Hi, I’m Katie, and I’m an addict.

I never thought I would say those words, but in order to face my addiction I have to come clean.  I’m actively seeking some form of online forum or support group to aide in a speedy recovery, as I can assure you….I’m in deep.

I’ve spent the last three weeks enjoying a little relationship with a creepy little devil named Bronchitis, which has been absolutely terrible. It has prevented me from working out, sleeping, and enjoying my life. My cough has been annoying to everyone, and I’m tired of hiding my prescription in applesauce just to fool myself into taking it. There has been one positive thing with being sick: it has given me some time to get acquainted with a little series called Prison Break.

This series ran from 2005-2009, and I don’t know why I never chose to watch it back then. I should’ve known that the series would be amazing…I mean, I saw Wentworth Miller in my girl Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” video. I should’ve known then that anything he would be in was worth my time. Just in case you missed him in that little musical number, don’t worry…here it is……but seriously, Mariah….you almost chose nasty Eric Roberts over Wentworth and his Chuck Taylors…..you should know better.

Anyway, I had recently finished up a little prison drama called Orange is the New Black and was in search of a new series to watch. While at my high school’s alumni game, a friend mentioned that I should look into Prison Break. Since I was obviously into the prison scene based on my recent Netflix viewings, I figured I would give it a shot.

The first day I put on Prison Break I watched 9 straight hours. I was actually MAD that I had to go to bed because I didn’t want to stop watching, I was so involved…not just because I find Wentworth absolutely delicious, but because the storyline was so dynamic. When the Bronch decided to enter my life, I was forced to utilize some sick days and remain in my apartment. Boo hiss…..guess I better watch some PB. 

One week later, I had successfully watched seasons one and two. This means I slayed 44 episodes. I devoted more time to a tv show than the hours in a work week,  and I didn’t care. What does this mean? This means I have an addiction, and I need an intervention. So if someone wants to be the person to get me away from my Netflix, be my guest.

Only…can you wait a little bit? I still have seasons three and four that I need to watch…….

Oh, Wentworth...it appears you know what I like from Starbucks #soulmates Photo Courtesy of fanpop.com

Oh, Wentworth…it appears you know what I like from Starbucks #soulmates
Photo Courtesy of fanpop.com


I strongly suggest you put this show in your Netflix queue.


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