came, and I became the tall drink of water I am today.  Initially I did not like being tall. I stuck to wearing my basketball jerseys and Chuck Taylors every day because they were flat, not making me any taller. However, when I went off to college, I quickly embraced the high heel, and I have never looked back.  To be honest, I hadn’t really thought about the struggles of being tall until earlier today when a friend posted a link to one of my favorite websites, buzz The link sent me right to an article entitled “17 Everyday Struggles of Being a Tall Girl.” Check out the whole article here!

As I cruised through the article, I couldn’t help but commiserate. I knew all about these struggles! Well, most of them.

1.  Everyone asks if you play volleyball or basketball. Yes, yes this happened. And still happens! The truth is I did play both.  Sometimes this surprises people, and I think this irritates me more than being asked the question in the first place. Wearing fancy high heels must make people think I am someone who lacks athletic ability.

And I'm not too bad either!

And I’m not too bad either!

2. You get one picked over rack of clearance shoes at most. If you are a tall person and struggle with this, you are not looking at the right places, and you need to speak to me immediately. Trust me. I belong to shoeholics anonymous. I have big feet, and I can find amazing deals on shoes.

3. Your “awkward phase” just kind of never ended. Fortunately, my awkward phase did end. I do think that a big part of my awkwardness was something I brought on myself. I didn’t know how to embrace being taller than most people in school, so I dressed like a tomboy and focused on sports.  I’m not sure when I decided I was okay with being tall, but one day I just was.

4. You refuse to shop at Long Tall Sally. You are absolutely right I did! I remember getting those catalogs in the mail and chucking them right into the trash. Just because I am tall doesn’t mean that I should wear weird Mom jeans. NO WAY! Fortunately, I started a relationship with Express, one of my favorite stores because they had tall pants. Thanks for getting on that train before everyone else, Express.

5. That thing where you complain about jean length and your friends are like , “LOL yeah I have to get mine hemmed.” I don’t think I’ve ever had to have a pair of pants hemmed in my life.  I have done my fair share of complaining about pant length though…no one likes floods.

6.  Knowing you’ll always be the tragically superior hugger in any pairing of two girls hugging. This is very true for a tall lady like myself. However, I’m 100% okay with this. I love hugs, and if I have to be the superior hugger, then I will be the superior hugger!

7. The eternal question: shirt or dress? Since many women choose to wear shirts that barely cover their lady bits…and retailers cater to these types, it creates a problem for people like myself. Do I wear a piece of clothing as it was intended with the possibility of arrest for prostitution, or do I change it up? The majority of the time dresses for most females end up being shirts for me. I’m just happy that anything goes with fashion these days.

8. OMG everyone can see you dance. Truth. When I go dancing with my friends, I am like the lighthouse in the ocean. Everyone can see me. The only time I am okay with this is when I am doing the Cha Cha Slide….or Cupid Shuffle…really, any form of line dance.

9. When short girls judge you for wanting to date guys near your height. Sorry, I like guys taller than me. I’ve never dated anyone shorter than me, and I won’t. Sorry, short girls. I am specific in my taste.

10. It’s not that you mind standing out, but you can’t do that female pop star group thing. Yeah….I would stand out. Not for my height though, but for my terrible singing voice.

11. Most other people come up right to your chest. I joke about this all the time, especially with my tiny friends. There are some people who don’t even reach my chest! Oh well.  Invest in bigger shoes????

My tiny friend Angel...I'm crouching over, and she still can't reach my chest.

My tiny friend Angel…I’m crouching over, and she still can’t reach my chest.

12. The decision to wear heels is a commitment to being well over 6 feet tall for the day. Really, I end up being about 6’2″. Again, I am okay with this. I’m more comfortable in heels than flats any day.

13. Insufficient legroom in the passenger seat of your date’s car. I never have had a problem in the passenger seat, but in the backseat of anyone’s car I run into this problem. Fortunately for me, I get carsick in the backseat, so I get to avoid that.

14. Being taller than your slow dancing partner in middle school and high school. Not a struggle I had. In middle school, I was still short.  When high school hit I was dating someone taller than me.

15. Trends are not your friends. I’m unable to wear a romper, but I have been able to make trends I really want to work, work. I don’t think I would wear a romper anyway….they are kind of strange.

16. Feeling immediately terrible at concerts/movies for blocking people behind you. I have gotten yelled at for this in the past, but to be honest, it’s not my problem. I can’t help that I am tall, just like you can’t help that you are shorter than me. I spent the same amount on my ticket as you. Next time, wear heels.

I love the show Girl Code. Thanks for this parody, MTV.

I love the show Girl Code. Thanks for this parody, MTV.

17. People meeting you for the first time always say, “You’re so tall!” I started this blog entry saying just this. It’s like the weird forced compliment that people think is natural to start out their conversation saying. As if I would debate it.

To summarize, if you are someone who hasn’t met me, please do not start off with a comment about my height. Yes, I love that I am tall, but it is as apparent as the fact that I have brown eyes….or am a female. Trust me, I am aware.

And no, I won’t stop wearing heels, so don’t even ask.

One thought on “Shorties need not apply.

  1. Whitney B. says:

    As someone almost as tall as you, I hope I didn’t say that when I met you – because I was thinking “Wow she’s pretty and fun – I want to be her friend” 🙂

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