RANT OF THE WEEK: Cereal Killers

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There was a time that I survived entirely on cereal. This time was during college, and yes, it was by choice. I’m not 100% sure why…my college cafeteria had some bomb grilled provolone (that actually sealed the deal in me choosing the school I did), not to mention some incredible cheese omelets. In addition to the heavenly cheese items, they had a fabulous cereal bar with an abundance of options that seemed to seduce me multiple times daily.

Growing up, we really weren’t allowed to eat sugary cereals, as my family was rather health conscientious. Apparently when I went off to college I felt it was time to make some bad decisions, and while trying apple pie moonshine may have been one of them, overindulging in sugary cereal was certainly another. Sometime around Halloween I discovered the game changers of the cereal world: Booberry and Frankenberry cereal. Yes, it was love at first site. I couldn’t get enough! (No offense, Count Chocula…you aren’t even in the same league as your counterparts).

Ever since college, I have had an obsession with these two cereals. Realistically, I don’t eat cereal often, and when I do, it is Raisin Bran because I love it. I try to avoid the sugary stuff, but when I see those pink and blue boxes in a grocery shelf, I can’t help myself. I’m like a hoarder. My mom contributes to the cereal madness by purchasing me numerous boxes of Frankenberry (my favorite if I absolutely had to choose) every Halloween when the supply of plentiful. In fact, I usually have about ten boxes (sometimes more) on reserve for when I need my fix.

Which brings me to this rant.

Why in the world are these fabulous cereals only available during Halloween? My supply has been kicked for awhile now, which usually happens around this time of year. However, I always somehow am able to find a supply somewhere. Not this year. This past week I have been creeping all over the Northeastern Ohio area in search of a pink or blue box, and I ended up emptyhanded. Mid week I actually hopped online to see if I could find a supplier on the world wide web. Know what I found? People selling it for almost $12 a box! What kind of ridiculousness is that???!!!!!! Now I understand why people who love Twinkies freaked out when they stopped making them. This outrages me as a consumer. General Mills, you’re killin me!

(Sidebar for you Twinkie fans: Did you hear the great news??? If not, click here to get excited! )

I will not pay the escalated price of $12/box. Instead, I will patiently wait for Halloween and buy every single box of Frankenberry I see. Take that you cereal killers!

See you soon, lovemuffin.

See you soon, lovemuffin.


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