RAVE OF THE WEEK: My Birthday!

There is one thing that will never change about me: I will always celebrate my birthday, and I will always celebrate the pants off it.

This year, by far, has been my best birthday to date. I’m not sure if it was because of the people I celebrated with, the things I did, or just the fact that I am in a much happier place internally than I have been in recent years. Regardless, it was absolutely fantastic and full of fun and exciting things.

What a cute little baby I was!

What a cute little baby I was!

I started my pre birthday weekend with back to back 5ks with my SARC Psycho running pals, Andrea and Sharon. Saturday we participated in the Andrea Rose Teodosio 5k in Akron, which was an amazing and well organized event honoring the memory of a young girl lost in a terrible skiing accident, Andrea Rose (you can read more about Andrea Rose and her foundation HERE ). I will be honest: usually when I sign up for a race, I don’t really care much about what it is called, and I don’t really look into the cause behind the race the majority of the time. After hearing Andrea Rose’s mother speak about her late daughter and her mission to make the world a better place, I was so happy I ran for such a good cause and person. This 5k is one I will always do, not just because they had Rita’s frozen ice at the finish or a cool photo booth, but for the goodness it represents. For my runner friends, I highly recommend it in the future. Mayor Alai’s 5k that we ran on Sunday? Not sure I would recommend that one. I don’t know what was worse: the heat or the first half mile up a terrible hill, but the pancakes after were quite delightful. After I got home from my run, I had a sister date with Emily that entailed margaritas and my favorite flatbread pizza at Chili’s…probably not the best choice since we decided to spend the rest of the day in the swimming pool observing my neighbors and their strange hairstyles.

After Mayor Alai's 5k...and a horrible hill...

After Mayor Alai’s 5k…and a horrible hill…

Mondays are always a difficult week for me. I love weekends more than I can express, so my attitude tends to me a little lackluster when I walk into my office Monday morning. However, this particular morning I had a lovely surprise: one of my favorite graduates, Barb, came to see me and brought me lots of fun treats. We also got to catch up and chat, which is always a pleasure since I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like since she is done with classes.

Tuesday was a super exciting day for me. After work I celebrated myself at one of my favorite restaurants, Wasabi. I ate a ton of food, drank too many zombies, and was very excited when the wait staff sang to me. The really exciting part of the evening? I finally ended my tumultuous relationship with Time Warner Cable and hooked up my Apple Tv. It’s an adjustment not having cable, but I will tell you…Apple Tv is amazing, and I am obsessed with it already. If you are an Apple freak like me, I strongly recommend it. Click here to see what Apple Tv is all about.

Getting serenaded at Wasabi.

Getting serenaded at Wasabi.

How excited was I for Wednesday???!!!!! My friend Kyla and I had tickets to see Gavin DeGraw, The Script, and Train at Blossom. We had awesome seats, and it was such a great show. I was extremely excited to be close enough to Gavin DeGraw to see sweat on his face, but I was disappointed that Kyla and I didn’t take advantage of the “Mermaids of Alcatraz” tour because had we dressed up like a mermaid, we would’ve gotten to go on stage and sing with Train. We won’t make that mistake again, that’s for sure. We did manage to create our own costumes (which doubled as fans).

We are fantastic mermaids!

We are fantastic mermaids!

Initially Whitney and I had planned to hit up the local Jazz and Wine festival on Thursday, but after some discussion decided it just wasn’t worth the $35 ticket cost, so we opted to visit the local Farmer’s Market and had dinner at Aladdin’s instead. I literally could eat at Aladdin’s every single day of my life. I was excited to learn of this Farmer’s Market…the produce was cheap and awesome. My work pals and fellow Trust Tree members also took me out to lunch (Chili’s again, because I am obsessed with it). I feel very lucky to work with such wonderful and fun people.

My boss is making a weird face (as usual), and I am yelling at him (as usual).

My boss is making a weird face (as usual), and I am yelling at him (as usual).

And then Friday, my actual birthday, arrived.

I have been waiting for Friday for what seems like forever. Why? Because this was the day Whit and I were going to FINALLY take the segway tour of Cleveland. I have had an obsession with segways for a really long time…. it started with this annoying little video I came across years ago. I mean, if a chimp can do it, why can’t I?

Anyway, Whit and I arrived at Tower City ready for this crazy adventure. I could barely contain my excitement!!! I think Whitney thought I was a little crazy when I suggested taking advantage of the Living Social segway deal awhile back, but I am so glad she agreed to participate. Our segway guide, Karl, was a funny and quirky gentleman who was a delight to be around. After a brief segway training session that lasted about ten minutes, we took to the streets of Cleveland. Even though we have been all over Cleveland countless times, it was still very cool to experience the city on these devices. Whit and I loved them so much that we both want to purchase one….For more information on the segway tours, check out the website HERE.

Saturday was a day that I have been waiting for since way back in high school: the day my friends Melissa and Jason tied the knot!  Before getting all dolled up for the wedding festivities, I met up with one of my college friends (and one of the best guys I know), Zack for brunch. I love getting to spend time with my college friends, and I love the fact that Zack has relocated not far from my hometown, so there is no excuse for me not to get to see him. It was a great way to start the day.

Not only was I excited for Melissa and Jason to finally get married after such a long period of time, but I was extremely excited to spend time with both of them since they live in Charlotte, as well as my dear friend Diddle. It’s crazy that we have been friends for so long, yet when we spend time together, it is like nothing has changed. The weather gods cooperated, the wedding was beautiful, the sangria tasty….all in all, a perfect day. I cannot wait to visit them in Charlotte in October.

Diddle, Myself, Melissa, Jason. Love you guys.

Diddle, Myself, Melissa, Jason.
Love you guys.

Sunday was all about family and celebrating with them. The only person missing from the celebration was my brother, as he was working and wasn’t able to be home. Still, I got to spend time with my parents and grandparents…even a quick visit with my uncle while visiting Bubu in the nursing home. I love getting to spend time back in my hometown…it is so peaceful and refreshing. I know it is no surprise, but I’m a little spoiled. Every year my mother makes whatever meal I request (it is always the same….I’m a creature of habit) and makes me whatever birthday cake I want decorated in some crazy way. Over the years she has made 3D pigs, cake shaped like pizzas and hamburgers…you name it, she has made it, so fortunately this year’s mustache request wasn’t too difficult. The best part of my birthday dinner? We rocked out some fake mustaches (my dad has a real one, no need for a falsie). It always makes me sad to leave my parents’ house, but it was nice to return home to a special delivery of my favorite brownies/blondie’s from Fatwitch Bakery in New York City . Haven’t heard of them??? You are missing out. I am obsessed with them, and that is where you can find me whenever I am in the city. You can check them out by clicking this link!

Even at 90, Grandma still knows how to have a good time!

Even at 90, Grandma still knows how to have a good time!

Finally, today, over a week after the celebration of myself started, I decided to wrap things up. Whit and I went to “All Fired Up”, a local craft hub where you can make plates and vases and all sorts of crafty items. We opted to make glass plates. While the finished products won’t be available for pick up until next week, I know they will be fabulous. We can’t wait to go back again and create something else new and exciting!

Creating our works of art.

Creating our works of art.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Jack Kerouac: “Be in Love with your Life. Every Minute of it.” Guess what? I am in love with mine, not just during my birthday week, but every week. I am very lucky….I have great people in my life and have the opportunity to do lots of fun and exciting things. I feel very fortunate to be able to share events like my birthday with so many people, just as I enjoy celebrating the special days in their lives. To each and every one of you who took the time out of your busy lives to wish me a happy day or celebrate with me, thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to have the life I have.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 3.32.48 PM

2 thoughts on “RAVE OF THE WEEK: My Birthday!

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m glad you had such a great birthday week…see ya Saturday 🙂

  2. Whitney B. says:

    I had so much fun on your Tour de Birthday – and I hope we do all those things again!

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