May The Fourth Be With You

My inner nerd and love for a catchy little phrase adore this day: May Fourth.  Aka the day I say “May the Fourth Be With You” an unacceptable number of times.

Photo Courtesy of PCTechnix

Photo Courtesy of PCTechnix

Most people find it surprising that I am a nerd and enjoy things like Star Wars, especially Yoda, and that is okay. As my boss regularly points out, I am an enigma. I do enjoy this about myself. While I am anxiously awaiting Star Trek’s opening day next week, I can’t overlook my little pal Yoda. Many people don’t know a lot about this tiny little being, by far, Stuart Freeborn’s greatest creation. I invite you to take a peak at the following link to educate yourself.

22 Important Things You Should Know About Yoda!

Yoda, you can have today, but as much as I love you, my attention will be focused on Star Trek as soon as tomorrow hits. Yes, I will be there opening day. Yes, I have a special Star Trek tshirt. Yes, I have a weird crush on Spock (I love me some Zachary Quinto, even if he isn’t into chicks). Yes, I am so excited I could pee my pants.

May the Fourth Be With All Of You!

Live Love and Prosper!

Live Love and Prosper!

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