Katetastic =Weird, quirky SSB.

I am the first to readily admit that when it rains, I like to be home alone. I don’t care if it is a Friday night, and everyone is out and about. This is when I like to participate in what Sarah Jessica Parker identified as “SSB=Scary Single Behavior” on my favorite tv show of all time, Sex and the City. My SSB varies, as I do lots of quirky things that I enjoy without anyone telling me they are weird and not to do them. Honestly, I would probably still do them if someone did………Anyway, my favorites include watching tv with my shirt off, lighting a bunch of candles, drinking my favorite wine from Mon Ami winery in a weird Cheshire Cat mug, and watching romantical movies whilst eating strange food combinations. Sometimes I throw on a lovely hydrating facial mask and pretend it is a spa night. In Chateau Katalina, anything goes.

This evening I spent the bulk of my night getting caught up on emails I had neglected throughout the week and researching places to move (yes, I know….again) while all of the aforementioned activities took place. As always, I became tired of the emails, so I meandered over to that timesucking devil, Facebook. I really do hate that site. I go on there to wish ONE person a happy birthday and suddenly seven hours have passed. Usually I sign off of facebook in some state of annoyance, so I don’t know why I even bother.

Tonight, however, I was on a mission: I was on the hunt for a very specific photo that I knew I had in one of the many photo albums. Since I have the patience of a toddler, I grew frustrated and eventually ended up cruising around my page instead of remembering what prompted me to log in for the first place. Somehow I ended up in the “Notes” section of my profile which was full of ridiculous surveys and strange, pointless entries. Remember when everyone did those every two seconds on myspace? It was ridiculous, and I’m not sure why they ever made the jump over to Facebook. I ended up finding one that I completed back in August of 2009 entitled “41 things I bet you did not know about me.” Reading it not only made me smile, but reminded me how my little quirks (for the most part) have remained the same as the years have passed. Yes, I have weird habits and quirks….and before you say it, yes there are way more than 41…..Enjoy this little flashback to 2009….and the updated italicized 2013 notes!

41 Things I bet You did not know about me…….
by Katie Stambaugh (Notes) on Friday, August 14, 2009 at 11:55pm


Okay, here’s what you do.  Fill out 41 random things about yourself, and then tag 25 people. Good luck!
1. Everyone calls me Katie Mae, even though my middle name is Elizabeth. Yes, still happening.

2. I have an absolutely horrific fear of frogs and toads. One of these days I will seriously do the hypnosis thing.

3. Every day I eat a peanut butter and cheese sandwich. Delicious! Not every day anymore, but still frequently. I’m also actively trying to get others to get hip to their awesomeness.

4. The only pop I like to drink is flat and warm. Unless I’m sick and channeling my inner Sweet Brown.

5. I make a banana cake that I am pretty sure Bobby Flay could not take down in a throwdown. You know I will never stop making this cake. Nor will I share the recipe.

6. Without my Ipod and my cell phone, I am a lost soul. Thanks to my iPhone, I only have to tote around one of these.

7. I vowed I would never join a sorority in college, but it was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Truth!

8. I am the most tone deaf person alive, but I will never miss an opportunity to sing anything Journey. Don’t Stop Believin….every.single.time.

9. One should know that bad things happen when I drink a Long Island Iced Tea. I haven’t had one of these since PROBABLY 2009.

10. I own over 300 pairs of shoes. And I dont plan on stopping that anytime soon. My feet are still happy.

11. Textually active is an understatement. Over 10,000 a month and going strong!

12. There is one person on this planet that knows everything about me and can destroy me in a minute, and that person is John Paul Grubbs. He will always be the first person I call to bail me out of jail. BFFs 4 Life!

13. I will never understand how anyone can carry a baby around in one of those sling things. Freakish. Angers me beyond words.

14. Mantracker is a tv show Im hoping to get all reading this hooked on. I’m still looking for someone to attempt this show with me.

15. I called off a wedding and uprooted my life, another one of the best decisions Ive ever made. Seems like a lifetime ago. Thank heavens I made that decision. #bumsneednotapply

16. I miss my brother and wish he would move closer to me. Yes, please!

17. I deeply miss some of my high school friends, but am thankful for the few I remain close to. Love my high school friends!

18. I learned that a person can have fatty tissue in their eye, which I bet no one else knows except those fine people who work late on Thursday at ITT Tech. Thank heavens I quit that place.

19. I always always always wear ginormous sunglasses. When I do this, Im channeling my inner Jackie O. The bigger the better.

20. My parents have been married for 30 years and are absolutely amazing! 34 years in August!

21. I simply do not understand how someone can say a pug has an ugly face. Please people! Such beautiful  creatures!

22. When I find something extremely funny, I say “I just peed”. I say this a lot. If I had a dime for every time I say this daily, I’d have some serious bank.

23. I drive a volkswag bug, which fits my personality totally. I miss my bug, but I sure do love my Farrah (as in Xterra).

24. My family and I overuse the term “Kin” and only we know why. ALWAYS!

25. I truly believe that ice cream is medicine. Someone can gladly bring me some now…..

26. I will never, ever be afraid to tell you how I really feel. Just call me Blunt. I do need censored.

27. If you haven’t read I hope they serve Beer in Hell or anything by Chelsea Handler, you should, then you will understand my sense of humor.  Also, add in there anything by Heather McDonald.

28. A few of my most cherished memories include lunch with my Xis, home economics in high school, and going to my grandma’s before practice for a Scotcheroo. Add the wonderful sleepy Saturdays I spent lying on the couch with my little Simon “in the diamond” and snoring…I sure do miss those moments.

29. Im trying to kick my Coach addiction, but that’s not working out for me. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to anything these days….

30. I think all guys should wear Aqua Di Gio. Always. I don’t care who says what, it still smells so so so so so amazing!

31. I have a new respect for tattoos thanks to my dear friend Lisa V. Still haven’t gotten one.

32. I will proudly lead any line dance at a wedding. Or at any bar, for that matter.

33. I once ate 38 pieces of red licorice in high school, and Im pretty sure some members of the basketball team know what happened next. Hahahaha! Oh the pressure to be the top candy seller in Art Club!

34. I cannot drive any car that is not automatic. And no, i do not have the patience to learn. It just won’t happen. Ever.

35. The number 33 is my favorite number. Scottie Pippen…still my fave athlete! Lebron who?

36. I really hate tomatoes, tomato sauce, salad dressing, and any condiments. I’ve slowly started eating tomatoes…slowly.

37. I am a very proud Republican.  Due to varying opinions and increasing blood pressure, I refrain from discussing politics in open forums.

38. I dont understand how people can complain about how uncomfortable thongs are. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

39. I wear a sleep mask to bed every night. Really, I cant sleep without it. They just help me sleep better!

40. I have my own dialouge of terms that I like to steal from famous friends like Michael K and pass on to the world. i.e. ham wallet. I should publish these terms….maybe  in a blog one day.

41. Writing 41 things about me was harder than I thought. Nah…I’m a weird bird. I have many more where these came from.

Now what picture was I looking for on Facebook again?????????????????????????????

2 thoughts on “Katetastic =Weird, quirky SSB.

  1. Whitney B. says:

    Where were those line dancing skills in Nashville?!

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