Coffee: Nectar of the Gods.

Learn something new every day.

I have heard this many times over the course of my lifetime from so many different people, and it is one of the few things I do try to accomplish on a daily basis. Sometimes I learn something new about myself, sometimes I learn something new about someone I know, and sometimes I just learn to do something I didn’t know how to do. This week I learned something pretty important.

I learned how to make coffee.

I know what you are thinking. I am a self admitted coffee addict who drinks coffee like it is going out of style every day. However, as much as I love coffee, I never knew how to make my own. When my coffee habit began years ago, my parents bought me my very own Keurig, which I love because it is no fuss and gives me options every day. It also means that all I have to do is jam a pod into the device every morning with very little effort. Of course, I still like to indulge in my Dunkin and Starbucks on days when I leave my coffee sitting on the kitchen counter (which is pretty much every Monday morning). This helps me until we fire up the coffee pot at work.

Coffee: My faithful companion who never lets me down

Coffee: My faithful companion who never lets me down

I love brewed coffee, but my inability to make it myself started to put me into a conundrum at the office. Our department has our own coffee pot, which my boss is usually in charge of brewing. However, he tends to enjoy “reheated” coffee….and I won’t drink coffee that is a day old…no no no no NO! Since my loved ones know about my love affair with coffee, I am constantly gifted with bags of flavored coffee, which is the greatest gift one could give me. I bring the coffee, my boss makes it, and no one kills each other.

However, this past week my boss wasn’t in the office to make the coffee….I was having a horrific day…and I needed caffeine like nobody’s business. So I had to call in reinforcements….and my pal, George, saved the day by showing me how to brew coffee. Once I learned how simple it was, I was mad at myself for not learning earlier, but I was so happy to finally know such a basic skill (especially when the skill is critical to my survival every morning).

Those of you who haven’t learned anything new yet today, there is your freebie: you learned I survived all of these years without knowing how to brew coffee.

The most fitting eCard of all time.

The most fitting eCard of all time.

One thought on “Coffee: Nectar of the Gods.

  1. Whitney B. says:

    haha and I got you a bag of coffee for your birthday!! I had no idea you didn’t know how to make coffee. I would have taught you 😉

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