RAVE OF THE WEEK: You’re drunk, Pearl.

My inbox has been flooded lately with emails from people letting me know how much they enjoy my blog. As a writer, this makes me happy. When I started writing my blog, my intent was simple: I just wanted a creative outlet for my brain. If people liked it, that would be cool, but if no one other than my parents read it, that would be okay, too. Somehow I have collected a nice little army of Katetastic followers, and to all of you….thank you for appreciating my sometimes sarcastic, crazy, and all over the place sense of humor and writing style.

While I’m not really in the writing mood today (I blame a case of the sads and being sick), I did want to share one of my all time favorite Will Ferrell skits that makes me laugh every single time while also serving as one of my go to funnies when I need a pick me up.

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