RAVE OF THE WEEK: Comedy Show+ Katie = Pee in Pants

If there is one thing I love in this world, it is laughing.  Laughter is truly the best medicine, and I absolutely adore anyone with a dry, sarcastic (okay, maybe a little bit offensive) sense of humor. I’d love to do stand up comedy myself, and if it is a show, a book, or anything that has to do with it, I’m down. Imagine my delight when my friend, Kate, decided to include in her birthday celebration this past weekend a stop at the local comedy club, The Funny Stop. A night with some of my high school friends (turned Sandwitches), booze, dancing, and shenanigans…plus a comedy show? Sign me up! Let’s laugh so hard we pee our pants!

I didn’t do a lot of research on the comedy club or the comedian we would be seeing, as I knew the probability that I would love whoever it was would be high.  Did I?  You bet your sweet ass I did. Our rowdy group of 20+ got to see three local comedians first, all of whom were quite funny. The real treat was the main act, a gentleman by the name of Jake Johannson, who had been on The David Letterman Show over forty times and is said to be one of Letterman’s favorite comedians.

I don’t think a single person at that club could argue the fact that he was hilarious and amazing. No wonder Letterman loves him. Well, maybe the couple in the corner dry humping and making out like they were in seventh grade, because I doubt they caught any of the hilarities. Anyway, I’ve included a clip from youtube, but I strongly recommend anyone who likes to laugh to research him further. I literally laughed his entire act, as did our group, and maybe I peed my pants a little. Fortunately for us, the hilarities followed us out dancing afterward, however, that is another story in itself………..Ladies, remember, just touch it.

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