Mama Mia!

I am a big fan of random tidbits of wisdom…especially those tidbits that are useless .  Realistically, these are the only things that I tend to remember. Therefore, when my mother gave me a little book called “Mother to Daughter: Shared Wisdom from the Heart,” I was excited to read the 376 pieces of wisdom a mother should share with her daughter….and determine if they really were applicable. Since I have no intention on spawning anytime soon, I figure I have plenty of time to educate myself.  Below are some of my favorites. Surprisingly, my mother didn’t need this book to know what was going on…..she is that awesome.

My mom and I when I was just a little nugget.

My mom and I when I was just a little nugget.

#36 Check little brothers and pets regularly for glued-on sequins and stars, glitter, or lipstick. My mom tried her best to prevent my little brother from being a craft project, but there were times when I was sneaky. My poor little brother. I feel kind of like he may still hate me for all of the time I attempted to girlify him…..or made him play house….or with my Barbies. Sorry, Zack.

It's almost like he knows I'm about to make him my own real life doll.

It’s almost like he knows I’m about to make him my own real life doll.

#37 Tell her she can be anything she wants. But then don’t ask her why in the world she wants to be an actress or doctor or soldier or housewife. You know what I told my mother I wanted to be when I grew up? Cyndi Lauper’s sister. Seriously. I told her I was going to move to California to be Cyndi’s sister. She didn’t even flinch. Or laugh. What a saint.

#32 Read to her every night– classics from your childhood, as well as her favorites. I’m so glad my parents read to me every night before bed. My book of choice? The Dictionary. I’m not joking. It was actually a children’s dictionary, and I am positive my mother still has it. Because of this, I have an extensive vocabulary. Who needs Peter Rabbit when you can cycle through all of the letters that start with ” J ” in one night? Not this girl.

#211 Explain to her father that hiring a hit man isn’t an option. Fortunately for me, I don’t know how many times my mother has had this talk with my dad.  I can guarantee it has happened though.

#179 Give her the confidence to wear what she wants despite the dictates of fashion. It may come as a shock since I love shoes and clothes so much now, but there was a time when all I would wear were basketball shorts, reversible mesh tank tops,  and Scottie Pippen or Anfernee Hardaway jerseys. That time pretty much encompassed my entire junior high and high school years. Now, years later, I still wear items that raise my mother’s eyebrow….the only difference is now she can’t ground me for wearing them.

Looking stylish....

Looking stylish….

#17 Start off her baking career by letting her sprinkle the holiday cookies with sugar and sprinkles. We all know that I am huge into baking. I didn’t just fall in love with it on my own. My mom is an incredible baker and cook, as are both of my grandmothers. I was very fortunate that they let me help when I was younger…and shared their recipes with me as I got older.

#48 Make dinnertime sacred. Everyone is to attend, everyone will be heard. My family had dinner together every single night growing up. It is the one thing I miss the most about my childhood, and it is also one of the things I am most thankful for. I don’t think families today realize how important those small moments are in shaping your values and who you are.

#93 Teach her to write than-you notes. For everything. I still write thank you notes to everyone, handwritten ones. I know email is so much easier, but getting snail mail is so wonderful that I will never give that up.

#136 Encourage her to do a little good every day. My mother is such a wonderful and selfless person. She is always doing good for others. Because of this, I have gotten involved in charities and am constantly trying to help others however I can.

My mom and I at the 18 "Fore" Andy Fundraiser. We raised over $13, 400!

My mom and I at the 18 “Fore” Andy Fundraiser. We raised over $13, 400!

#146 Remind her that girls who act dumb to attract boys attract dumb boys. I am thankful for this one more than I could ever say. From a very young age my mother taught me how important it is to be true to myself and not change myself for anyone, especially boys. Too many girls I have met over the course of my lifetime change for every guy they are with or to attract the wrong people. Those girls are not only stupid, but are extremely annoying to me. This is also why I can’t stand Jessica Simpson.

#168 Remind her over and over again: It’s all about who her friends are. My mother has had the two same best friends since high school…those are long, quality friendships that set a great example for me. While I have gained new friendships through college and my adult years, two of my best friends from elementary school are still my best friends, and I am so thankful my mother taught me about how important these friendships would be to me in my life.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 8.54.20 PM

I am always learning something new from my mother, and I am so thankful to have her in my life as my mother and best friend. It didn’t take a little book to remind me of all of the lessons she has taught me over time, but it did remind me how lucky I am to have learned the lessons I have. Love you, Mom!

My mom and I...Easter a few years back

My mom and I…Easter a few years back

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