The Dirty Bird got pink slipped.

One of the things I dread most in life is going to the gas station. What a buzzkill! Getting gas is something that I think most people dislike…it’s like burning money (especially when you drive an SUV that sucks down gas like a hog)…plus the chances of you smelling when you are done are high. I try to wait until the very last minute to visit the local gas station.  In fact, it’s what my friend Christine and I refer to as “the game”. Both of us play “the game” often….that fuel light comes on, and we try to push it to the absolute limit before going to the gas station. When this happens, we tell each other just in case the other needs to come running with a gas can. I. Hate. It.

However, if there is one thing that I hate more than getting gas, it’s going to the grocery store. I really have nothing to explain my hatred for this daily chore. I love to cook. I love food. I just hate going to the store. I get fired up when the asian pears I love are out of stock, when there are children screaming all over the store, when I bust people fingerbanging the vegetables, when I have to wait to check out…or worse, when I have to check MYSELF out…pretty much the whole process. Lately there is one annoyance that surpasses all of the others: the inflated prices!

Maybe I am the only person who thinks this…or maybe I am becoming my grandmother…i mean, I do say “I remember when (insert food item) was this amount.” I really like to save money, and I love a good deal. I do not consider $1.85 for my Oikos Toasted Cocount yogurt to be a good deal. I see that as one heck of a screw job.

During my favorite time of the month (aka the day that all of the magazines I have subscriptions to arrive in my mailbox), I noticed something stuck between my Clean Eating and Elle magazine. An Aldi’s ad. Let’s be clear about something. I don’t like rules. If someone tells me I have to do something, the chances of me doing them are slim to none. So a grocery store telling me I have to pay for a cart! The audacity! No way, Aldi’s, no freakin way! I will neeevvvveeeerrrr fall victim to your antics.

Well, until tonight.

After my initial disgust with the fact that the Aldi’s ad was even in my mailbox, I decided to look at it. I don’t know what gave me to courage to, but I did it. Imagine my surprise when I saw the cost of the items in the ad. How had I not given this hidden treasure of a store a chance…I could be saving so much money!!!!!!!

Oh, that’s right. The reason I didn’t go is because of the rule that I have to pay for a damn cart!

Tonight, after much trepidation and with my bff Whit by my side, I entered Aldi’s for the very first time. I had no expectations but fortunately for me, Whit had been to this store before…she knew the rules. I was pleased to learn that you really didn’t have to pay for the cart…the quarter is given back to you once you return it. People must have manners at this store and return their carts! Yessssssss! While I did not bring my own bags (I didn’t know the rules!), I was very pleased with the low amount I spent and even more pleased with the price of pistachios (way cheaper than anywhere else).  Aldi’s, I will be back to see you again real soon, gurrlllllllllllll. (Well, as much as I can…until you start carrying Ezekial bread and almond milk, I will be going back to my old mistresses Earthfare and Giant Eagle every now and again).

Lesson learned: Take chances with groceries. Because in the end, you save money, get great stuff, and if you aren’t a picky eater, you get to avoid the Dirty Bird.

2 thoughts on “The Dirty Bird got pink slipped.

  1. Whitney B. says:

    Glad we went!! Now if we could only conquer Marc’s….

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