Purge? Yes, please!

If there is one thing I love, it is a good movie.


It is well known that I am always watching or quoting some kind of movie…sometimes they are movies that I have seen millions of times (my dad is always making fun of me for this), sometimes they are stupid Lifetime movies, and sometimes they are weird flicks that I watch only to see if they live up to the hype. There is, however, one kind of movie that I stay away from: the creepy, scary kind.

I may have gotten tricked into watching that creepy Sinister movie last year, but I can tell you one thing: that will not happen again. I mean, I still sleep with a light on  thanks to that movie! So when I saw the premiere for the new scary thriller The Purge, I knew that would be one that I would be passing on seeing, but it did make me curious. What was it about?

During a random conversation with my co-workers, I brought up how creepy this movie looked and asked if they knew what it was about. My boss mentioned the storyline to me, which was pretty simple: for one day, anything goes. Society can be purged, so violence and crime can be committed without any form of punishment. Since I over analyze everything, it got me thinking.

I’ve always associated the word “purge” with negative behavior. I blame health class and the discussion on eating disorders for that. Is it really that negative, though? After some thought I came to the conclusion that purging isn’t always bad. So I got to thinking about my life and what I could purge to make it better.

It’s no secret that I’ve had my fair share of obstacles and changes over the past year, and regardless of what they were/are, I have attempted to see the silver lining and learning experience in each. It hasn’t been easy, but I have tried. In hindsight, I have realized that in recent months I have purged some total crap out of my life. My choices are proof that purges aren’t scary or bad…

Quality Katie Purges

Parasite Friends: I am very, very, very fortunate for my amazing friends. THE REAL ONES. They are from all walks of life and are amazing for so many different reasons. However, there always comes a point where people you think are your friends turn out not to be, or worse, they turn out to be a parasite. What exactly is a parasite friend? Well, in my world, they are the people who just take, take, take and never ever give. Friendship has to be a two way street, and unfortunately, after some time, I learned a certain close friend was just skirting around being a parasite. I tried to be mature and address her directly, but after failed attempts to have a discussion, I realized it was time to cut her out of my life, which was difficult, especially since we have friends in the same circle. This then led to the facebook purge, where I eliminated not only her, but numerous other people who really weren’t adding value to my life.

Garbage Food: I don’t know if people realize this, but I love to run. It’s kind of my thing. As good as running makes me feel, I realized earlier in the year that I just didn’t feel well the majority of the time, but I couldn’t figure out why. I was working out a lot and getting plenty of sleep, so what was it? I did some thinking, talked with some doctors, and came to the conclusion that my diet needed a makeover. So I eliminated many of the not so good items I was eating, starting cooking more, and started to eat some of my favorite (and unfortunately, not so healthy) foods in moderation. The result? Yes, I have lost weight, but I feel better. As much as I love it, bread had to go. I miss that little lover, but it is nice to see it every once in awhile, just not every day.

Cable TV: Yes, I said it. I’m getting rid of cable tv. FINALLY! I’ve been complaining about it for quite some time, but I finally called today, chewed Time Warner Cable out for the last time, and scheduled a termination date. Here’s hoping Apple Tv treats me better. Plus I will be saving a ton of money, which is cool in my book!

I’m sure many people will go see that creepy Purge movie, but I sure wont be there. I am thankful that the discussion came up surrounding its message and that I have acknowledged that purging isn’t always bad. If things are holding you back in your life, maybe a purge is a smart idea?

Love this!

Love this!

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