Where’s the remote?

Oh, that’s right. It’s not working right now.

Yes, I know….I have been absent from my blog all week. I was well aware of this, but when I got to my parents’ house this afternoon, my dad made sure to remind me that I have been slacking. Thanks, dad.Let’s get something straight. I wasn’t slacking. I have been removed from the technological world all week, and this has been a real struggle.

Bad relationships are never ever fun, nor is admitting that you’ve been in one, but I have been in one since November. This relationship involved a real jerk, too: Time Warner Cable. I have been anti-TWC since the beginning, but I tried to give them a chance. We had many arguments, and it was clear that the relationship was going nowhere fast. Finally, i had enough. The final straw came when they added services to my bill without my consent. I should probably apologize to those who heard me chew out three different TWC employees last week. While I don’t remember my exact wording, I do remember I wasn’t exactly kind and was quite loud. Oh well.

I pinkslipped Time Warner on Sunday, which meant I had to go two days without internet or cable since my new provider was unable to come hook up my service until Tuesday. Tuesday changed to Friday. Friday came and went without service. Allegedly the new provider will now be there on Monday… we’ll see about that, but I hope for their sake they are.

Being without cable and internet has proven to be quite interesting. Realistically, I have never been without television my entire life. I can handle a lack of reality tv, in fact, I was kind of excited about it. I know I waste a lot of time watching garbage that adds no value to my life. Internet? Now that’s a different story. Yes, I have a smartphone, but I can’t do a lot of the stuff I need to do on it. I can’t believe I managed to survive.

A Week without Technology taught me:

1. My apartment is a much cleaner place. Every night this week I ran the vacuum, my bed was made every morning, and there was never a dish in the sink. It was quite pristine. I’m not saying it is ever “trashed”, but I do have a tendency to let shoes pile up like Mt. Kilamanjaro, and there are days where Rolo wrappers decorate the carpet.

2. My iTunes library is ridiculous. I cannot do anything in silence, not even sleep, so if a television is not on for the noise factor, then music must be. I listen to my music often, but I don’t typically just shuffle through all of the songs. At one point this week my playlist went as follows (I don’t even know what to say about the last one):

-“Project Bitch” Cash Money Records/Lil Wayne

-“The Sign” Ace of Base

-“Don’t Wanna Lose You Now” Backstreet Boys

The Gummy Bears Theme Song

3. Sex and the City is just as fabulous the hundredth time as it was the first. SATC is, by far, my favorite show of all time. I watched every episode when it came out, I watch every rerun I can, and I own the entire collection. At one point this week I decided I had to watch something, so I decided to start with Season One. I finished that up within a day, so I will be starting Season Two probably tomorrow night. The best part of watching everything again? I forgot some of the vulgarities that TBS edits out during the reruns. That show just never gets old to me.

4. People at Panera are strange. I had no choice but to retreat to Panera to do some work on my laptop yesterday and ended up spending about four hours there. The people that came in and out of that establishment were very interesting. It’s not smart to go to a place where people watching is high when you are trying to accomplish something.

5. I get ready much faster without VH1 Jump Start playing as I beautify myself in the morning. It has been a ritual of mine for as long as I can remember to watch music videos in an attempt to wake myself up in the early hours of the day. As I learned this week, I clearly was dedicating too much time to watching Adam Levine sing to me and learning about the VH1 “You Oughta Know” artist of the month. This means I get to sleep in longer and screw around less.

6. I no longer have an excuse as to why my nails are not painted. Usually I say I have no time. Now I have plenty of it. Hello, beautiful glittery nail beds!

7. I got around to doing some stuff I have been putting off for ages. For example, I have been wanting to clean out my underwear drawer for months….I couldn’t even shut the drawer. This week I tossed out pairs I was over and organized those I kept so the drawer would shut. I also finally tackled the running tshirts that have been stacking up. Running as many races as I do has its perks, like the free swag, but sometimes the tshirts are hideous or just aren’t my style. I was able to toss about twenty different ones (and when I say toss I mean bring home to my dad so he can rock them out). My mom is also happy to report that she got back all of the Tupperware I had stolen from her over the last few months.

Didn't believe me????

Didn’t believe me????

8. I worked out more. The timing couldn’t have come at a better time since I am starting a Beachbody challenge August 1st. I’m ready to rock that out, and I am so excited to try out Shaun T’s new T25 program. It’s the only insanity I will allow to enter my life.

It’s going to be nice having internet again come Monday, but having Hulu/Netflix now will prevent me from watching tv just to watch it. I’m excited to see what else I will be able to accomplish…and excited to put a major dent in my Big 31 list!

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