RANT OF THE WEEK: Charity Hecklers!

Yes, I know this header warrants an explanation, and you will get it.

I am a big supporter of charity, and I really think everyone should be. If you know me personally or a member my family, you know that the charity we are passionate about is the Alzheimers Association. Why? My maternal grandmother, Louella aka “Bubu”, has been battling the disease for over a decade. Even though she is the one fighting it, it has affected every single one of us who loves her. Each one of us does whatever they can to support this charity. Some of us cannot participate in functions, so we donate money instead. Some of us donate our time to organize and plan the events that raise thousands of dollars for the Alzheimers Association. Some of us just try to educate others on this terrible disease. Regardless, we each find a way to support this organization because it means so much to us.

Bubu <3

Bubu, our heart and soul.

Every year as it nears October, I email blast pretty much everyone in my address book and on facebook in an attempt for them to join my family for the annual Alzheimers Association Memory Walk. The walk is one of the largest fundraisers the organization holds, and its success is largely due to the efforts of my mother, who volunteers her time and services to organize one hell of a Chinese auction and raffle each and every year. Because of her dedication, she was awarded the “Inspiration Award” two years ago by the Alzheimers Association (still so proud of you, Mom!), and Bubu was named the Memory Walk’s Honoree three years ago. To say we are passionate about this is an understatement and while we try to recruit as many people as possible to join Team Bubu’s Bunch every year, we know not everyone can or wants to participate. We are aware that everyone has an organization that is near and dear to their heart and they may rather allocate their funds and time to that specific charity, and that is fine.

With that being said, I expect the same respect of others when it comes to charities and soliciting my donations. I am very pleased to see so many businesses getting involved in charitable organizations. It seems that every time I check out somewhere I am getting asked to make a donation.

This afternoon I had to run a few errands, one of which included stopping at a local clothing store. It was a very brief stop, but as I was checking out the cashier asked me if I wanted to make a donation to a charity that supported victims of texting while driving (I can’t remember the official name), to which I said that I wasn’t interested. To me, this was not an organization I wanted to donate my money to…I had never heard of it, and to be honest, it seemed shady.  The cashier gave me a strange look, but didn’t say anything other than thanking me for my purchase. As I exited the checkout line, I noticed a janky looking card table set up near the door with information on said charity. The woman behind the table asked me why I didn’t make a donation, so I kindly told her I just wasn’t interested, but thanks for asking. Here’s a tip: if you are going to try to solicit donations, how about you display a kind, friendly demeanor that would make me want to talk to you? Acting like someone just stole your lunch money won’t make you any friends or help your cause. She then attempted to lecture me on how I “was what is wrong with society today” and why I should donate money. I responded by ignoring her and walking out of the store.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did this enrage me!!!!!!! I appreciate being asked to support a charity, but I think it is a little tasteless to heckle someone if they choose not to. You don’t know their situation or why they don’t pony up cash on the spot. Not only did the woman tick me off, but her jerk attitude eliminated any desire I had to even research this particular charity. If you are trying to raise funds, don’t badger people. And definitely don’t tell me I am what is wrong in the world. Don’t even get me started with that statement!

Remember friends, you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

***My Alzheimers Plug……while I won’t ever badger anyone, please accept this as my invitation to join Team Bubu’s Bunch this upcoming October. The walk will take place on October 12th in Boardman, Ohio. If you would like to make a donation or walk with us, please click here!  Thank you in advance for your support!

Team Bubu's Bunch

Team Bubu’s Bunch 2011

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