RAVE OF THE WEEK: Fall, welcome back you fiesty devil!

On a scale of 1-10, how happy am I that it is FALL?????????

The correct answer: 20!!!! Can you see me doing cartwheels from your house? Probably.

Similar to how I look at life, I try to find the silver lining and little joys in everything. There are aspects of every season that I enjoy…Fall just happens to be my absolute favorite for many reasons.

I like the winter because I get to rock out my Ugg Boots (I don’t care what you haters say), plus I really like drinking hot chocolate and watching Home Alone at Christmas time….I guess reciting the line “Buzz…your girlfriend…woof” never gets old.

Favorite line from a movie ever? perhaps. Photo Courtesy of my friends at yahoo.

Favorite line from a movie ever? perhaps.
Photo Courtesy of my friends at yahoo.

I like the spring because I love love love flowers, and watching them bloom is just a beautiful sight. Also, this is the time of year that the running season kicks off, so I am happy as a clam.

Summer…well, we all know I celebrate my birthday pretty much the entire summer, so that’s why I love it. Throw in swimming pools, BBQs, and fireworks, and I am sold. Summer, you almost win, but your girl Fall….she takes the cake.

Fall…why do I love thee? Let me count thy ways:

1. Football is Back! When the football season ends, I seriously enter into a period of brief depression. Yes, I love baseball, but football….it is just the greatest sport ever. When I hear the Monday Night football music fire back up, I am excited. Big time. Here we go, Steelers, here we go!

2. Pumpkin everything! Gosh, pumpkin makes everything better! Starbucks has my pumpkin spice lattes…Whitehouse Fruit Farm has my favorite pumpkin doughnuts….I can make pumpkin rolls without being questioned…every candle smells like pumpkin. Ah, I just love it!

You make the world a better place, PSL.

You make the world a better place, PSL.

3. Akron Marathon! The Akron Marathon holds a very special place in my heart, so I look forward to it every September. Not only was it the first “big” race I participated in, but I also have run it with my dad, and most recently, on a relay team full of special crazy characters. We call ourselves “Running for Donuts”, and I cannot wait for the race the 28th. This year we add “Glazed” to our roster since “Coffee Roll” is out with an injury.

Our team last year!

Our team last year!

4. I have an excuse to roll with Zombies. While I am not one who is focused on a zombie apocalypse, I do think zombies are fun. This weekend I get to participate in a Zombie Mud Run with one of my BFFs, Jodi. I am excited to combine my love of getting dirty with running, and the challenge of escaping zombies will be crazy, I’m sure.

5. Speaking of zombies, Halloween: My favorite holiday! It is no surprise that I love to dress up and am always looking for an excuse to rock out a costume, so naturally, Halloween is right up my alley. I’m super pumped this year because I am going to bring a character from one of my favorite movies, The Neverending Story, to life.  If you don’t like Falcor….well, Houston, we have a problem.

Not going to lie, really stoked for this one.

Not going to lie, really stoked for this one.

6. Memory Walk Time! As everyone who knows me can attest, I have a strong passion for the Alzheimer’s Association due to the fact that my maternal grandmother, Bubu, suffers from the disease. While I hate that the disease exists, I love that people from all over come together for the Memory Walk every October. I also am very proud of my mother who organizes an amazing event every year. This year the walk is on October 12th, and if you want to walk with us, please feel free! You can learn more about the event, make a donation, or sign up to walk by clicking this link!

You can even bring your dogs to walk! I used to bring Simon, and he had his own team shirt!

You can even bring your dogs to walk! I used to bring Simon, and he had his own team shirt!

One thing I should mention I dislike about Fall? The fact that retailers don’t let us enjoy it. Why, Hobby Lobby, do you have your Christmas trees and decor already out? Let me enjoy my hoodies, bonfires, football, and pumpkins for awhile first. Santa can freaking wait.

Thanks for this photo, loveprintables.com

Thanks for this photo, loveprintables.com

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